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Samsung: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts battery original new screen and free shipping  There are 319 products.

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1 display - 36 / 319 articles

How to repair the screen of your Samsung Galaxyphone ?

Has the screen of your Samsung galaxy smartphone just broken? Do you want to change it as soon as possible? Discountmymobile offers on its store dedicated to parts and screens for smartphones screens suitable for all different models of smartphone brand Samsung galaxy. Search, find, order and get delivered free of charge the screen you need to restore your Samsung galaxy smartphone.

Do you have a Samsung smartphone that you are using that needs to be repaired for better performance? The Samsung brand has been one of the most prominent brands in the cell phone industry for several years. It is one of the leading brands in the industry. Finding the replacement screens and parts necessary for a repair of smartphones of this brand is of major importance, especially since their prices are not negligible.

Indeed, if you cannot find the right replacement screen or the missing spare part for your defective device to be repaired, you will have to buy a new device. What is not very interesting.

Discountmymobile offers you on its store replacement screens of all types for the various ranges of smartphones of the brand.

The smartphones of the Samsung brand

Created on March 1st, 1938, Samsung is a South Korean conglomerate which gathers important companies of which one of them is Samsung Electronics, the company member of the conglomerate known of the public for its specialization in the production of television and smartphone. It is a company that today has more than 400,000 employees with an impressive turnover. In 2019, Samsung, which was not a pioneer in the manufacture of smartphones, has become a market leader by outperforming a giant such as Apple.

Over time, Samsung has developed several series of smartphones. The brand's current smartphone ranges are identified by the series : Galaxy A, Galaxy J, Galaxy M, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold. These series are positioned in entry-level, mid-range and high-end. This makes them very popular.

The Galaxy Xcover is the ideal smartphone model for workers on the construction site. The model is robust, water resistant. It is in the entry-level position.

The Galaxy M and Galaxy J series are the entry level of the brand. There are the Galaxy M10, Galaxy M20, Galaxy M30 as well as the Galaxy J2, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J4, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J6, Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J8 available in different versions and sizes depending on their year of release.

The A series presents the middle of the range of Samsung smartphones, a little higher in price but with functions superior to those of the previous series. It has been designed especially for social network users and selfie lovers. It includes the Galaxy A2, Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A6, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A9 as well as the latest models released in 2019, the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A20, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A50, Galaxy A60, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A80.....

The S series, on the other hand, takes us into the best aesthetic and technological level of Samsung smartphones. They are also the best selling smartphones of the brand. The first version was released in March 2010, the Galaxy S1 / i9000 which was a worldwide success. It was followed by the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 to arrive at the latest model from Samsung, the pearl of technology, the Galaxy S10.

Without forgetting the Note series which is just as prestigious as the S series but in the Phablet format , large screen. The first of the series, the Galaxy Note or N7000 was released in October 2011, and since then, Samsung provides us with a new version every year. Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 6, Note 7, Note 8 to arrive at the most powerful model of this series which is none other than the Galaxy Note 9.

And finally the Galaxy Fold which is the latest smartphone from Samsung. It is a phone with a foldable screen that was presented on February 20, 2019.

For all these ranges of smartphones, the store Discountmymobile proposes the adapted screens as well as the various spare parts to provide for their repair.

Replacement screens and spare parts for Samsung smartphones

Does your Samsung smartphone have a screen problem? Is the battery no longer charging? Has the charger stopped working? Whatever part you need to make your smartphone as good as new, you will find it on the Discountmymobile. The store provides you with the parts you need to fix any kind of failure that a smartphone might have. These are parts such as the replacement back cover, the on/off switch, the volume button, the charging connector, the stylus, the frame , the screen support, the different connection cables, etc. The store delivers the ordered products for free. It then covers them with a six-month warranty (excluding breakage). In the event of a manufacturing defect, it undertakes to replace the defective product for the customer.

All the products sold by Discountmymobile have the particularity to be accessible at very small prices. They are delivered, as regards the screens, with a tool pack of seven parts.

Get in addition the parts not available on the store

Do you have a spare part you can't find in the store? Make a request to the team of Discountmymobile so that this one is sought near the factory and placed at your disposal as soon as possible. The team is also very open to exchange with you on possible specific needs in services. Contact them by e-mail or via the store's live chat.

Selection of Samsung repair screens at Discountmymobile ?

