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Honor: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts Spare parts LCD screens complete new original  There are 164 products.

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1 display - 12 / 164 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Honor ?

Did the screen of your Honor brand smartphone just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its store dedicated to smartphone parts and screens of screens adapted to all different smartphone models of the brand Honor.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restore your Honor smartphone.

It is good to have a smartphone, but it is still better to have the opportunity to find easily and especially at an accessible price its repair parts such as the replacement screen and other accessories.The latter may after a certain period of use, for one reason or another, require repair for optimal operation.Honor is a Chinese brand that has managed to make a place of choice in the French market of smartphones.Repair parts of its smartphones are available and accessible at very affordable prices on the shop Discountmymobile.fr.

The smartphones Honor

The smartphones are fashionable mobile phone models.We find all the brands on the market, on various ranges.The Chinese brand Honor although not a pioneer in the manufacture of smartphones has nevertheless managed to make a considerable place in the very competitive world of smartphones, especially in the french market.Subsidiary of the brand Huawei, Honor has been specially created to be positioned in the entry-level of smartphone models without it detracting from the brand image of the mother house Huawei.Indeed, branded smartphones Honor are not really able to compete with smartphone reference models like the Mate or P Smart.This positioning of the brand on the French market allows it to be shown by offering high-value ratios.We identify to Honor smartphone models such Honor 5C, Honor 5X, Honor 7, Honor Note 10 and again Honor View 10.And these are only the most recent models of the brand. Discountmymobile offers for these different models authentic spare parts and replacement screens of high quality.

Buy Honor smartphone replacement screens at the best price

Discountmymobile is a shop specialized in the sale of replacement screens suitable for all models and ranges of smartphones.Did the screen of your smartphone just break?On the shop Discountmymobile, you will find all screen types that respond to different chinese brand manufacturing Honor.You will only have to choose the one who adapts to yours.Smartphone screens Honor sold by the shop are GRADE-AAA certified "High quality".They are optimized to be easily replaced.The screen comes with a tool kit of 7 pieces and a tempered glass protection.

Easily protect the repair parts of the Honor smartphones

Your honor smartphone is he spoiled?Or, do you just want to put it back to new? Discountmymobile offers you the opportunity to change the various parts that limit its operating capabilities by looking for in the category of products of the brand it makes available to you.If you can’t possibly find in the shop the parts you need, the team of Discountmymobile is able to make them available to you if you apply.

Benefits to make your purchases on Discountmymobile

The first advantage you gain to supply you with spare parts for honor smartphone home Discountmymobile, these are the quality-price ratios very accessible.The delivered parts are also authentic parts certified and delivered with a warranty of six (6) months.Delivery is made all over the world for free. Discountmymobile offers you after purchasing spare parts, 30 days for your satisfaction.The shop is a leader in the sale of smartphone screens LCD complete, touch glass and original spare parts suitable for smartphones Honor 100%.

Contact us to exchange with Discountmymobile

Do you have a particular concern to submit to the team Discountmymobile.fr ?Get in touch with her by the live chat or by email.One of the members of the team will be pleased to provide you with more information on the various spare parts offers of the shop.

Discountmymobile is your ideal partner to rehabilitate your honor smartphone.

  • Honor 20

    Screen calibration Honor 20

  • Honor Play 3

    Repair Honor Play 3

  • Honor 9X Pro

    Repair your smartphone Honor 9X & Honor 9X Pro

    Honor is a branch of the chinese giant Huawei. The latter therefore proposes as its main structure of the quite different level of smartphones. This means that if you are in possession of a phone like the Honor9x/9x Pro which is a good mid-range phone out in 2019, you have a real gem in your hands. 810 kirin processor with 2, 27 GHz, 4 GB of RAM for 9x and 6 for 9x Pro. A graphic chip type Mali G52 and storages of 64 and 128 GB, short of real monster of power that offers a really pleasant fluidity for smartphones of this category. However, it may happen that these in one way or another suffer damage that may seem irreparable. It is in these cases that we intervene. Our platform Discountmymobile.fr offers screens and spare parts designed for your Honor9x/9x Pro.

