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All the spare parts necessary for the repair of Macs, SSD disk, Loudspeaker, Trackpad, TopCase, Keyboard  There are 39 products.

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1 display - 36 / 39 articles
The original MacBook device Apple are assembled from various hardware components !hardware) and software,software, which exchanges real-time information with cables or printed circuit (Bus).
You need to see each of your Macbook’s pieces to a very precise utility, for example the processor is a bit like the team’s brain, its power is expressed in heart (core) and tasks(Trade).
The more heart he has the faster he will be.
The processor will perform calculations and yes because all the actions you do pass through the processor. But to solve its calculations it will need RAM or RAM (it is said vivi car volatile) to bring it information in fact RAM is very effective to share data quickly via the printed circuits (Bus)
A speed indicator for the RAM bar is the CAS latency CL 10, CL 15, CL 16, CL 19.. Basically, the CAS Latency will be shorter and the bar will be fast.
The chart; Almost all processors are equipped with basic but are not extremely powerful, which is why it is best to add a MacBook especially if you play video games or use photo editors.
The graphics card is an element not to be neglected because it is responsible for displaying your MacBook.
The hard drive for the purpose of storing data is nothing else, which is where your operating system is housed (OS); MacOS pour Apple; Windows pour MicrosoftLinux for PCs and servers, android for tablets and smartphone; IOS for phones and tablets Apple.
To get back to our hard drives, there are different types of disks, first in the beginning there was the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) it is a mechanical disc with a reading head and writing, which will search for data stored in the trays. HDD remains a good alternative to store a good number of data at reduced prices. However it has several disadvantages it is quite fragile because all the components are mechanical so subject to the box so kept to the falls. It’s also slow, maybe because of that it picks up at the start, it’s loud enough.
The SSD (Solid State Drive) here opposite HDD, the mechanical parts were driven and replaced with memory chips placed on a printed circuit.
SSD is much faster than HDD in reading and writing; it is also less greedy in energy consumption thus reducing the risk of heating.
Here are some models of hard drives present on our site for devices Apple: SSD MacBook Pro Retina 13 inches A1708, SSD MacBook Pro A1425 A1398.
The power supply to a very important role is it that will power your components into electricity, a little like your car if it has no gasoline it does not advance.
There are 6 levels of food certification (80+ White, 80+ Bronze, 80+ Silver, 80+ Gold, 80+ Platinum, 80+ Titanium. It is advisable to invest in a good diet to protect your components in case of overvoltage.
Here are some feeding models we have on our site: IMac 21" A1311, IMac 21" A1418, IMac 27" A1316, IMac 27" A1419, Mac Mini A1347, IMac 24" A1225, Mac Pro A1481.
The motherboard is the computer hardware that will allow you to accommodate all components of your Mac like RAM but also all the connectivity (power, hard drive, connectors where you connect your USB cable, jack..
Each component is therefore allocated a number of splots that vary according to the motherboard.
Here are the motherboard references we offer: MacBook Retina A1932, MacBook Pro 13 A2289, MacBook Pro Retina A1398, MacBook Air A1990.
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