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Lenovo tablet: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts  There are 8 products.

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1 display - 8 / 8 articles

How to repair the screen of his tablet Lenovo?

The screen of your brand smartphone tablet Lenovo did he just break up? Would you like to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers you on its shop dedicated to parts and screens for smartphones of screens adapted to all different smartphone models of the brand tablet Lenovo. Search, find, order and deliver free of charge the screen you need to restore your smartphone tablet Lenovo.

The tablets Lenovo are among the most impressive cheapest in the market. True competitors to the giants of the market, they are designed either under Windows or Android, or still version 2 in 1 with keyboard. So we find the tablets Lenovo Yoga, professional tablets in Windows, tablets in Android and models 2 in 1. They all have wide screens and are perfect for working or playing. So we find a wide range of tablets Lenovo affordable and if your tablet becomes defective, instead of throwing it, think about troubleshooting it with our quality spare parts. You will find in our online shop full screens and tactile windows new suitable for your model Lenovo TAB. Do not hesitate to come and visit our shop Discountmymobile to discover our selection of screens you need to restore life to your tablet Lenovo.

A variety of complete screens and tactile windows

If the touch of your tablet Lenovo no longer responds as needed, thinking about replacing it with our table screen repair kit Lenovo. So, instead of constantly undergoing the whims of your screen, turn things back in hand. Our full screen Lenovo TAB S8-50 includes an 8-inch LCD display with 1920 x 1200 pixels and 16 million colors touch glass assembly Lenovo TAB S8-50, tools for dismantling, attaching adhesive and a glass of protection tempered glass.

Available in black, this new screen is the equivalent of the original screen, so it is perfectly suited to your tablet and can easily integrate into the initial design of your tablet Lenovo TAB. It will be impossible for you to make the difference once the installation is made and you will again be able to enjoy your tablet and your preferred applications.

In addition to this full screen Lenovo TAB S8-50, you can also have access to other screens of different tablet models Lenovo. So if you own a tablet Lenovo Yoga 2 and that the screen no longer responds, take a tour in our online store and enjoy a complete 10 to 13 inch replacement screen kit.

This repair kit includes an HD screen, a touch glass for Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2, a tempered glass window, a set of tools to unfold without making to a professional. This kit is ideal to give your tablet its old brilliance and allows you to regain normal use of your product.

The advantages of going through our online store

By placing orders in our shop Discountmymobile, you have the assurance to buy spare parts intact, new and 100% original. We sell screens Lenovo TAB in their original packagings if there is one. To ensure the quality, proper operation and durability of our products, our team of experts performs the selection and testing of each component. As a bonus, you are entitled to all the tools you need to make your own troubleshooting full screen Lenovo TAB S8-50.

With these tools and dismantling help available on Youtube, you can easily repair your screen. So more needs to appeal to a professional, save money by buying in our online store. Our team also brings you its expertise with guides and tips to know how to quickly repair its screen at home.

In addition, we offer all repair parts at very competitive prices, so you can easily disassemble and lift your tablet Lenovo without ruining you and shipping fees are offered. By buying from us, you have the guarantee that your purchases are secure and our customer service is there in case of concern.

If you're looking for a screen or repair piece for your tablet Lenovo, do not hesitate to contact the team Discountmymobile via the online chat or by email and we will make the product available to you on the website (subject to availability at the manufacturer).

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