The screen of your Samsung Galaxy is broken? No image is displayed or the glass is cracked or too scratched? Discountmymobile offers you in this section, a selection of replacement screens to repair easily your precious for cheap. Come and take advantage of our daily discounts and repair your smartphone broken glass today.

Why repair my Samsung smartphone screen myself?

Because it allows you to repair your smartphone without breaking the bank. You won't need to buy a new phone or spend a lot of money at a repair shop. We provide a free Tool Kit to allow you to open your Samsung smartphone easily and tutorials and videos will also be available from our friends Google and Youtube to help you with the replacement if you are a novice.

Why order a new Samsung screen at Discountmymobile?

At Discountmymobilequality is at the center of our attention, that's why we propose to the sale of screens of tested and guaranteed repair which answer in any point your defective or broken original screen to allow an optimal replacement and without any loss of quality that it is at the level of the touch or the colorimetry of the LCD screen.

We offer you the shipping costs in follow-up and the express mode is also available, then do not hesitate any more and order from today your screen glass of repair Samsung at the best price at Discountmymobile.

  • samsung screen

    All Samsung smartphones are available at DiscountMyMobile.If you need to repair your Samsung phone screen at an affordable price, don't look anymore.Whether your Samsung phone screen is broken or displays a black screen, we have the solution for you.We offer a wide range of screens, including Galaxy Note 10 Plus screen, Samsung A40 Black screen, Samsung S10 screen, Samsung A21s screen, Samsung S20 screen and Samsung A50 black screen.You can also find the Samsung A51 screen, the Samsung A12 screen, the Samsung A40 screen and the Samsung A70 screen.At DiscountMyMobile, we are committed to providing you with quality screens for your Samsung phone at competitive prices.

    Discover the full range of Samsung screens at home!Whether you're looking for a new screen, you want to buy a Samsung screen, repair it or compare prices, you're in the right place.We offer a varied selection of Samsung screens that meet all your needs and at competitive prices.

    Why choose our Samsung screens?Here's what you can expect :

    Superior quality : Our Samsung displays are new and of high quality, guaranteeing an exceptional visual experience.Enjoy an incredible image clarity, bright colors and precise details that make each moment more immersive.

    Total compatibility : Whether you need a screen for the latest Samsung model, such as the S21 or the Note 20 or foldable Samsung screen, Samsung OLED screen, curved Samsung screen, Samsung high-resolution screen, Samsung impact-resistant screen, Samsung 5G compatible screen, Samsung touch screen, Samsung replacement screen, or for older models, we have what you need.Our wide selection of compatible screens ensures easy and smooth installation.

    We are committed to providing high-quality screens for your Samsung phone, all certified and original.Whether your screen is broken or it displays a black screen on the Samsung A50.also the Samsung A51 screen, the Samsung A12 screen, the Samsung A40 screen and the Samsung A70 screen., we have the solution for you.Enjoy our competitive prices, fast delivery and reliable repair service.At DiscountMyMobile, repairing your Samsung screen has never been so easy and affordable

    Quick delivery : We understand how important it is to get your new screen quickly.This is why we offer fast and reliable delivery so that you can enjoy your new Samsung screen as soon as possible.

    Guarantee and satisfaction : We are proud of the quality of our products and our customer service.All our Samsung screens are accompanied by a guarantee for your peace of mind.Our goal is to offer you a pleasant and satisfying shopping experience.

    Don't look elsewhere!At us you will find new, original and quality Samsung screens at competitive prices.Explore our selection now and find the perfect screen for your Samsung phone.Trust our expertise and our commitment to your satisfaction.Order today and enjoy an exceptional Samsung screen!

  • Galaxy S

    Samsung Galaxy S smartphone repair

    The series Galaxy S home Samsung is the top of the brand, the most technologically advanced series offering the most innovative features in the field of mobile phone. The first model of this series, the Galaxy S i9000 came out in June 2010 and since the epic continues and continues to win new followers. With more than 180 Million smartphone sold with the series S, Samsung continues his ascension with 2017 the Galaxy S8 G950F, then the Galaxy S9 G960F de 2018 to arrive at the latest model this year 2019, i named the Galaxy S10 G973F, the most result of the brand now.

