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Honor 7A broken screen repair at a discount price  There are 3 products.

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  • full screen Honor 7A cheap full screen Honor 7A cheap
    $ 29.00
    $ 29.00
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    full smartphone screen Honor 7A Our offer includes : LCD + Touch glass assembly Honor 7A + Tools 7 pieces +Tempored glass Colour  : Black, white, or gold Repair your broken screen Honor 7A will be a child game with our New and Original Screen Replacement Kit.Enjoy the best quality available to rehabilitate your smartphone at a lower cost....

  • Port charge Honor 7A cheap
    $ 9.00
    $ 9.00
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    Port Charge Honor 7A Replacement   Our offer includes : x 1 Charge connector + Micro Honor 7A - New & Original Your Chinese smartphone Honor 7a does not want to recharge even with your brand new Power Bank batteryexternal.The solution must be changed load connector module and it is available with a free shipment at home Discountmymobile.The module is...

  • touch glass Honor 7a cheap touch glass Honor 7a cheap
    $ 12.00
    $ 12.00
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    Honor 7A or Huawei Enjoy 8E repair touch glass   Our offer includes : Glass screen Tactile Honor 7A - Touch Screen + tools + Glue band + Tempered glass Colour  : Black, white, blue or gold If you broke your smartphone's front window Huawei 7A, no worries, it happens every day.No need to change the phone and no need to spend a fortune at a...

1 display - 3 / 3 articles

Repair smartphone Honor 7A

The Honor7A well-loved and very cherished of your wife sank against a hard surface and the screen and the window broke into a thousand pieces? If you want to make her the most beautiful of the gifts and allow her by the same occasion to keep the photos and videos she has from your family, don’t buy her a new smartphone, but repair the old one. How will you ask? Well... in a word, Discountmobile.

This site for connoisseur aguerri offers without limits a panoplia dscreen or spare part for your Honor7A. So please your wife by offering you these products that will be perfect to give back a serious youth blow to your madam's damaged smartphone. As a surprise never happens alone, with Discountmobile, enjoy a large amount of surprise benefits that will make your purchase a real part of pleasure.

So we offer you screens Honor 7A new and original in IPS format of 5, 7 inch and with a magnificent resolution of 1440 X 720 pixels. All, tested in the strictest standards. Make Madame dream by returning her phone as if he came straight from the mother house and be sure to mark her heart forever. For more savings, repair the laptop without making real expense thanks to our set of disassembly tools offered as a gift.

As you are precious to us as much as your wife is to yours, we offer you today to make her the happiest woman by offering her new phone as if you have just bought her.

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