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Data protection at Discountmymobile

Navigate on the canvas has many advantages, there is no doubt. However, many people with malicious intentions use system faults to cause harm to users. The question of data protection is therefore a crucial point that holds to heart each internet user. We know that, which is why we care to protect you.

Are your personal data secure?

Of course, we take very seriously the protection of your personal data by virtue of general data protection regulation no 2016/679 of the European Union. All information collected on our platform is kept carefully and used only for strictly professional purposes.

In addition, you can correct or terminate all your personal data at any time. You are the only person responsible for the information you provide us with. Just contact us by mail or by mail at our addresses.

What is cookies?

You've probably heard of it it cookies, these small text files that are automatically saved in your browser when you visit a site. They are designed at the base to serve in some way storage memory at websites. This in order to facilitate the user experience and allow the different sites to customize the interaction with the user.

Thanks to cookies, site administrators will be able to serve the user more individually. Information is collected without your knowledge. This allows you to see your connection frequency in a site, the articles that tend to interest you, in short your different browsing habits. Even if it is possible to introduce malware in these cookies, we guarantee that these cookies are only used to serve common interests (you and us). All this is obviously happening in respect of protection of personal data on the internet.

What will concretely serve the different cookies generated by our site?

We hear very often talk it cookies, but very few people actually know what it is. We distinguish two categories cookie information who will each have a particular role. Thus, the so-called technical cookies will ensure a better navigation on the site thanks in particular to the proper execution of the order process.

The so-called optional cookies will allow us to facilitate your user experience during your visit to our site. We use your information to provide you with a quality service, tailor-made.

Can you say no to cookies?

Can we refuse cookies? Of course you can. You can choose not to allow this computer tool to be installed in your browser. Just go into your browser settings and change them.

However, you must bear in mind that denying access to cookies may hinder the proper functioning of your navigation in certain sites. In online sales sites for example, it is quite possible that you are no longer able to place orders. Before opting for the denial of cookies, it would be necessary to be fully informed about the pros and cons.

As we have pointed out a little higher, we can have technical cookies that allow the order process to be properly executed when you navigate a site. If you decide to ban its execution, it is very likely that you have difficulties accessing websites.

If you are still decided to refuse access it cookies, you will have to go through the help session of your browser, because each software has its own configurations.

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