    Samsung Galaxy S replacement parts

    It may happen that your LCD screen cracks, that the touch no longer responds or that the pixels no longer display very well. In such circumstances, Discountmymobile helps you with our team of expert technicians who checks and tests all Samsung Galaxy S spare parts sold on our site to guarantee their optimal condition and operation. We have a multitude of spare parts in our online shop at very low prices. For example, you have this Samsung Galaxy S10 G973F assembled with a touch glass and mounted on frame .

    Samsung screen of origin with a size of 6.1 inches, with a resolution 3120 x 1440 pixels and 16 million colors, this assembled complete screen is recommended to repair your smartphone. Our pieces have the particularity of being complete, so you can exchange them easily at home.
    The battery of a Smartphone is often the first element to deteriorate and after a while, it often struggles to keep pace. Very quickly, you will depend on your charger, which will overheat your Galaxy S without reason and in the long term, your battery will be inflated. To restore optimal health to your smartphone, it is necessary to give it a new battery. We offer them best Samsung Galaxy S batteries original from the market. Do not discard your phones as a result of a small breakdown or defective battery, call on Discountmymobile.

    A whole lot of other failures can happen on your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S and that's why Discountmymobile offers a multitude of spare parts to heal him from his evils. You want to replace it Galaxy S charging connector ? La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Galaxy S rear cover ? The charger Qi Galaxy S ? La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Galaxy S volume table? The Galaxy S print reader ? the camera back Galaxy S ? The drawer Sim Galaxy S ? ....etc ... All these spare parts are available on our site at the best price.

    Our experts carry out the verification and testing of all spare parts we recommend. We guarantee you an original quality and optimal operation of each spare part. To repair your Galaxy S and fully enjoy its features.

    A team at your head

    We do the utmost to have the great price available on our site, but because of the very large number of smartphones that go out every month on the market we do not necessarily have all the online parts on our shop. This is why we have put in place our dedicated service that allows you to contact us easily to submit your requests for screens or repairs.

    The screen you are looking for is not on our site? Contact the sales team Discountmymobile which will be closer to the manufacturer to make it available as soon as possible (subject to availability at the same manufacturer).

    Welcome to our shop Discountmymobile !

    offers new and original repair screens to repair your broken screen Samsung Galaxy S best value for money.

    Find us all samsung screen cheap

  • Galaxy Note

    Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone repair

    Samsung released its first model in November 2011, named Galaxy Note N7000. The series Galaxy Note is characterized by a much wider screen than the average, so these models define better as Phablette, screen dimension between the classic smartphone and the tablet. It is also the first smartphone series to use a stylet, named S-pen home Samsung and managing 512 pressure levels on its tip. This allows to replace the use of his finger and to add precision in writing text or to make drawings, plans or sketches. It's a kind of a reinvention of PDA only Samsung offers us here and since sales are growing. After a chaotic period following the battery worries of his Galaxy Note 7, Samsung caught up with her Galaxy Note 8, her Galaxy Note 9 and arrival in this year 2019 SURPRENANT Galaxy Note 10.

    Replacement parts pour Samsung Galaxy Note

    If your screen is cracked, stay black as a result of a fall, we accompany you for its repair with pre-assembled screens to the touch glass to facilitate installation. In case ofscreen of your Samsung Galaxy note has display, pixel or touch problems, trust us to find a replacement. We offer you super AMOLED HD LCD screens of different sizes according to your model Galaxy Note with HD resolutions and high quality color depths.

    To change thefull screen of your Galaxy Note 9, we have new LCD screens assembled to their touch glass. Our products are new, original, tested by the team of professionals Discountmymobile and guaranteed with optimal quality. Choose a SUPER AMOLED assembled screen with a size of 6.4’’ with a resolution 2960 x 1440 pixels, 16 million colors and available in the shade of your choice.

    The battery is another Samsung Galaxy Note Spare Part you'll find us at home. In cases where the battery of your Galaxy Note poses overheating problems, we offer you original, high-quality batteries and compatible with your smartphone. You will find Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of more than 3,000 mAh with an 11-hour range for 3G, 9-hour on call and more than 380 hours on watch. So you will no longer have battery problems and will stay connected at any time. Our batteries are manually tested by our experts to ensure their optimal quality and operation.

