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Wiko: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts screen wiko View, Wiko Y, Wiko U sends free  There are 140 products.

1 display - 62 / 140 articles
1 display - 62 / 140 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Wiko

Did the screen of your Wiko brand smartphone just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its store dedicated to smartphone parts and screens of screens adapted to all different smartphone models of the brand Wiko.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restart your Wiko smartphone.


You have a Wiko smartphone that has recently broken down as a result of a more or less violent shock.Its screen has broken, the latter refuses to respond to any form of manipulation.To rehabilitate it, you are looking for a screen that adapts to the Wiko smartphone model.Search and find on the shop Discountmymobile wiko smartphone screens, as well as various repair pieces.

The Wiko smartphones

Wiko is one of the most recent brands in the field of mobile phone.It was created in Hong Kong by the Chinese manufacturer Tinno and was deposited in France at INPI in 2011.The brand develops phones that can be classified according to the category “ Mobiles and according to the category " Smartphones ".One of the main features of brand phones Wiko, it is their ability to use a double Sim.They also evolve for the most part under the operating system Windows.On the French market, the brand is shown by positioning itself in 2014 in second place of the most sold smartphones without subscription behind the Samsung giant.Among the smartphones developed by the brand Wiko, we find the models such as View2 Pro, View 2 GB, View2 Plus, View2, Tommy 3 Plus, View Max, View XL, Wim, Wim Lite, View2 Go, Harry 2, Tommy3, Lenny5, Jerry3, and Sunny3.

These smartphone models developed by the brand adapt to all types of need of customers of all sensitivities.From selfie to a wide screen, to a colorful style, etc., everything is gathered so that everyone can afford the smartphone Wiko ideal in the wide range offered by the company.However smartphones Wiko remain smartphones.And the best-known weak point of smartphones is their screen that can easily break at least shock.In such a situation, it is necessary to replace the screen so that it can continue to enjoy its device.On the shop Discountmymobile, you will find all types of touch screens and windows for smartphones Wiko.

Repair your Wiko smartphone with original replacement parts

Need a replacement screen for smartphones Wiko ?Are you looking for any room to restore your smartphone to the new state Wiko ?Find your happiness at the shop Discountmymobile which offers you to discover a wide variety of repair pieces for all models of smartphones Wiko.What smartphone model Wiko do you have?

If your screen no longer responds or is completely broken, on the shop, you will certainly find an original screen that authentically matches your model wiko smartphone.The screen is sold and delivered with a tool kit of 7 pieces and a tempered glass protection offered.You will also find repair parts such as battery, charger, tablecloths, etc. that will allow you to give a truly new look to your smartphone and fully enjoy all its features.

All deliveries of products ordered in the shop are offered worldwide.

Have you broken, scratched, exploded or damaged your Wiko phone screen?

Do you know that it is not necessary to change it?You can simply replace the screen with a new one in a simple way.This is what we offer here in our shop Discountmymobile, the widest choice of complete screens and tactile windows for all smartphones Wiko all the latest 2018 and 2019 models are in store full screen wiko View  . Tactile wiko Wim Lite, Window change wiko rainbow ?It is possible, more than 50 models available.

Why replace my Wiko smartphone screen myself?

The price is the main motivation.You don't need to change your phone or spend half the price of the phone at a repairer who's going to go on your back.Thanks to the selection of repair screens Wiko de Discountmymobile, you can repair your mobile yourself for a fare defying any competition.

Tons of tutos and videos are available on Google and Youtube for most models.

Why order a new Wiko screen at Discountmymobile ?

First because we ensure the quality of the products we sell.Each screen is tested according to a specific ritual and the shipping is done carefully to ensure delivery to your home in the best conditions.The payment is secure and we guarantee a 6-month warranty on all screens we sell (out of break or wear).Quality being at the centre of our concerns, the team Discountmymobile is dedicated and there to answer your questions by simple contact email or chat.

Find all of us spare parts wiko cheap

Contact the team for more information

A product you are looking for on the shop is not available for sale?Know that it is still possible to have it by making your need known to the team Discountmymobile.Within a short time, the requested piece is available to you.You can contact the team by e-mail or live chat of the site to ask all your questions and make possible requests.A response will be given to your address in a very short time to satisfy you.

Need a wiko replacement screen ?It's at home Discountmymobile that's it!

  • Y50

    Repair broken screen Wiko Y50

  • View 3

    Wiko View 3 smartphone troubleshooting

    The French giant Wiko regularly offers its customers really indisputable quality smartphones. The Wiko View 3 for example is a nice phone combining the legendary style of WIKO just surprising technical performances. It is therefore quite normal that you chose it as a preferred mobile phone. However, it may happen that your little gem suffers serious damage that can put it out of service. In these cases, one thing to do, go on Discountmymobile.

    Discountmymobile: everything for your phone

    We are the ideal platform to unlock most of the replacement parts Wiko View 3 for your device. Whether for internal damage to technical specificities or cracks and external damage to design and beauty, the more you need to put your smartphone in the trash because of a small problem.

    In the event of a screen problem, for example, if it cracked after an unexpected fall or shock, Discountmymobile propose des Wiko View 3 Display Kit of 6.21" LCD types, with a satisfactory resolution of 2340*1080 pixels, you can redesign your smartphone effectively and quickly. A screen that no longer displays? No worries, immediately place your order at home Discountmymobile and take advantage of multiple advantages that offer you an order at home.

    It would be a shame to have to give up almost 64 GB of storage memory and the 3 GB of RAM that accompanies the processor Hélio P22 of your Wiko View 3 because of a screen that no longer normally responds. Retrieve the unique pleasure of handling your smartphone by commanding theWiko View 3 replacement screenthat you need. With this revolutionary platform, you have the guarantee to uncover a new and authentic piece that meets international standards.