    High quality spare parts for your Honor9x/9x Pro

    To repair your phone, just connect to the platform Discountmymobile and order now the element that fails to function properly Honor9x/9x Pro. To this end, we have a screen of 6, 59 inches with LCD technology and a resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels ideal to replace your abime or cracked. Respecting all standards of manufacture and conservation of the home Honor, our site provides you with superior and equal quality monitors to that of the original.

    If you see that the camera module is missing, Discountmymobile offers you new ones. Like for screen Honor9x/9x Pro, these modules also meet criteria and characteristics of those in your phone. This means 48 Mpx and 2 Mpx for images of incredible beauty.

    Many other elements may unfortunately be very affected due to a fall or shock. For example, the hull, microphone and even speakers may require a change. All these spare parts for your Honor9x/9x Pro are available on Discountmymobile. You will also find tablecloths, wifi modules and the whole range of replacement parts that make your Honor 9x/9x Pro, an exceptional smartphone.

    All products at your disposal are new and high-quality elements. They were all tested by a wide range of experts in order to ensure their reliability and proper functioning.

    Compact spare partss

    We are perfectly aware that Honor9x/9x Pro is a smartphone that by virtue of its qualities can quickly create a kick of heart during manipulation. This is why in the event of a breakdown, Discountmymobile proposes to realize super savings not only on screen and spare parts Honor9x/9x Pro, but also on maintenance. Indeed, thanks to the dismantling set that is included in the delivery, you can go to the technician and make repair yourself as a professional.

  • Honor 20 Pro

    Screen repair Honor 20 Pro

  • Honor V20

    Repair smartphone Honor V20

    Gross power. The HonorV20 is a machine that is equipped with a beautiful IPS type screen with a resolution of 2310 X 1080 pixels. To accompany this, it has eight or six GB of RAM accompanied by a Kirin 980 processor. In addition, its photo module is simply extraordinary. Thanks to this, capture unique and unforgettable moments without any problems.

    So many physical and technical strengths necessarily make the price of this jewel go down. So when his screen breaks, this could become a real chinese puzzle for you. Fortunately Discountmymobile has the ideal solution to solve your concern. Instead of spending a fortune again to acquire a new phone of comparable power why not just change screen or spare part which was damaged. For this, you just have to place the order of the accessory you need on our site and the tour is played. In addition, we deliver your order wherever you are in the world and for free. This is often accompanied by a range of bonuses such as perfect protective glass to protect your new screen bought on Discountmymobile. Make big savings and offer your smartphone HonorV20 a new life full of good times by contacting us immediately.

    With us, the screens and accessories pour HonorV20 are as easy to find and buy as vegetables on the market. And for your most complete satisfaction, each screens and spare parts that you buy has undergone a series of spiny tests before any shipment

  • Honor Play 8A

    Repair smartphone Honor Play 8A

    A state-of-the-art smartphone is a jewel that must meet many technical and physical specificities. The Honor Play 8A for example is a true treasure of technology. Therefore it is more than normal than when its screen is shocked, damaged or even scratched that affects part or completely the phone, you are in all your states.

    However, it is not really necessary to worry, because there is a practical and comprehensive platform offering you a wide variety of options screens and spare parts pour Honor Play 8 A. This Platform is Discountmymobiles, which is therefore this site that offers you to find new and original replacement parts to restore a life to your precious Honor Play 8 A. You'll find some of us LCD screens of 6, 09 inches and a resolution of 1560 X 720 pixels.

    Do not spend a fortune wanting to buy you a smartphone equivalent to this monster power when you can with a few euros replace screen or spare part damaged from your Honor Play 8 A. In addition, our products are guaranteed 6 months off. This allows you during this period of time to return it to us in case of physical or technical problems.

    Thanks to Discountmymobile, so enjoy authentic repair parts and totally adequate with your device. So don't waste your life with minor problems broken screen and spare parts when you can solve them in a few clicks on our platform. So you're playing.

  • Honor Magic 2

    Repair smartphone Honor Magic 2

    Misfortune is like a storm, you never know where it comes from and especially you realize that when you are hit. Your lovely Honor Magic 2unfortunately, there were many inconveniences following a fall or a shock. The consequences in these cases can be terrible and even make your smartphone unusable for long periods if you do not find the right solution.

    Discountmymobile is therefore the site par excellence for problems screen or spare parts Honor Magic 2. Indeed, for your smartphone Honor Magic 2 for example; we have a varied and safe range of multiple pieces ideal to change damaged hardware responsible for the discomfort on your laptop.

