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Huawei: Screens, Repair Kits broken screen Cracked huawai smartphone and new spare parts  There are 234 products.

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1 display - 62 / 234 articles

How to repair the screen of his Huawei phone

Did your Huawei brand smartphone screen just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its store dedicated to smartphone parts and screens of screens adapted to all different smartphone models from the brand Huawei.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restart your Huawei smartphone.

Home Discountmymobile of course!

Whatever your model, we have the screen you need.You are increasingly trusting this remarkable brand that is Huawei.Its progress in just a few years in the field of telephony either on the design or technological side attributes it a serious competitor place that must worry Apple and Samsung.Although being of very good strength, the hazards of everyday life expose our smartphones to falls and screens break or crack.

Need a replacement screen for your Huawei smartphone?A replacement part to optimize its operation? Discountmymobile is a shop specialized in the sale of screens and spare parts for smartphones.It offers all types of spare parts on its shop for all Huawei brand smartphones.

Huawei smartphones

Can we today be a smartphone?Certainly not.Unless you want to deprive yourself of the facilities offered by one of the most powerful tools of the latest technology in mobile phones.These are smart phones available in different models under the manufacture of various brands.In general, smartphones are known for their high prices.But with the advent of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers on the market, it has become possible to have these valuable devices at relatively lower prices.This does not make the cost much less significant. Huawei is one of the chinese manufacturers that have invested the smartphone market in recent years.This company offers high-end smartphone models, even able to upgrade the giant Apple while standing behind Samsung.Even with very competitive quality products, the brand through the different positionings of its smartphones managed to win a considerable part of the smartphone market with the models Mate, P and Y.Through the brand Honor, the subsidiary managed to offer ranges of entry-level and mid-range smartphones to meet the smartphone needs of all targets.But, whatever the smartphone model is Huawei it may be difficult to rehabilitate if it is not possible to find the right replacement parts in the event of a breakdown.When this is the case, you simply have to resign to losing your investment.What is not interesting.

That's why Discountmymobile offers a complete range of screen and spare parts Huawei to restore life to your precious smartphone.

Discountmymobile, to find replacement screens and spare parts for Huawei smartphones

The screen is the most sensitive part on a smartphone.At the slightest shock, it can break and no longer respond to any manipulation.Sometimes it can be difficult to find the screen suitable for its model huawei smartphone.It can also be difficult to find spare parts necessary for its repair.But in the shop Discountmymobile, finding quality screens and replacements and spare parts of various orders to repair your smartphone will not be difficult.The shop offers a wide variety of replacement screens and spare parts for smart brand mobile phones Huawei.It is possible to find very easily parts such as load connectors, power startup table, front camera, rear camera, internal or external speaker, motherboard management table, volume table, jack headphone socket, screen link table, rear shell, slaughter box, network table, etc.

All the brand's latest phone models Huawei to know : Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate X, Huawei P30, P30 Pro, P30 lite, P20, Huawei P Smart 2019, without forgetting the series Y with the Huawei Y6, the Huawei Y7 Huawei Y5 or Huawei Y Max, and also the mid-range Huawei with his series Nova and Huawei Nova Huawei Nova 2 / More Huawei Nova 3 Huawei Nova 4 or Nova 4e...have their screens and pieces available on the shop Discountmymobile.

Even the unavailable parts are available to you

Did you search for spare parts for your smartphone on the shop and you didn’t find it?Contact the team Discountmymobile in order to have the said piece.The team promises to make every effort to help you have the replacement screen or spare part you need.Whether it’s battery, volume button, ignition button, charger tip, charger, tablecloth, etc., Discountmymobile ensures that your team’s expertise is put to your service to meet your expectations.

Certified parts and guarantees

Do you have questions about the various guarantees that cover the services offered by Discountmymobile ?The shop covers all its huawei displays and spare parts by a six-month warranty (out of break or glue).If after purchasing your product, it turns out to be a manufacturing defect that is at the basis of your smartphone's malfunction, the shop promises to replace the part concerned by ensuring your satisfaction.However, manufacturing failure is extremely rare.The replacement screens that you will find in the shop are all GRADEE-AAA certified, high quality and are systematically tested before shipment.These are delivered to the customer with a 7-piece tool kit and a tempered glass protection.