    It can also happen that on the external plane your Wiko View 3 has no concern, but at the internal level, be it something else. To help you solve these worries of other components like photo modules are offered to you. Discountmymobile saves the bet by offering replacement parts. Indeed Wiko View 3 consists of a triple rear module 12, 13 and 2 Mpx and a single front of 8 Mpx.

    In addition to this, find other important elements such as speakers in case you see a serious decrease in sound quality and many other elements.

    Discountmymobile: satisfaction above all

    In us, the most important thing is your satisfaction when using each ordered product. It's for one replacement screen 6.21 " Wiko View 3 or any other spare parts, our technical team is there to test each item in every detail.

    Therefore by sending it to you, we are certain of the quality of what you will receive and this, regardless of your order. In addition, many gifts accompany orders. To discover them all, go on our platform sale Wiko View 3 Screen and Spare Part at discount prices.

  • View 3 Lite

    Repair Wiko View 3 Lite

    Which doesn't kill makes it stronger. You have by maladdress violently left your phone on a stronger object and the screen of it broke into a thousand pieces? Avoid the atrocious sufferings of handling a broken glass smartphone by contacting immediately Discountmymobile. Our unique and very practical platform allows you in two three clicks to find the screen of your Wiko View 3 Lite of 5.4 inches.

    Indeed, with us, you will be able as who would like to return life to your phone whose window has been violently damaged. We offer you an incredible range of top quality accessories tested and approved by the best in the field of telephony. At home, every room undergoes a battery of tests. This, in order to meet the existing standards set up by the house WIKO. Say goodbye to all the time lost trying to read your messages because of a broken screen and these unintended changes in colour due to shocks.

    Discountmymobile says that enough and offers you new and original screens. With us all your problems screen and smartphone spare parts find their solution definitively. In addition, very attached to our need to satisfy you, we put many advantages to you, such as free delivery around the world and this, regardless of the destination chosen. Discountmymobile, these are Wiko View 3 Lite screens quality at incomparable and totally unmatched prices.

  • Y80

    Repair Wiko Y80

    The Wiko Y80 is a revolutionary smartphone that is part of the era of time. Indeed, it has a magnificent memory of 32 GB and 2 Gb of RAM. This means that with such a device you will be able to do many things both simple life and work. In addition, it has a magnificent 5, 99 IPS screen with a powerful resolution of 720 X 1440. With so much mastery, this incredible smartphone is made to be used at any time. However, there are many things that can unfortunately abhor your pretty phone.

    It is to face this kind of inconvenience that Discountmymobile exists. This attractive and modern platform offers you to rehabilitate your damaged smartphone. Thus, when the damage touches areas like the screen for example, repair becomes a real child game. Indeed, our platform specializes in this field and today proposes IPS screens designed specifically for your jewel. What's more beautiful than finding his phone as new and sparkling than before. With us, you can easily order the room you need and get it in time and time. So don't spend any more money on dishonest technicians. With us, you can yourself change the damaged screen of your Y80 quickly and simply. To help you, a 7 piece tool set comes with each new screen that you order on Discountmymobile.

    To choose us is to find the right piece without spending a fortune. Especially, with us you will never be disappointed with your purchase, because everything is tested before shipping.

  • Y60

    Repair Wiko Y60

    Malchance is really an unstable thing. You had your beautiful Wiko Y60 in your hands and misfortunely let him escape you? The consequences can be disastrous. In most cases, one screen completely cracked may be the final result of this bad grip. So you will have trouble using your smartphone, the colors will change and the surface of the glass could even leave you injuries on your fingers.

    Why so much torture when you can in a few clicks get a new and original screen for Y60 at a small price. It is in all cases what you propose Discountmymobile. Our repair parts sales platform is complete. Already, by its unusual price range and then by the unique quality of the products it makes available to its customers.

    This means that by going on Discountmymobile, you will find the right at a fair price unique and magical. Des Wiko Y60 screens different model and type all authenticated. At home, nothing is more important than your satisfaction. For this reason, we are committed to providing you with new and original screens. So for what to make you smash with hollow technicians while you can easily have access to the best library in the world regarding smartphones screens.

    With Discountmymobile, your purchase of replacement screens pour Wiko will become a peaceful and even more attractive route for the versionY60. Thanks to us, you will save time and money.

  • View 2 Plus

    Repair Wiko View 2 Plus

    The smartphones Wiko are very popular brands in the world of telephony. Their unique design and style make them incredibly beautiful and attractive. The models of the range View 2 Plus for example are simply unbelievable and embark on crazy features. Yet like any smartphone, it is fragile therefore, its 5 HD+ screen, 93 inches format 19: 9 can easily be broken because of a fall or shock. In these cases, you only have one thing to do.

    Meet at home Discountmymobile ! This is the site par excellence if you wish order unique and authentic spare parts for your Wiko View 2 plus. Indeed, you can simply connect to this revolutionary platform choose the type and model of Wiko’s screen you're looking for. Once done, you will have to place your order so that the delivery is made within the following days. With us, it is a 100% guarantee of your package’s reception thanks to a very elaborate and well thought out service control system. We therefore ensure a constant follow-up of your package to allow you to receive it without any problems.

    In addition, each new screenss we send you has been tested and approved by many experts in the field. Therefore, you are sure of the good quality Wiko View 2 screen plus you'll buy. If you have any questions, contact us and you will never be disappointed.

  • Tommy 3 Plus

    Repair Wiko Tommy 3 Plus

    The Wiko Tommy 3 plus is a marvel with an internal memory of 16 Gb and a 2 Gb RAM. With its Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, you can perform tasks quickly and simply. Finally, this jewel is equipped with a IPS LCD screen with a size of 5, 45 inch incurved and a resolution of 720 p. With such specifications, it is more than normal than when the screen of it breaks you lose your smile.