    We have load circuits, camera modules, microphones, various tablecloths and even 6-inch AMOLED displays with a resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. All these are fully compatible with your phone. Discountmymobile has put to heart to satisfy you, why before any delivery we test each of the parts you order. Plus, one protection glass is offered to you with each screen Honor Magic 2 bought.

    Our line screens and repair parts is therefore destined to help you recover your Honor Magic 2, whatever the physical or technical damage it has suffered. With Discountmymobile, be sure and sure to find them screens or spare parts ideal at a crazy price. Now run on your PCs and tablets and connect to our platform to place your order.

  • Honor Note 10

    Repair smartphone Honor Note 10

    The smartphone Honor Note 10 is an overpowering device that has the latest technologies. It is equipped with an octa core Kirin 970 processor with 2.4 GHz. This is accompanied by 6GB of vivid memory and a Mali-G72 MP12 graphic chip. For the rendering of the display, an AMOLED screen of 6, 95 with a resolution of 2220 X 1080 pixels is the tool that equips this jewel signed Honor. Therefore, when such a fairly expensive treasure in the current market comes to suffer damage that harms its proper use it is more than normal that you are in all your states.

    Fortunately for you, there are today sales platforms screen or spare parts Honor Note 10 perfect for the rehabilitation of your luxury smartphone. We stand out by our style, the unique quality of the products we offer and especially its magical advantages. Indeed, Discountmymobile is the site that offers you set dismantling tools and a tempered glass with your order Screen kit Honor Note 10..

    Whether the screen, speaker; the camera or even the microphone, on this platform you will find the choice and quality at the fair price. In addition to this, enjoy one set tools 7 dismantling pieces offered with each screen purchased to help you easily dismantle your old screen to change it by the new one. Whether you’re an expert or not, at home to make life easier is a tradition, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

    With Discountmymobile, it is the guarantee to receive free of charge screens or spare parts that you have ordered all over the world and express also so enjoy it quickly.

  • Honor 10 Lite

    Repair smartphone Honor 10 Lite

    You used to brag with yours smartphone Honor10 Lite due to its design, class and performance at the height of the most powerful smartphones in the market. Unfortunately like any device the latter fell face to the ground and its screen broke into a thousand pieces and the shame in which you put this situation haunting you? Why panic when we're here?

    Discountmymobile is the idoine and effective solution for all your problems related to screens or spare parts pour Honor10 Lite. Indeed, we offer a range of practical products tailored to your needs. In addition, each item put on sale at our home has been tested and approved by our technical experts in the field of telephony for more than a decade. This allows for Discountmymobile offer quality products at low prices. Des new and original screens passing through batteries, various taps and even replacement rear shells, we have everything to give back to your Honor a life enlivened. And if you do not find the room you need, our customer service is at your disposal by chat or email and will strive to make available to you the desired parts or parts.

    Restart yourself everywhere in the neighborhood without fear thanks to us and our libraryreplacement screen library perfect for your needs. So enjoy in addition to all this, one Protective glass offered with each screen purchased. This will enable you to effectively protect your phone from upcoming shocks. So don’t be afraid of a broken screen or a technical malfunction anymore. Home Discountmymobile you will find for sure the product you need at discount prices.

  • Honor 8X Max

    Repair smartphone Honor 8X Max

    Discountmymobile is a sales platform screen or spare parts for smartphone designed for almost all large, medium and small brands in the world. Thus, you will easily find hundreds of accessories for every phone marketed on the big market. This means that for broken screen and glass of yours Honor8X MAX it’s the same thing.

    We therefore have for your satisfaction screens of 7, 12 inches with IPS LCD technology and providing a resolution of 2244 X 1080 pixels. This means that there have been very expensive and involuntary expenses that you made every time it fell. With Discountmymobile, your needs are our priorities, therefore enjoy the best screens or spare parts at discount prices.

    As we know the importance you attach to quality, all our products are undergoing a series of very thorough tests to ensure the good quality of what you buy. So, with us, be sure to benefit from a new and original LCD IPS screen perfect for your Honor8X MAX. Don’t hesitate, give life to your favourite smartphone in just a few clicks.

