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1 display - 62 / 106 articles

Discountmymobile offers original Apple or AAA components to repair all of your Macbook pro,Macbook air,Mac Mini,Imac devices

On our online store you will find the best prices to easily repair your Apple MacBook Pro or Mac Book Air for cheap.If your screen ever broke after a fall, if you spilled water on your macbook and don't know what to do, no panic!
Your macbook no longer lights up, probably a motherboard or battery problem.

If your macbook's writing speed is slow, it's because of the internal hard drive.Repair procedures are possible by ordering your room at home!
A processor that heats?Your connection that becomes deficient only on your device to the apple?A screen with pixels dead a hard disk a little too old?Do not throw your macbook and have the ecological and especially economic reflex by easily repairing your macbook!

On our site you will find many pieces and screens for original macbook at the lowest possible price that you can perform the repairs yourself using many online tutorials!
It is easy to repair a macbook when you have the right parts and the right tools for, and with Discountmymobile it is now possible for you!
MacBook Pro Retina TouchBar, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini or even Thunderbolt screens, on discountmymobile you will have the embarrassment of choosing to repair your Apple Macbook.

Your fixed or portable computers will be able to have a second breath, at less cost!Thanks to our original and guaranteed components, you can repair all the breakdowns of your macbook and thus do not have to pay very expensive repair costs.
Our components are tested before sending to ensure that they work and so that you can proceed serenely to repair your Apple devices!
In addition to discountmymobile, we offer you a free tool kit to perform the dismantling of your macbook and thus make even more savings!And if you order with delivery in 14 days, we offer you the shipping costs!Repairing your cheap macbook with discountmymobile is now a reality!
If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to answer you, so don't hesitate and order to repair your macbook easily at the best price and guaranteed!
  • macbook screen and imac

    The screens are one of the essential hardware components when talking about a computer is that the marks have understood it well.They invest millions to see vintages and Apple does not escape 2.43 billion released for the apple brand.These competitors don't demortize either like Samsung, Xiaomi a real technological war.The screens play a terminal role between retranscribing all the actions performed by the user, thanks to the images generated by the computer graphics card.
    At first there were the cathodic screens, the first computer equipped with a CRT screen with a keyboard was theApple 1 exit in 1976.A few years after the arrival of the first plasma computer named Plato created in 1972.
    The LCD and plasma screens are no longer in the mood of the day, past fashion today we prefer the LCD or Led screens, Oled..In our Discountmymobile store, we sell the best screens for Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, IMac,
    You are scared to change your Macbook, Mac Air, MacBook Pro. You can repair it in store or even see you with the video tutos provided on the product page of each screen. Tools are provided for MAC BOOK A1990 ,A2159 RETINA, MAC A 1534,MAC BOOK AIRE M1 A2237,A1932
  • Spare parts Macbook...
    The original MacBook device Apple are assembled from various hardware components !hardware) and software,software, which exchanges real-time information with cables or printed circuit (Bus).
    You need to see each of your Macbook’s pieces to a very precise utility, for example the processor is a bit like the team’s brain, its power is expressed in heart (core) and tasks(Trade).
    The more heart he has the faster he will be.
    The processor will perform calculations and yes because all the actions you do pass through the processor. But to solve its calculations it will need RAM or RAM (it is said vivi car volatile) to bring it information in fact RAM is very effective to share data quickly via the printed circuits (Bus)
    A speed indicator for the RAM bar is the CAS latency CL 10, CL 15, CL 16, CL 19.. Basically, the CAS Latency will be shorter and the bar will be fast.
    The chart; Almost all processors are equipped with basic but are not extremely powerful, which is why it is best to add a MacBook especially if you play video games or use photo editors.
    The graphics card is an element not to be neglected because it is responsible for displaying your MacBook.
    The hard drive for the purpose of storing data is nothing else, which is where your operating system is housed (OS); MacOS pour Apple; Windows pour MicrosoftLinux for PCs and servers, android for tablets and smartphone; IOS for phones and tablets Apple.
    To get back to our hard drives, there are different types of disks, first in the beginning there was the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) it is a mechanical disc with a reading head and writing, which will search for data stored in the trays. HDD remains a good alternative to store a good number of data at reduced prices. However it has several disadvantages it is quite fragile because all the components are mechanical so subject to the box so kept to the falls. It’s also slow, maybe because of that it picks up at the start, it’s loud enough.
    The SSD (Solid State Drive) here opposite HDD, the mechanical parts were driven and replaced with memory chips placed on a printed circuit.
    SSD is much faster than HDD in reading and writing; it is also less greedy in energy consumption thus reducing the risk of heating.
    Here are some models of hard drives present on our site for devices Apple: SSD MacBook Pro Retina 13 inches A1708, SSD MacBook Pro A1425 A1398.
    The power supply to a very important role is it that will power your components into electricity, a little like your car if it has no gasoline it does not advance.
    There are 6 levels of food certification (80+ White, 80+ Bronze, 80+ Silver, 80+ Gold, 80+ Platinum, 80+ Titanium. It is advisable to invest in a good diet to protect your components in case of overvoltage.
    Here are some feeding models we have on our site: IMac 21" A1311, IMac 21" A1418, IMac 27" A1316, IMac 27" A1419, Mac Mini A1347, IMac 24" A1225, Mac Pro A1481.
    The motherboard is the computer hardware that will allow you to accommodate all components of your Mac like RAM but also all the connectivity (power, hard drive, connectors where you connect your USB cable, jack..
    Each component is therefore allocated a number of splots that vary according to the motherboard.
    Here are the motherboard references we offer: MacBook Retina A1932, MacBook Pro 13 A2289, MacBook Pro Retina A1398, MacBook Air A1990.
  • pc Portable screen All...

  • Motherboard Apple iPhone
  • PC/MAC graphics card

    Amd or nvidia video card for iMac moose or repackaged

    The iMacApple are equipped with an integrated graphics card, which is part of the graphical processing chip (GPU) integrated to the computer's motherboard. The most recent iMacs use graphics cards from the AMD series Radeon Pro or Nvidia GeForce, fill your video card to redesign your imac
  • Macbook and imac...

    MacBook and iMac motherboard

    Are you looking for a motherboard for your MacBook or your iMac? You're in the right place!

    One motherboard is a printed circuit that supports most of the components and connectors required for the operation of your computer Mac.

    At discountmymobile, you will have number of mother cards Apple Cheap to be able to replace a defective motherboard on your MacBook or iMac. We have many original Mac spare parts on our online store Apple new, which will allow you to easily give a second life to your PC Appleand that at a small price!

    If you want to save money by changing the motherboard of a Macbook or iMac, quickly order on discountmymobile!
    Many models available, make your choice!

    And to make even more savings, discountmymobile offers you the delivery as well as a repair kit to be able to easily repair your macbook and not have to pay an additional tool set! So don't hesitate any longer and order!

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