    Yet, even in the most total black there is a glow that will make you hope. Indeed, Discountmymobile is this platform that will give you a smile on your lips. How? Simply, thanks to its gigantic store topped in screen Wiko tommy 3 plus. We therefore have a wide range of spare parts compatible with many phones worldwide.

    In addition, we offer superior quality products. These are tested before delivery. The tests they undergo are so deep and complete that they are carried out by our expert technicians and specialists in the field of telephony, the tests are complete to ensure a perfect colorimetry and an optimal touch reaction. This allows for Discountmymobile to provide you with one Wiko Tommy 3 new screen and above all super resistant.

    With us, find the joy and good mood that you have always had thanks to our platform that has only one goal at heart. Doing your Wiko smartphone broken screen, a new phone usable and at little price.

  • Harry 2

    Repair Wiko Harry 2

    After an evening where you put the atmosphere in every direction and your beautiful Wiko Harry 2 finally brought the heavy tribute to your hips? Now his screen is completely cracked and its use becomes increasingly complicated. Why inflict such torture on your fingers and eyes when you can simply find the safe solution at home Discountmymobile.

    Our site is actually a super giant library in which you will find not books, but rather perfect screens for change the broken screen of your Wiko Harry 2. To achieve this, you simply have to go to the category repairs Wiko to which your Harry 2. Once done, you can immediately place the order to receive your product in time with a wide range of incredible and truly unique benefits.

    So don't break your head to send your phone to the ugly technicians. With us, be sure to find the room you need for a new screen Wiko Harry 2. In addition, several other benefits such as guarantees can be added. You have, for example, one free delivery worldwide. The express also available. Disassembly tools and protection tempered glass are available for free.

    Considered as an entry-level smartphone we offer you therefore HD+ screens of 5, 45 inches to change the broken one of yours. Thanks to this, you can of course find a powerful and even newer phone than before. Do not lose your important data and personal information through Discountmymobile.

  • View 2 GB

    Repair Wiko View 2 Go

    Do you have a phone whose features you like so much that you wouldn't want to separate yourself for anything in the world? Unfortunately, no matter what care we give to our smartphones, they can accidentally suffer damage very often that we think irreparable. Yet, there are practical and practical ways repair the Wiko View 2 Go smartphone. Which ones? Well, contact Discountmymobile.

    We are a platform that over time has specialized in the sale of brand and origin telephone screens various. This means that with us, you will easily and quickly find all yours spare parts and other important elements for the proper operation of this phone so dear to you. Why do you deprive yourself of yours Wiko View from 2 GB just because of a crack while you can give her a second life thanks to Discountmymobile.

    Quality and authenticity are two of our screen requirements. Therefore, we pay particular attention to provide you with the right at any minimum price. So choose Discountmymobile, it is to make the choice of professionalism and competence. So, don't let yourself down. Find us at home thousands Wiko View 2GB screens all versions at shock prices.

    Don’t wait anymore and offer yourself now Wiko as new and reconditioned by yourself thanks to our Set 7 dismantling tools that we offer you with each new screen bought. Discountmymobile, this is the reference and quality of Wiko screens at discount prices.

  • Robby 2

    Repair Wiko Robby2

    This model Wiko is of a beauty and a class without equal. With one 5, 5 inches screen equipped with IPS LCD technology and a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels you will surely make jealousy. In addition, he embarks an overpowering processor of 1.1 GHz in quad-core Cortex-A7 and with an internal memory of 16 Gb and 2 Gb of RAM. It has 8 MP rear photo sensors and 5 MP front to allow you to create breathtaking images of beauty. So when such a jewel gets damaged because of a fall, believe me it really hurts the body and the heart.

    Discountmymobile is therefore if you have to say the ideal medication to treat your disease. For this, diagnosis and solutions are simple. Replace Wiko Robby 2 screen damaged. To do this, you'll have to order the room you need. Know that the products that are made available to our customers are of superior quality. Each of them is tested before shipment, and this in order to reassure you about the authenticity of what we send you. With us, by your side smartphone Robby 2 can find colors in less time than it will take to say.

    So if you think you're forced to break your sniper for her repair of your phone’s screen, you'll be very surprised. Discountmymobile is the site of small prizes par excellence so you to play.

  • Jerry 3

    Repair my Wiko Jerry 3 smartphone

    You loved so much to boast of the beauty and style of your smartphone that your entourage noticed. Today, filled with misfortune, your Wiko smartphone Jerry 3 you escaped your hands and the screen just broke out. This drama is a real shock not only for your pretty phone, but also for your ego, because you can no longer boast. Fortunately for you, nothing is never lost with Discountmymobile.

    Indeed, we are here to serve you on a gold dish replacement Wiko Jerry 3 touchscreens and Full screen kit Jerry 3 new and original. Yes yes you have well understood new and truly authentic products of this very wanted category of Wiko. With our help, you will find the respect you had before without paying a fortune to offer you a new smartphone, especially if you want to redeem the same. It’s simple, connect now on Discountmymobile and in the Wiko you will find the screen you need to breathe back to your precious phone. Indeed, we have immersive screens of 5, 45 inches ultra-fine edges. Once your order is placed and validated, nothing can prevent you from entering your product. In addition, our screens are certified by the highest standards and comply with the laws established by the mother house WIKO.

    So nothing can get into your repair project if you choose Discountmymobile for replace damaged parts of your Jerry 3. Win in time and money with our very complete platform that offers you in addition one Tools Kit dismantling / winding with your purchase Kit vitre or Screen kit.