    On Discountmymobile, you are our treasure then, enjoy each product bought, a 6 month warranty (out of break or glue). This will allow you during this time to return the item in case of damage. So what are you waiting for? Sign in now and enjoy the best at an attractive price. For us, quality and price are in such perfect harmony that it will make believe in a love story.

  • Honor 8X

    Repair smartphone Honor 8X

    By an evening full of sound and colors, you've been allowed to embark on a rhythm of fire dance. You've been under the spotlight, but yours Honor8X, he took expensive. The result of the races, a broken screen, cracks that leave you marks to your fingers and almost nothing. Fortunately for you, you can catch up with Discountmymobile.

    This phone product sales platform guarantees you to find what you need to restore life to your Honor8X. That it’s a matter of screen and a broken window, an unusable camera module or even a completely damaged rear shell, you will have the solution at home. For that, nothing easier. Indeed, just log in to our site to see in the corresponding section screen or spare part pour Honor8X that you need.

    So you will find for your Honor 8X a 6, 5-inch screen with a resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels and equipped with IPS LCD technology from the manufacturing plant. Don’t let your 64 or 128 GB of data present in your phone fall in the shadows because of a cracked glass. With Discountmymobile, raise your phone and make the newest and more manageable than before. In addition, we assure you a wide range of benefits that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

    With Discountmymobile, give more importance to quality than at the price with our tariff grid that will leave you silent. Don't spend a fortune on buying a new power smartphone equal to the smartphone Honor8X when you can in a few clicks restore life to this one.

  • Honor 8C

    Repair smartphone Honor 8C

    When you have such a beautiful, powerful and powerful phone as theHonor8C, we would like to keep it on a very long time see even for life. Unfortunately, like any device, it can quickly damage because of a fall or a shock. But what do we do in these cases?

    Discountmymobile is the solution that will accompany you throughout your life. Indeed, the latter has a panoply screen or spare parts pour Honor8 C. With many advantages and ease of use of our platform, you will find without any harm in the section repair Honor, the LCD screen of 6, 26 inches resolution of 1520 X 720 pixels you need.

    In case it is another component that is damaged, you will find without any harm the battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh, front and rear photo modules or speakers made only for your phone. So don't fall into despair because of your smartphone. Discountmymobile puts them within your reach screens or spare parts the most authentic at the most magical prices. Say goodbye to all the physical and technical problems of your phone by contacting us immediately.

    For you and just for you, we offer you in addition to your purchase a 6-month warranty for all screens you buy. Like this, several other benefits await you at home. So don't lose a second with your screen Honor 8 C broken and contacted to help us better serve you.

  • Honor Play

    Repair smartphone Honor Play

    A smartphone with an ARM Cortex-A73+ A53 encrypted at 2, 4 GHz. 4 go RAM and 64 go internal memory. Associate with this a 6, 3-inch IPS screen with a monster resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. Here are the capacities of Honor Play including you just put the screen in the spotlight by what you thought was a high-level athlete. But fortunately for you, everything is not over. With Discountmymobile the flame of hope never fades away.

    This platform has been designed and designed to offer you everything you need to restore life to your smartphone. This means that, be it for one screen or spare part Honor Play, you will find them easily on this famous website. So don't get scammed by hollow technicians who promise you heaven and earth and do you on the same occasion spend crazy money without result. At home you can repair the breakdown yourself thanks to the set tools 7 dismantling pieces that is offered to purchase the screen. Everything is done so that you can benefit from the best products and this, at golden prices. Find a smile with a smile Discountmymobile and its huge library filled withnew and original screens.

    So don't lose a second and quickly go to the platform that offers you products tested and approved by our technicians in the field and all in the standards and rules established by the house HONOR herself.

  • Honor 7s / Honor Play 7

    Repair smartphone Honor 7 or Honor Play 7

    With its small mass of 142 grams, you did not realize that this beautiful phone was in your pocket and in less time than it takes to say it, it cracked. This kind of thing is quite recurring especially with modern smartphones. Therefore, it is imperative not to change them in the event of a breakdown, but to repair them.

    It is in this context that intervenes Discountmymobile. With us, a smartphone is never good for the trash. Indeed, for your Honor7s or Honor Play 7 as other one is custom to call it, no matter what version and dual style LX2 or L22 nothing escapes us. You will find screen or spare part for Honor7s to repair your phone.