Prices within the reach of all

The greatest feature of the shop Discountmymobile, these are the very small prices it applies.With products that are of very high quality and of origin, Discountmymobile applies small prices.As a result, they are accessible to almost every budget.

Get answers to all your concerns

Would you be concerned about the services provided by the shop Discountmymobile ?You can contact the store team directly to have all the information you need.You have the choice between email and discussion via the live chat of the site.One of the members will be pleased to inform you and advise you if possible to make a purchase that will meet your expectations.

Why place an order at Discountmymobile?

We offer you here huawei screens tested by us on several technical aspects to ensure that quality is optimal and that you are satisfied.Many of our competitors offer braided screens because they have defects, are copies or are used as they buy them in B grade lot.

Home Discountmymobile we work with serious suppliers that allow us to offer you the best quality at the best price for new, original and sparkling screens.In addition, a tool kit is available to perform the disassembly of your device if you do not have it in your hand.Many videos are available on Youtube to help you if needed when dismantling.Our service after sale or advice stands out for you, do not hesitate to contact our customer service by Chat or Email, we are here to help you.

Welcome to the beam parts repair Huawei de Discountmymobile.

Buy Huawei smartphone cheap

  • Mate 30 Pro

    Or trouble my smartphone Huawei Mate 30 Pro

    What happened so far to the others just happened to you. You just dropped your smartphone Huawei Mate 30 proon his front face and you think he’s practically irrecoverable? We bring you good news today.Discountmymobileis the platform that has been created on purpose to bring you useful elements to therepair of your smartphone.

    So, be itscreens or other spare parts, we provide you with quality products. Each element for the smartphoneHuawei Mate 30 prothat we put on sale has been tested under the actual conditions. To have access to this unique world of spare parts from your phone, you will only have to visit the radius that is dedicated to it to find the product you want. In addition, we offer you a very practical set of tools that will give you the ability to repair your jewel yourself easily and quickly. WithDiscountmymobile, give back to yourHuaweiallure of new and above all continue without limits to enjoy the benefits it offers.

    Don't let an unfortunate accident complicate your life. Now order your screenHuawei deck 30 prohomeDiscountmymobileand receive it in time and time all over the world.

  • Mate 30

    Repair Huawei Mate 30

    TheHuawei Mate 30is an excellent smartphone. Applaudi by several users and many dealers, it was very well received by the critic as soon as it was released. It must be said that this smartphone does not lack arguments to please, with beautiful performances and a screen unable to see videos in high quality even outdoors and with beautiful colors. However, when it comes to a failure, failure or shock that affects its operation, full use becomes impossible. If like most users you don't know what to do, we're here to reassure you. We now offer you multiple accessories perfectly adapted to your device. Here, find easilyspare partsfor your Huawei Mate 30.

    We offer you new parts at affordable prices such asfull replacement screensor various repair parts. So finish the stress because of your damaged smartphone that made an unexpected fall in your stairs. The change of parts is done safely and the personal data you have not had the time to save are not lost forever. In addition, all of our products are tested before shipping.

    In just a few minutes, you have the possibility to restore all its shine to your device thanks to our screensandspare parts pour Huawei Mate 30. So more need to spend hours looking for a technician, be your own technician and fix your smartphone easy. Our websiteDiscountmymobileoffers you everything you can need to get your smartphone back to new. So don’t hesitate and trust us!

  • Mate 30 Lite

    Repair your smartphone Huawei Mate 30 Lite

    Your Huawei Mate 30 Lite just broke up and a room is deteriorated? This one when falling saw its screen and other part fractured into several pieces. It hurts especially when it’s aHuawei Mate 30 Lite. Indeed, given the performance of this jewel, it would be quite normal to lose sleep. Fortunately for you,Discountmymobilewas created in time.

    Enjoy a very wide rangenew and original H screenuawei Mate 30 Liteon our online store that respects its users. Indeed, as long as irez on discountmymobile you are certain to do good business. With us, no need to spend big to have a quality service. This means that no matter what state of yourssmartphoneHuawei Mate 30 Lite, you will find usscreens or spare partsfor his repair.