  • View 2 Pro

    Repair Wiko View 2 Pro

    As misfortune is a bad guy who never hits once, you've made your super phone Wiko View 2 the sentence of your rough day. The result of the races, a screen filled with cracks as if it were a mountain road. When this type of event comes, and even worse to your favorite smartphone, in your eyes everyone is responsible. Well! with Discountmymobile more problems than solutions. It's just magical.

    With this online telephony platform, you will be able with an unbeatable simplicity, you get the new and perfect screen for your Wiko View 2 PRO smartphone. The manual is simple, connect to Discountmymobile and go to the category of Wiko View, then it will suffice you to find the version that made or did your beautiful days. So, with our help be sure to have the room you need and especially when you need it. At home, time and quality are of vital importance. It is for this reason that the delivery of most of the new screens and authentic is free and achievable all over the world. This means that your geographic location is not a problem for us, because we have very advanced delivery services.

    Find the pleasure of using your Wiko View 2 PRO and its 64gb memory to easily store all your important data. So don’t wait and contact us now and be sure to save just incredible savings.

  • View 2

    Repair Wiko View 2

    The Wiko View 2 is a very beautiful and especially powerful smartphone. Indeed, it embarks on a magnificent configuration composed of a very wide screen of 6 inches, a screen definition of up to 720 X 1528 pixels. Add to this 3 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 435 processor and the tower is played. With such performances, it is very difficult to detach its heart and look from such a smartphone. Yet, a fall and this is the screen that cracks on both sides. But what do we do in these cases?

    If this is the question you are currently asking, then we have an answer in a word. Discountmymobile. Our website is a platform that has given itself the main objective of facilitating your life with your smartphone. To achieve this, damage like a broken screen are quickly resolved thanks to the thousands of screens that are made available to the public. So, get back to our page and find out Wiko View 2 screens per thousand. Discountmymobile knows your need. It is also for this reason that we offer you authentic and pure products, but at all prices that will certainly leave you without a voice. Enjoy yourself and offer another chance to your Wiko View 2 to please you and especially to enjoy its outstanding technical performance.

    Every problem, his solution. At us the solution all found is to provide you at the price of nothing, the best new and original screens for your Wiko View 2.

  • Sunny 3 Mini

    Repair Wiko Sunny 3 Mini

    As its name suggests, this smartphone is really minimal. Indeed, with a size of 4 inches and equally reduced dimensions, this Wiko Sunny 3 mini is the pocket phone par excellence. With such specificities, you can take it anywhere without feeling a form of embarrassment. When by misfortune the latter for an accidental reason suffers a shock that affects the screen, it is all your projects that could fall to the water. Don't let an incident harm your future. To counter this, make a tour on the platform that offers you Sunny 3 Mini exchange screens unique quality at magical price.

    Discountmymobile is the jewel par excellence for repairing broken screenss of telephone type Wiko and other marks. Indeed, by making a tour with us, you are sure to find the perfect room to make your phone reusable misfortunely damaged. Refill usefulness to your phone without having to break your money by going to our platform designed to make your life easier. With a little will, you can easily enjoy the beauty and style of your phone again. It is important, if not crucial, to recall that each of the Wiko Sunny 3 Mini screens which is proposed to you has been tested, and this with the aim of verifying whether it meets all the existing standards entered by the parent brand.

    Because we know that you have already been disappointed, so it is essential for us to provide you with safe, reliable, quality products and tested by our technicians in the telephone field.

    As a bonus, Discountmymobile offers you shipping costs around the world.

  • Sunny 3 Plus

    Repair Wiko Sunny 3 Plus

    A beautiful phone meets simple and refined criteria. Therefore, it is quite normal that a phone like the Wiko Sunny 3 Plus important to you. Yet, like any smartphone, it can also have the screen burst for one reason or another. This does not mean that you are obliged to change your phone. Indeed this could come back to you very dear. Instead, contact Discountmymobile and save time and money.

    It’s just the platform you needed to avoid spending money on technicians or even on shopping shops. With us, change only damaged parts to restore your phone. In your case, Wiko Sunny 3 Plus replacement screen is the perfect product for a new usable phone. Why you break your head on details like a broken screen when Discountmymobile can allow you to solve them easily, effectively and especially at a lower cost. With us, you will be entitled to many advantages both in terms of delivery and in terms of the technical side of the purchased product.

    Recover the smile you had on the first day that you took possession of your cell phone with the platform Discountmymobile which offers Wiko Sunny 3 Plus screens of exceptional quality and at rates accessible to any reduced budget. Enjoy unlimited time and money by connecting you now and choosing the screen you need.

  • Sunny 3

    Repair Wiko Sunny 3

    It is when we see our beloved smartphone breaking down on the ground that we realize that in life there are pains that can appear as fast as a flash. It hurts, yes, very bad especially when this is such a cute phone as Wiko Sunny 3. Fortunately for you, after the rain, comes the good weather. It is in this register that Discountmymobile perfectly knows how to give you a smile after your hot tears. At home, customer satisfaction is the priority.

    Therefore, in a second, find the screen of your Wiko among the wide range screen and spare part available on our website. We are therefore the solution to your problem and therefore we offer a more array related to all your orders. For example, a 6 month warranty on each screen purchased and many other positive points all more interesting to each other. Plus, every product you buy on Discountmymobile has been tested in different situations, and this, in order to provide you with a safe, durable piece that will not yield to the first shock coming. So offer your Wiko Sunny 3 a brand new chance to make your multimedia life enlivened by passing the command of a new and original screen.

    At home, quality and authenticity prevail over the rest. This is why all the products at your disposal are at prices defying the laws of sale.

  • Sunny Max

    Repair Wiko Sunny Max

    Small, quick and very useful, the Wiko Sunny Max is the kind of smartphone you attach to so quickly that you forget your wife. Fin and very stylish, he knows how to fit into your little world. So when the screen of this one breaks because of a bad gesture or a little jealousy, you are in all your states.