    It is therefore not worth putting you in all your states or inflicting physical and technical suffering because of a broken screen pour Honor Play 7 and his broken glass that leaves you with a fingertips. With us, it ended. Offer a 5.45 inches screen perfectly designed to go on your damaged phone. With Discountmymobile, the good is at reduced price. It is therefore in this sense that we offer you in addition to quality, a free delivery service worldwide (express also available).

    Change your vision of life and achieve huge savings by contacting us immediately for your replacement screen Honor 7 S. Nothing easier and faster than Discountmymobile, the platform thought and created for you.

  • Honor 10

    Repair smartphone Honor 10

    We often told you that good things never last? Well not at home Discountmymobile. Indeed, our sales website screen or spare parts pour Honor10 will allow your phone to take long. Thus, for your super portable, it is quite important to make every effort to give it a second life.

    We have in our vast library IPS-type screens with a size of 5, 8 inches and a definition of about 2280 X 1080 pixels new and original to troubleshoot your smartphone Honor 10. In addition to this, we also have mobile chip cards Hisilicon Kirin 970 with a Cortex-A73 and Cortex processor — A53 lock to 2 and 4Ghz.

    Many other parts such as camera modules, microphones, speakers and even replacement hulls make the wealth of our platform accessible to all. So it is not worth going to spend hundreds of euros for a smartphone of equivalent power when you can quickly and surely offer you new and original screens for your Honor10. Win in time and money with Discountmymobile and do good business quickly.

    Since you are satisfied is our priority, our platform offers you an incredible amount of benefits. For example, all screens are tested before shipment and these tests are performed by telephony experts. In addition a set of 7-piece dismantling tools and a tempered glass will be offered with your order. With us, simply say farewell to the worries and enjoy without waiting a professionalised and cared service. One screen or broken glasss, Discountmymobile and the turn is played.

  • Honor 7A

    Repair smartphone Honor 7A

    The Honor7A well-loved and very cherished of your wife sank against a hard surface and the screen and the window broke into a thousand pieces? If you want to make her the most beautiful of the gifts and allow her by the same occasion to keep the photos and videos she has from your family, don’t buy her a new smartphone, but repair the old one. How will you ask? Well... in a word, Discountmymobile.

    This site for connoisseur aguerri offers without limits a panoplia dscreen or spare part for your Honor7 A. So please your wife by offering you these products that will be perfect to give back a serious youth blow to your madam's damaged smartphone. As a surprise never happens alone, with Discountmymobile, enjoy a large amount of surprise benefits that will make your purchase a real part of pleasure.

    So we offer you screens Honor 7A new and original in IPS format of 5, 7 inch and with a magnificent resolution of 1440 X 720 pixels. All, tested in the strictest standards. Make Madame dream by returning her phone as if he came straight from the mother house and be sure to mark her heart forever. For more savings, repair the laptop without making real expense thanks to our set of disassembly tools offered as a gift.

    As you are precious to us as much as your wife is to yours, we offer you today to make her the happiest woman by offering her new phone as if you have just bought her.

  • Honor 9i / 9n

    Repair smartphone Honor 9i or 9n

    Have you been unwittingly unbalanced and let your smartphone out of your hand? This one when falling saw its screen and other part fractured into several pieces. It hurts especially when it’s a Honor9i 9 n. Indeed, given the performance of this jewel, it would be quite normal to lose sleep. Fortunately for you, Discountmymobile was created in time.

    Enjoy a very wide range new and original screen Honor9i 9 n on this platform that understood your needs. Indeed, hope will continue to live with you as long as Discountmymobile will exist. So no more fear and fear of breaking your screen. With us, no need to spend big to have a quality service. This means that no matter what state of yours smartphone Honor9i 9n, you will find us screens or spare parts for his repair.

    Whether the load connector, ignition or volume table, the microphone, front or rear camera modules, the replacement shell....etc..., nothing escapes us. In addition to this, multiple boosts are offered to help you repair your smartphone faster and more easily. For example, a set tools 7 pieces is offered to you with every new screen purchased. Thus, you can change the screen yourself without major knowledge in the field. Don't get scammed at these unscrupulous technicians who will strip you of all your money without expected result.