    Lots of other spare parts Galaxy Note are available in our shop. You are looking for a Galaxy Note 6 charging connector ? One Galaxy Note 9 replacement rear cover ? One Galaxy volume or ignition table Note 5 ? One replacement stylus Galaxy Note 8 The majority of replacement parts to repair all versions Galaxy Note is available at Discountmymobile at discont price.

    You can now cure the evils of your precious smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note without having to resort to a professional and exorbitant rates.

    Experts in Samsung Galaxy Note spare parts original, we offer a set of dismantling tools offered as a gift with your replacement screen control. We also charge you to ship your order free of charge and that all over the world.

    Contact the team

    Home Discountmymobile, we try to be at the best of our customers, and since the number of new smartphone models to grow on the market, we have put in place a personalized service allowing you to submit your spare parts requests or repair screens to us Galaxy Note if you don't find what you need on the site. Simply contact our team via the online chat or email and we will be happy to make available to you on our support the piece or screen sought (subject to availability from the manufacturer).

    Disountmymobile is YOUR repair partner Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Galaxy A

    Samsung Galaxy A smartphone repair

    The series Galaxy A home Samsung (a) A means Alpha ) saw the day in August 2014. It is a mid-range series offering a lot of features like the series S but he's lighter. The design is also very close to the series S and Samsung renews its series every year. So you have to be very careful when you want to replace your screen to order the right model because you find yourself with some A3, A5, A7 version 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and force the screens, tablecloths, hulls and other spare parts are different from one year to another. The best solution to differentiate them and therefore use the exact reference mentioned on the frame when you remove the battery. One A3 de 2015 carry the reference A300F while a version 2016 to be appointed A310F or A320F for version 2017. In 2018, Samsung gratified us as a model A6 and his great brother A6 Plus but also Galaxy A7 2018, the A8 Star A9 Star and A9 Star Lite.
    is a new era for Series A. Indeed Samsung presents us here a completely sleek range of mobile for our greatest pleasure. Let's go there are models like Galaxy A10 Galaxy A20, the Galaxy A30 Galaxy A40 Galaxy A50 Galaxy A60 Galaxy A70 and the Galaxy A80. As many models as will be required to ensure supply parts and repair screens and add a little more difficulty in the distinction of models. Anyway if you have a doubt about your version, the customer service of Discountmymobile is there to help you and answer your questions.

    Discover our selection spare parts and screens to repair all your models Samsung Galaxy A.

    Discountmymobile custom service

    If by misfortune you don't find the screen or the piece you're looking for, you can contact us by chat or email and we'll do the necessary to put the so-called piece in radius (if available from the manufacturer) as soon as possible. Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • Galaxy M

    Samsung Galaxy M smartphone repair

    The brand Samsung unveiled only a few weeks from the release of S10, a new range of smartphones: the Galaxy M. This novelty is inspired by the formula Xiaomi, but with more interesting technical sheets and " premium" design. In case of small misadventure, cracking, damaged glass or broken spare parts, do not drop your phone to the trash. Thanks to Discountmymobile, specialized site in the sale of spare parts, you can repair your precious phone in a few minutes. Thus, all owners of Samsung smartphones may restore a life to their precious. La boutique propose: complete display kits, tempered glass protection windows and special spare parts suitable for different versions of Samsung Galaxy M.

    Samsung: a wide variety of quality products.

    Samsung is a south korean firm that brings together several important companies, including Samsung Electronic. This company specializes in smartphone and television production. Since its creation, Samsung has consistently given the best phone and currently the ranges of smartphones are identified by the series: Galaxy A,Galaxy J,Galaxy M,Galaxy S,Galaxy Noteand Galaxy Fold.

    Adopt the complete repair kit from the Discountmymobile store

    Unfortunately, most owners of this kind of technology can’t keep an intact screen. The cause? Accidental fall or mishandling. However, without the screen, you cannot access your files and the entire system. Instead of throwing your investment, try to repair this flagship component of your smartphone. Discountmymobile offers a repair kit that contains a complete screen with assembly and ready to be installed, dismantling tools, adhesive for positioning and a tempered glass window for impact protection and scratches. The shop offers you the best services to satisfy you.

    A phone fixed as new

    The brand's smartphones Samsung are considered high-end accessories. Today, they are not accessible to everyone because of its rather high price. And even if you have one, having to replace it in the event of a breakdown or breakout can tear the heart apart. Fortunately, at home Discountmymobile, you will find everything you need to repack your device as new. Several repair parts are available on the website of the shop: camera modules, stop-walking tablecloths, volume tablecloths, load connectors, complete screen kits, replacement rear shells, screen support frame , various replacement buttons.. etc.