    Overcoming this event can be of extreme ease if you visit the platform Discountmymobile. Indeed you will find a real new and original wallpaper library in the category screen pour Wiko Sunny Max. Indeed, we have not only this very sought-after spare part in the telephony market, but also many other very practical products to give a new and young boost to your beloved smartphone.

    So say goodbye to cracks and scammers that you had when you tried so well and wrong to manipulate your phone with his phone broken screen. No more worries to you because of this kind of inconvenience. A few clicks and you're in possession of your long-awaited product. For your greatest pleasure, a set of tools of 7 dismantling pieces is OFFERT with each screen to buy as well as a protective tempered glass.

    Then why put you in all your states for the screen of your Wiko Sunny Max cracked when you can simply order a new one that you can easily mount thanks to the necessary provided. With us, your satisfaction is the most important thing.

    Enjoy Free Delivery all over the world, and only at home Discountmymobile.

  • Sunny 2 Plus

    Repair Wiko Sunny 2 Plus

    Did you forget that your smartphone remains and remains a fragile device and have it somehow dropped? The consequences can be scandalous both on the hull and on the screen. You realize that your Wiko Sunny 2 Plus is not indestructible. However, in such a circumstance you may replace certain damaged parts. Change the touch for example by providing you with a new screen pour Wiko Sunny Plus authentic on a trusted platform.

    Discountmymobile is therefore part of this launch of online sales websites that offer unique quality products. Indeed, before any expedition, each of us new screens is tested by a range of telephony experts. In addition, each standard and law concerning our parts are respected with magnifying glass. Then why break your head because of a Wiko Sunny 2 screen More broken. With us, stress and weeping leave room for joy and you can regain all the power and efficiency your phone had before. Now connect on Discountmymobile and order the new and original screen you need to restart your Wiko Sunny 2 Plus. Everywhere in the world, you can be delivered without any form of complication.

    Facilitate life and restore shine to your phone thanks to our radius Wiko Sunny 2 plus screen. From now on, we are the ideal platform for buying you smartphone spare parts new and original at discount prices.

  • Kenny

    Repair Wiko Kenny

    You didn't want to hurt your feelings smartphone Wiko Kenny. By picking him up, you realized that he suffered very big physical damage. Those who touched the screen make your phone completely or partially unusable. This can be a real problem and often a case without hope. Yet you just have to visit the ray Wiko Kenny of the platform Discountmymobile to find a true glimmer of hope.

    Are you happy by Commander the replacement screen of your Wiko Kenny, and this at just unbelievable prices. Indeed, we aim to provide our customers with unique quality products and services at crazy prices. Therefore, a damage on your screen can quickly be solved by contacting us directly. Find a smile by buying a new screen and test by our expert technicians in the field of telephony for chandeliers. Just for you, a set of 7 tools is offered with every screen you buy. This will allow you to change yourself the cracked screen of your Wiko Kenny. This will make you realize a big economy both on time and on money.

    Then why make nightmares for a broken Wiko Kenny screen, appointment on Discountmymobile and order in a few clicks the room you miss to give your phone the look it had before. The cheap good quality is at home and you will have easy access without any other form of complication. In addition, enjoy FREE delivery wherever you are.

  • Lenny 5

    Repair Wiko Lenny 5

    With his 5.7 inches screen, its resolution of 1440 X 720 pixels and its many other assets, this incredible smartphone is simply magical power. So in the case of a shock or a fall that exploded the screen, it is understandable that you are in all your states. Yet, for some time now there have been idoine solutions for repair them screens wiko Lenny 5 without having to buy another smartphone and so without having to spend too much.

    With Discountmymobile it is a game of children. Just log in, search for version and model, order and turn is played. In a few days you are delivered without any other form of regulation. It’s as easy as that and for cause. This platform has placed the focus of its priorities in the desire to give a smile to those who have seen their phones out of service. In order to achieve this Wiko Lenny 5 for example, essential parts to depict your precious as our Lenny 5 Touch Glass Kit or our Full Screen Kit Lenny 5 at discount prices. This means that with us, a physical or technical concern of the screen of your mobile will never be without a solution.

    See you on Discountmymobile to enter into possession of an overpowered screen intended to give you the urge and taste to manipulate your Lenny 5. So don't lose a second and order now and wherever you are on earth the new screen which will allow the repair of your smartphone so dear to you.
  • Tommy 3

    Repair Wiko Tommy 3

    When we drop our smartphone, we realize that the slightest mistake can cost expensive. The problems of a phone type Wiko Tommy 3 are never easy to repair. Especially, when it comes to a piece like the screen that suffered a damage. Poor choice of replacement products, bad hands, dishonesty of the technician and many others. Yet today there is a real platform that provides you with new and authentic screens for all smartphones.

    Discountmymobile has seen the day in the sole purpose of making life easier for all owners of a smartphone. Those with Wiko Tommy 3 will be pleased to learn that this site has established real principles to allow them to enter into possession of the pieces they want at a lower cost. Yes, now you can have authenticity at the best price in the market. So, finish the bad surprises of the hollow technician at the shopping center of your city. With Discountmymobile, order yourself Replacement Tommy Screen Kit and repair yourself. In addition, a tool set, ideal for dismantling the device accompanies the new screen that you ordered on our platform.

    So, why spend big to have negative results when with a limited budget you can access what's better in terms of replacement screen? With us, a screen problem will never be a problem again. Trust me Discountmymobile and be sure to receive a unique product that meets your request, but also the standards in force. Reference and physical and technical quality at an incredible price. Only one address for your Wiko Tommy 3 find life, ours.
  • Lenny 4 Plus

    Repair Wiko Lenny 4 Plus

    You dreamed of giving a gift to your wife, but filled with misfortune, the beautiful Wiko Lenny 4 Plus smartphone found on the ground and the screen is broken? Of course, you will not offer your half a device with a screen in this state. The solution is not to buy another which would cost you well. The solution found is to make a tour on Discountmymobile, the platform that gives hope to the most desperate cases.