    Discountmymobile, this is the reference on and simple of a quick and convenient purchase for efficient repair of your phone. So find the smile and joy of using your Honor9i 9n thanks to our revolutionary platform.

  • Honor 7X

    Repair smartphone Honor 7X

    This smartphone is a real monster in terms of capacity. Indeed, it embarks under its magnificent pure design, worked and elegant an octa-core processor with 2, 36 GHz, an internal storage capacity of 64 GB with 4 GB of RAM. As for the rendering of the display, the eye is immediately seduced by its 5, 93-inch IPS LCD TFT display with an impeccable resolution of 2160 X 1080 pixels. So much to say that with all of this, it is a phone that is fast attached to. Then, why must separate from it because of a dismal fall when you can repair Honor7X BND L21?

    It is in all cases what you are proposing today Discountmymobile. The site that stretched an ear to your distressing cries. Indeed, with us more need to change the whole device. In case screen and broken glass de Honor7X BND L21, just order a new on our platform and the tour is played. We have for your greatest pleasure all the parts concerning your Honor7X BND L21. Whether it's the battery or even the photographic module, everything is at home.

    So, with Discountmymobile, no longer need to spend a fortune on unscrupulous technicians. Benefit from the multiple benefits of your purchases to greatly reduce your already very low spending. For example, a free shipping worldwide (express also available). With us, never throw your phones in the trash again. Repair them quickly and serenely. So you're playing.

  • Honor 9 Lite

    Repair smartphone Honor 9 Lite

    You are a real pro of disorder and unfortunately for you it ended up having serious repercussion on your superb smartphone Honor9 Lite? Indeed, a fall or shock can quickly happen when you don’t know where to put your head. The consequences in these cases can be a window and a screen Honor9 Broken lite, a hull that's all amoked and even worse. It is therefore important in the event of such an event to react effectively.

    Discountmymobile is the best solution for you. Indeed, our revolutionary platform offers 5, 65-inch full HD+ screens to replace the damaged one. Apart from this, you will also be able if another piece is touched to replace it easily. We have many other products such as microphones, batteries, speakers, tablecloths of various connections and many other items designed specifically for your precious Honor9 Lite.

    So don't panic anymore by imagining the astronomical sums that you could pay at the technicians. With us, it is the guarantee to buy at discount prices the surreal. In addition, you can change yourself screen and broken window of yours Honor9 Lite. To help you, we offer you a set of 7 pieces dismantling tools perfect to repair your mobile.

    So finishes fear and fear because of a telephone problem. Home Discountmymobile, whether you are responsible or not for the breakdown, for a more reasonable price, you offer yourself in a time to illuminate the room you need to arrange everything.

  • Honor 7C / Enjoy 8

    Repair smartphone Honor 7C

    That you have Honor7C or newer model Enjoy 8, the characteristics remain as attractive for both of them. Therefore, in case of major physical or technical problems as a screen or broken glass Honor7C, it is important for a good repair to possess quality products.

    Discountmymobile sales leader screens or spare parts for smartphone is here to make your life easier. Indeed we offer you unique and designed elements just for your Honor7C or Enjoy 8. To see them, go to the section repair parts HONOR For example, to uncheck the 5, 99-inch LCD IPS screen and a resolution of 1440 X 720 pixels perfect to give a young shot to your mobile.

    Offer yourself like this, many other important elements for the proper operation of the phone and this have rates that will leave you silent. At us, your satisfaction is our success then for you, each product is tested before shipment. This allows us to send you one part Spa for Enjoy8 meets your expectations and requirements.

    So give back a second life to your beloved phone thanks to Discountmymobile. The platform designed to allow you to spend little to get the best products. With us, the screens or spare parts pour Honor7 will no longer be reasons to prevent you from enjoying the full power of your smartphone.

  • Honor V9

    Repair smartphone Honor V9

    After a well-watered evening, you have unconsciously inflicted damage on your smartphone that seems unretrapable? Some phones such as the famous HonorV9, are recognized to be difficult to repair when the screen is broken.

    It is to get you out of this negative reality that at home Discountmymobile, we offer a varied range of spare partsHonorV9. Don't get scammed by unhealthy people who offer you bad quality accessories and give you a negative idea of the range. With us, in addition to the multiple tests we perform on the screens that we make available to you, all the products and spare parts put on sale on our site are under warranty. You are thus protected once your purchase is made.