    For your satisfaction, the shop makes a free delivery of all the products you order on the site. In case of default, which is really rare, it is committed to replacing the faulty accessories of its customers. Moreover, there is a 6 month warranty for all spare parts. And to satisfy all customers, Discountmymobile offers low-cost products.

  • Galaxy J

    Samsung Galaxy J smartphone repair

    The series Galaxy J home Samsung is a range entry accessible to all. This series has arrived in 2015 and spread under different models like J1, J2, J3 and J4. Models such as J5, J6 and J7 are more considered as mid-range.

    If you have broken your screen and have to replace it with a new one, make sure you have the exact reference of the device because Samsung a new series J each year 2015 and 2018 so it can be difficult to differentiate them. One Galaxy J5 2015 will have the reference J500F while his successor J5 2016 carry the reference J5 J510F. One does not go in place of the other well obviously and you will have to order the right reference. If you have any doubt about your version, our customer service is here to help you and answer your questions.

    in 2018, Samsung launched Galaxy J4 J400F Galaxy J6 J600F Galaxy J2 2018 Galaxy J7 Prime 2018 and Galaxy J6 Plus. Always presented as the most accessible smartphones of the brand, it remains very specific.

    2019 seems rather to be a year focused for Series A that J series for Samsung developers because only the J2 Pure 2019 see the day.

    Discover our selection of screens and repair pieces Samsung Galaxy J at the best price.

    Wide choice of Galaxy J parts

    Do you need a load or power table for your device? The hull is all scratched and deserve to be replaced? Is your Sim Shooter lost? Network pane or inoperative headphone?

    Home Discountmymobile. we will put everything in work to help you simply and at the best prices, all parts and repairs to repair your precious smartphone Galaxy J.

  • Galaxy Z

    Looking for Samsung screens from the Galaxy Z FOLD 4 range

    Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 2, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 5G - Dalle 6.2, as well as Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip Bespoke Studio at great prices?At DiscountMyMobile, we have what you are looking for!Our Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 4, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 2, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 5G - Dalle 6.2, as well as our Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip Bespoke Studio are made with superior quality materials and great attention to detail.We are proud to offer you high-quality screens that offer exceptional image clarity, durability and long life.With our Samsung screens from the Galaxy Z FOLD 4, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 2, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 5G - Dalle 6.2 range, as well as our Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip Bespoke Studio, you can enjoy an exceptional user experience.The screens are designed to be scratch-resistant and shock-resistant, allowing you to use them confidently.Moreover, thanks to their advanced technology, they offer unmatched image quality, with vibrant colors and high contrast.At DiscountMyMobile, we understand Theimportance of the quality and reliability of our products.That is why we are committed to offering you Samsung screens from the Galaxy Z FOLD 4, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 2, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 5G - Dalle 6.2 range, as well as Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip Bespoke Studio that meet the highest standards of Theindustry.Don't hesitate anymore, explore our range of Samsung screens from Galaxy Z FOLD 4, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 2, Samsung Galaxy Z FOLD 3 5G - Dalle 6.2, as well as our Galaxy Z Flip4 and Flip Bespoke Studio now and enjoy our exceptional offer!With DiscountMyMobile, you can be sure to find Theperfect screen for your Samsung device.Buy now and enjoy the fast delivery and exceptional quality that we offer to all our customers.

  • Galaxy X

    Samsung Galaxy X COVER screens are known for their durability and shock resistance.

    However, it is always possible that your screen cracks or breaks, which requires a replacement.If you are looking for a Samsung XCOVER 4 screen replacement purchase or Samsung XCOVER 4S discount screen, you can find options online or from Samsung XCOVER spare parts dealers.When you are looking for spare parts for your phone, it is important to choose original parts to ensure compatibility and quality.You can find original Samsung XCOVER Spare Parts, including Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 (G525F) Black, from trusted suppliers.If you need to replace your Samsung Galaxy X COVER screen, search for replacement screen Samsung XCOVER 4 or Samsung XCOVER 4S discount screen to save on costs.Make sure you choose original Samsung XCOVER spare parts to ensure the quality and compatibility of your new screen.
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