    In your case, it will be enough for you replace broken screen by a brand new and identical the original screen. Indeed, we have a real bank Wiko smartphone screen. Each of our screens has undergone multiple physical and technical testing to ensure their long-term effectiveness. This, in order to assure you of authentic and above all, products that comply with the international standards established by the manufacturer. This means that by commanding on Discountmymobile, you make the choice of’ buy a screen which will certainly suit your phone.

    Do not let cracks come to break all the efforts you have provided to please Madame. From now on, contact Discountmymobile to take possession of the room that you miss to put on the face of your beloved an indescribable joy. In addition to your security, each of the deliveries we make is monitored from the start to the reception. This avoids all inconveniences related to bad transport or loss of packages.
  • View Go

    Repair Wiko View Go

    The View Go is a smartphone at home Wiko having a really incredible physical structure. Indeed, it has ultrafine edges thanks to its super wide screen format of 18/9. Plus with one 5, 7 inches HD+ screen be sure to score a big shot wherever you get it out of your pocket or bag. On the technical level, it embarks 2GB of RAM associated with a quad core processor of 1.3 GHZ. Therefore if such a jewel came to have its broken screen and as sharp as a razor because of the cracks that cover its display, it would be like the end of the world for you.

    Discountmymobile say no to that. Indeed, with us, screen problems have definitely found their solution. So, for your very powerful Wiko View Go smartphone, you will find a wide range of screens perfectly suitable for the latter. Don’t spend any more money in telephone shops and other places looking for a smartphone as powerful as you had. With Discountmymobile, simply restore life to your phone by buying a new screen.

    A shock or a crack will never be a brake on your evolution thanks to this platform that has understood your needs and brings you all the help you need. Only one address and your problems will immediately disappear the delivered order. In addition, we are able to send it to you, regardless of your destination country from north to south, from east to west, Discountmymobile makes your need a priority.
  • View Lite

    Repair Wiko View Lite

    After spending an evening rich in sound and dance your Wiko View Lite smartphone paid the broken pots? This type of unhappy events always happens when we expect it at least. Moreover with the advance of technology, you will have to spend a real fortune to have such a powerful smartphone again. However, there is a quick and effective way to put your phone back in the state without having to break your phone. Which one, go on Discountmymobile the sales platformnew screens and spare parts pour Wiko View lite par excellence.

    Indeed, on this site you will find a wide range of really cheap replacement screens to troubleshoot your Wiko smartphone. In addition, all our replacement screens have been tested and approved by professionals. At home, quality is a priority, we are committed to satisfying you. That’s why every product you buy on Discountmymobile will be accompanied by a 6-month warranty (excluding snacks or snacks). Do not drop a beautiful smartphone like Wiko View Lite because of broken screen. With our help you will quickly find a phone usable and even more beautiful and new than before. In addition, prices are minimal. This, in order to allow you to achieve financial savings while obtaining quality products.

    Retrieve the pleasure of filming and making videos with the screen 5, 45 inches in 18/9 format that we put at your fingertips. So don’t wait anymore and quickly connect on Discountmymobile.

  • View Max

    Repair Wiko View Max

    When you have a phone of such a power, it is quite normal that after damage, your heart balances. Yet today it should not be the case. Indeed, it is quite possible to set up this monster equipped with 3 GB of RAM and nearly 32 GB of internal memory. If you wonder how, then the simplest answer would be to say Discountmymobile. Yes our smartphone accessories sales platform of any category is the ideal site to give back to your Wiko View Max smartphone a second life no matter what damage is.

    This means that we have access toHD+ screens with a size of 5, 99 inches of curved IPS type 2. 5 D. That is, the perfect screen for your Wiko MAX. then why spend a fortune to offer you a new phone when you have the opportunity to change the room that causes you a real problem. With so many positive points, it will be easy for you to trust Discountmymobile to be sure to make the choice of the right piece and especially the best quality. In addition, thanks to us, you can make the repair of your phone yourself. Indeed, a dismantling aid set is provided with the new screen that you order.

    This gives you the possibility to replace the room even with little or no knowledge in the field. Another advantage is that this gives you the opportunity to make a very big economy with regard to the labour force that costs very much today in the repair shops.
  • View XL

    Repair Wiko View XL

    With a smartphone with such a large size, many small inconveniences can quickly come back. Indeed, with its surface of 6 inches, the Wiko View XL can easily have damaged screen due to a fall or other significant shock. This can, of course, greatly affect the use of your phone and even put it completely out of service. Today we bring you a solution to find your smartphone as new as before. Discountmymobile. We are simply the perfect platform if you want to smile again.

    With the range of products and services we offer you, be sure to find us at home, the replacement screen of your Wiko View XL. Indeed, we have a real library containing millions of spare parts tested and approved by our best telephony experts. So, for your case, quickly find the room you need and order it without any other form of trial. With Discountmymobile, do not lose your important data and information because of the screen of your wiko who made her own. Log in quickly and get your product quickly and in the safest way. We are able to deliver you all over the world for free, without any difficulty.

    So, no more trouble to make you when your Wiko View XL smartphone finds himself in bad condition. In a time, two movements, entered into possession of a new, original and guaranteed screen. With us, your worries will always find their solution because our goal is your satisfaction.
  • Tommy 2 Plus

    Repair Wiko Tommy 2 Plus

    Your smartphone has just been the victim of a spectacular fall that has put its screen into a thousand pieces? A simple and quick solution to restore life is to replace broken screen. Easiest to say that to make you say especially when you know that there are a multitude of counterfeit pieces sold at gold prices by unscrupulous traders.