    No more fear you had to lose all your data because of an error or accident. Home Discountmymobile our qualified and seasoned experts assure you screens and spare parts unique for your smartphone HonorV9. In addition, no matter your geographic location, we will be able to satisfy you without any limit by offering you above all the delivery of your screen or screen order repair part Honor V9. You can also benefit from a set with tools to do the work yourself without harm. So, enjoy it without further delay.

  • Honor View 10 - V10

    Repair smartphone Honor View 10 / V10

    That phone Honor View 10 is a true treasure of its performance and even its design. When it is shocked, it becomes difficult for you to use it in front of your friends because of a ugly and unclean screen. Moreover, depending on the situation, things can get worse and the smartphone can become unusable because of another room that has dropped. Avoid shame and filth and offer a new screen and spare parts to give back to your smartphone Honor View 10 a second life.

    You help accomplish this mission is our most expensive dream. Indeed, Discountmymobile for a few years has been set as a major objective to offer you screens and spare parts for high quality smartphone. For your Honor View 10 or V10, we offer you a whole range of ideal and useful replacement parts to allow you to offer your game another life after a fall or shock. To better accompany you in this launch, the rates we offer are just and thought out with great care.

    In addition to the many tests we perform, products and services are subject to real guarantees. So don’t hesitate the order now replacement part Honor View 10 to fully enjoy the multiple features that it offers you.

  • Honor 9

    Repair smartphone Honor 9

    The Honor9 is a very good smartphone. Its incredible design and performance make it one of the jewels of this brand. It is therefore very normal when it comes to physical damage that affects the screen and other parts, whether you are worried. Today, Discountmymobile is here to make sure. Indeed, we now offer you multiple accessories ideal for this treasure.

    We offer you elements such as full replacement screens. So finish the fear and fear that you had to lose your data forever because of your Honor9 which is badly damaged. With our products tested before shipping, in a few minutes you can restore life to your jewel. So no longer need to spend a fortune on hollow technicians. Discountmymobile is the ideal solution for the worries you encounter. In addition, we also offer you shells and even replacement windows which they can accidentally suffer damage that will harm their aesthetics.

    To help you restore life to your smartphone, we offer you these full replacement screens at unique prices challenging any competition. So don’t wait anymore and order now to repair your broken screen Honor 9.

  • Honor 6X

    Repair smartphone Honor 6X

    Do you know that you don't have to buy a new one smartphone Honor when did you break the screen? You don't need to pay a repairer who's going to offer you an unused bill to replace the screen.

    The solution is at home Discountmobile which offers you a Kit tactile glass Honor 6X to allow you for a small budget to repair your phone Huawei Honor 6 in the best conditions.

    Enjoy our offers and a product selection at the top! Repair your screen Honor 6X !

    Other repair parts are also available as the charging connector, battery or replacement integral shell.

    A special request for your smartphone Honor 6X? Contact the team Discountmobile by email or by Chat, we will make a joy to need you.

  • Ancient Models Honor

    Repair smartphone Honor Vintage

    You have in your possession one of his jewels designed in the years2014, 2015, 2016 par Honor, but the screen made you false jump and made the soul for known or unknown reasons? Come on, don't bother panicking the whole solution is here. Discountmymobile. This platform that offers you a wide range of products that will simply make you dream of giving life to your smartphone Honor.

    If you found an old man smartphone Honor at the bottom of a drawer and would you like to bring her back to life? It is quite possible and it is enough for you to visit the category Ancient Models Honor on the site Discountmymobile for find the replacement screen or repair room that will allow its rehabilitation.

    Perfect yes, at home, you will find new and original screens perfect for old models of Honor such as Honor6 or even Honor7. This means that one screen or broken glass or exploded is not really a concern for you if you know or find the room to change. Indeed, nowadays, the screens of the old models of Honor like the Honor8 have often become very rare. But at home, we know that you can need it then we keep them according to the rules of art and they respond to many tests before being delivered to the bottom of your door. Say goodbye to the research puzzle screen and spare part for your Honor6. With us, it is the guarantee to find the ideal at a discount price and this without any other form of complication.

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