    There are still structures that are truly responsible. Discountmymobile for example, for years has a heart to offer its customers new and original screens de Wiko Tommy 2 plus. Thus, the products offered are guaranteed 6 months (out of stock) to give you all the time necessary to check the correct conformity of what is proposed to you. You can therefore without any limit continue to enjoy your overpowering smartphone by repairing it at a low price. In addition, in order to avoid another possible fall that the screen breaks again, one glass protection tempered glass is OFFERED with each screen that you ordered.

    So why do you think too much? Wherever you are on earth, contact us and you will find your happiness.

  • View Prime

    Repair Wiko View Prime

    The Wiko View bonus could have been exactly the kind of smartphone that because of broken screen makes you easily lose sleep. But if you find yourself uncomfortable in this situation, especially don't panic. The solution? Simple. Change the monitor by a new quality. But where can I find it?

    Discountmymobile is the answer to all your questions and therefore the solution for broken screen of yours Wiko View Prime. Indeed, specialized in the sale of spare parts, we have been excelling in the trade in new and original screens smartphones at home Wiko. Sold at any small price, you will no longer need to spend a fortune by sending your laptop to the technician. With our help, you can do the repair yourself. This is possible even if you are a zero in technique. To help you, one 7-piece dismantling kit is OFFERT with each screen that you order. So you can use it to change the broken glass without any worries.

    Home Discountmymobile, everything is put to the customer’s service so that he knows it’s unique. So more time to lose, if you want to enjoy the benefits of our services.

  • View

    Repair Wiko View

    We often say that good things are hard to find? Well, that's not always true. When your screen Wiko View breaks, the least sought-after and yet the easiest solution is to change it. This very good smartphone is a really pure product. Therefore, it is not uncommon to hear people being septic about the ease to find spare parts of this jewel.

    Yet today thanks to Discountmymobile, you can suddenly change yourself broken screen of yours Wiko View. Indeed, we provide you with products of an impressive quality. For some years, thanks to our great expertise and the mastery of your expectations, we have been able to update a real sales structure of new and original screens at prices challenging any competition. To facilitate the task during the installation and dismantling of the screen, a Set tool of 7 dismantling parts is OFFERT with each screen you buy.

    Discountmymobile is therefore the unique and practical platform that will help you enter into possession of a screen tested in any detail before any shipment and this, all over earth.

  • Lenny 4

    Wiko Lenny 4 smartphone repair

    Is the broken screen of your smartphone proof of an enlivened evening that you spent? No worries, you are in the right place. Indeed, with Discountmymobile you can restore life to your device without spending too much. To do this, we offer you must-have products tailored to your needs Wiko Lenny 4.

    The power and strength of a device pass through its screen. We understood it and that’s why we offer you a range screens tested before any shipment. Unique and convenient, the product we put within your reach will easily and quickly adapt to the rest of your phone. In addition to all this, by now ordering your IPS screen at home Discountmymobile, one tool kit 7 dismantling parts is OFFERT with your screen.

    Don’t wait anymore and order a new new and original screen. Plus, one glass in protection tempered glass is OFFERTE. This will allow it on the screen of your smartphone Lenny 4 to bear without any concern your next evenings enlivened. With us; your mobility will no longer have a limit, because we gather everything to make you comfortable.

  • Jerry 2

    Wiko Jerry 2 smartphone repair

    Your Wiko Jerry 2 smartphone needs emergency repair because a room is broken? The screen doesn't turn on or is completely cracked? Repair your mobile phone yourself at low cost by buying your spare part on Discountmymobile !

    You will receive a tempered glass to protect your new Jerry 2 screen future shocks and scratches.

    Home Discountmymobile, all our spare parts and screens are guaranteed 6 months (out of break) and shipped free of charge to your home.

  • Tommy 2

    Repair Wiko Tommy 2

    Looking for how to please your wife by replacing broken screen of sound Wiko Tommy 2. So.. Discountmymobile just welcome you. With us the phone of your beloved will become almost new. Indeed with its 5-inch screen, and its many other features, the screen of this jewel is the ideal accessory to offer your wife an unforgettable and luminous gift.

    With us you will find spare parts unique and superior quality. On our platform, we offer you a range of ideal products for your smartphones. So, for the Wiko Tommy 2, you have one screen tested before shipping. We are well aware of the telephony market that is filled with merchants without any scruples. Therefore, just for you, to Discountmymobile, we offer HD IPS screens that meet the international standards in force. As a bonus, for our participation in the happiness of your half, one Protective tempered glass glass is OFFERTE with each screen.

    More than a second to lose contact us quickly and be sure to be delivered as soon as possible, regardless of the country in which you reside. So now you're playing.

  • Harry

    Repair my Wiko Harry smartphone

    If your Wiko Harry smartphone is broken, know that you can repair it yourself for cheap and thus save! Change the screen yourself at a small price by buying the replacement part on Discountmymobile !

    We offer new and original screens Wiko to ensure a professional repair. A set of tools will be offered to you with your new screen to make it easier to dismantle/remount the screen.

    Broken smartphone, solution

    Buy the new screen Wiko Harry on our website and exchange it with your smartphone's faulty one. You will not have to change your phone and can continue to use it as if this misadventure had never happened.

    The delivery is offered so don't hesitate anymore and place your order on our shop Discountmymobile !

  • Jerry Max

    Repair my Wiko Jerry Max smartphone

    Like many people around the world, the screen of your smartphone Wiko Jerry max did you just suffer a damage? The best solution in such a case is simply to replace it. For that, Discountmymobile offers a wide range screens test before any shipment. So, enjoy it now.

    The smartphone Jerry max has really useful technical features. It would be a shame to change all of this because of an unfortunate incident that damaged your screen. Discountmymobile specialized in the sale of spare part like monitors and so on, therefore offers a product perfectly adapted to your phone. You will have for your greatest satisfaction new and original screens.

    Thus, our expertise and our desire to satisfy you have pushed us to provide you with irreproachable services. Therefore, as a bonus for your order, you can get a OFFERTE tempered glass glass with your screen. Thanks to us you can continue to enjoy non-stop all the wonders that your Jerry max smartphone offers you.

  • Wim

    Repair Wiko Wim

    You’re depressed because you broke your screen Wiko smartphone? We're here to give you a smile again. Indeed, Discountmymobile is an innovative platform that offers accessories and spare parts for phone at just incredible prices.

    For example, for your Wiko Wim which already is a high-end smartphone, we have at our disposal new and original screens that will be perfect. For more professionalism, all the products we offer undergo a battery of tests to ensure their reliability of their physical and technical quality. Don't break your head thinking about changing your smartphone, when you can solve your problem by buying a good screen. All this knowledge and desire to satisfy you even lead us to surprise you.

    Indeed, to make your screen stronger and more shock resistant to coming, a glass protection tempered glass is OFFERED with each screen that you will order. And this is just for you. So you know what you have to do...

    ... order your Wio Wim Repair Screen Kit home Discountmymobile.

  • Wim Lite

    Repair Wiko Wim Lite

    If you want to be a top athlete your phone Wim Lite to pay the consequences, do not cry before a technician, for your tears may well turn into a sword that would pierce your wallet. Instead you just need to change your broken screen and that's all gonna be like new. But easier to say than to make you tell me. Well, no.

    Thanks to Discountmymobile it’s easy to say and even easier to do, because you will. It is well known that today’s world is filled with falsehoods that do not last and cost a lot. At us it is all the opposite. Nos screens are tested before shipment and put in real conditions of use. So, to be sure to offer you new and original screens at magical prices we use the great means. Plus, for yours Wiko Wim Lite, one set tools 7 dismantling parts you are OFFER with each screen that you order.

    All this, for the sole purpose of allowing you to reduce the repair costs of your phone by changing yourself broken screen by a brand new and beautiful.

  • U Pulse Lite

    Repair Wiko U Pulse Lite

    Smartphones are now essential tools for work. But when their screen breaks, it’s like the whole world is falling apart in turn. For one Wiko U Pulse Lite, it will suffice you to change the part damage by another brand new one.

    Although it may seem, complicate because of the false reign in master today, thanks to Discountmymobile, all this is a real game of children. Indeed, enjoy a multitude new and original screens which meet the standards in force. Thus, we have been leaders in the field of spare parts for smartphone and mainly repair monitors. More fear to do to you broken screen of yours Wiko U Pulse Lite. Home Discountmymobile, our products are guaranteed 6 months (out of stock) which leaves you the time necessary to realize the good quality we offer you.

    In addition to all this expertise, we assure you free shipping worldwide (express also available) from your phone screen. So get back on our platform to place your order and benefit from the many advantages that have been attached to it.

  • U Pulse

    Repair my Wiko U Pulse smartphone

    You realize that everything can happen to you, the day your smartphone Wiko U Pulse falls full whip on the front face. The direct result will therefore be that you will have a broken or fendu screen. Which will make it impossible to manipulate. And for cause, a totally or partially black monitor, a broken glass or unexpected colors on the screen will appear.

    One of the best solutions here? Well.. new and original screen. To achieve this, Discountmymobile is the perfect platform. Simple, quick and easy to use, all spare parts of your Wiko U Pulse are identified. Yours broken screens so quickly become a bad memory once your order has been registered. In addition to reassure you of the good quality of what we offer, our products are guaranteed 6 months (out of stock).

    So no longer deprive yourself of great features that offer your U Pulse because of broken screen. Enjoy the content of your smartphone with our top quality product and available at Discountmymobile issue 1 of screen sale for your Wiko smartphones.

  • Ancient Wiko Models

    Repair my Wiko smartphone

    You found an old smartphone Wiko at the bottom of your drawer and would you like to fix it? He's a Wiko Cink Peax, one Wiko Sunset, Barry, Bloom, Cink Plus, Cink Slim, King, Stairway or an even older reference?

    Regardless of the old version Wiko that you have, the latter remain very excellent phone. But in order to make full use of it, it should be still functional. Unfortunately today the many activities in which man has embarked are very dangerous for the physical appearance and components of your Wiko smartphone. A minute of inattention and here is a marvel destroyed. Fortunately for nothing is never really lost with Discountmymobile.

    Be reassured with us, you will find in a few clicks the solution to your screen problem and that it is minor or major. Don’t stress yourself anymore because of the age of your phone. With Discountmymobile, you will necessarily find the replacement screen that suits it.

    In addition, each of the products we offer has been previously tested by our expert technicians. This means that for each Wiko replacement screen Wax whether you buy from us or others, be sure that quality and authenticity will be at the rendezvous. So why you’re worried about a fall or off-service screen when in a few clicks you can offer another at the price of nothing.

    So hurry up on our platform to enjoy the many related products and services you need. Discountmymobile, this is the reference in terms of quality, but also in terms of price. Find your phone even more beautiful than before with our range wiko screens all models and be sure to deny the pearl you need.

    Visit the beam Wiko replacement screens Former models proposed by Discountmymobile and enjoy exceptional discounts up to -60% on your repair screen. You will no longer have an excuse to leave your smartphone with the broken screen.

    If by the greatest chance, the model ofWiko screen that you are looking for was not available on our site, you can contact our team that will be pleased to find you the desired reference in the limited stock available of course.

    Thank you Discountmymobile !

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