    Whether it's the load connector, ignition or volume table, microphone, front or rear camera modules, replacement shell....etc..., look for the item you need on our shop. In addition to this, multiple boosts are offered to help you repair your smartphone faster and more easily. For example, aset tools 7 pieces is offered to you with every new screen purchased. Thus, you can change the screen yourself without major knowledge in the field. Don't get scammed at these unscrupulous technicians who will strip you of all your money without expected result.

    Discountmymobile, this is the reference on and simple of a quick and convenient purchase for easy repair of your phone. So take advantage of your performance againHuawei Mate 30 Litethanks to our online store!

  • Y7 Prime 2019

    Trouble your smartphone Huawei Y7 Prime 2019

  • Y7 (2019)

    Cheap repair of your Huawei Y7 2019

    The Chinese giant Huawei is recognized in the world as a true master of technological tools. Their incredible ability to design smartphones from different ranges makes it a universal brand and open to the public. However, in the event of a breakdown of one of these phones, do not think directly about the huge amount you will have to pay to offer you a brand new one. NO. Connect instead to Discountmymobile the platform online sale of screens and spare parts for your Huawei. The HuaweiY7 2019 For example is a 6,26-inch rotating smartphone on 3 GB of RAM and a powerful Snapdragon 450 to 4 hearts processor. It would be really useless to disburse hundreds of euros to offer you an equivalent device when you can put yours back on foot even if it had a broken glass or hull and all, at a lower cost.

    A platform designed to satisfy you

    All your problemsscreens and spare parts HuaweiY7 2019 find a solution at home Discountmymobile. Find out more screens of HuaweiY7 2019 LCD type with a resolution of 15 230 X 720 pixels easily and quickly. As the monitor is a sensitive element, our experts always ensure their good working condition before any shipment to your home.

    Also, you will find perfect microphone and speaker modules to help you keep in touch with your loved ones and friends. Many inconveniences can lead to a sound failure. This may be due to a fall that caused damage, a shock causing a rupture of the connection sheets or others. With us, regardless of cause or damage, the solution is simple.

    With its cameras with a power of 13 Mpx and 2 Mpx, the photos that this jewel delivers are simply extraordinary and brilliant. With its Bluetooth 4.2, it is quite normal that you quickly cracked for this marvel. But if these different modules were damaged, Discountmymobile offers other alternatives. Always as perfect and suitable for your phone.

    This means in short that, whatever type of problem you encounter on your smartphone, a single address will allow you to solve all these concerns. Fast and easy to use, you can simply find what you are looking for without having to break your head. Also the advantage with Discountmymobile is that instead of throwing your phone Huawei Y7 2019 or be obliged to redeem another of equal power, you can easily repair it. And this without having to go to one of these dishonest and dishonest repairers.

    Closer to you

    Discountmymobile is a platform that above all favours exchanges and conversations. This is why to better serve you and especially know what you want many communication services are available. As well as via Chat or Email, at any time of day or night, you can contact us to have a clear idea of what you need or the room you are looking for. This availability to serve you is also this Discountmymobile.

  • Nova 5i

    Repair your smartphone Huawei Nova 5i

  • P30 Lite

    Repair Huawei P30 Lite

    You felt like you were pushing super athlete wings and your smartphone HuaweiP30 Lite has it been the most violent consequences? This should no longer be a source of concern for you. Why? Well because there is already a platform that offers you screens or spare parts HuaweiP30 Lite suitable for the fitness of your smartphone.

    Discountmymobile. The miracle service that offers you for your Huawei a fresh and authentic range of safe and efficient products. Indeed, we have screens in our library of 6, 15 inches of IPS LCD technology and resolution 2312 X 1080 pixels. 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM and a Kirin 710 processor. Anyway, at home you'll find phones HuaweiP30 lite, but in spare parts.

    Take advantage of the many advantages that you have an order on our platform like, free shipping around the world (express also available). It is therefore a whole machine that is implemented to guarantee you quality products at prices removing the words of the mouth. Just to please you, all the accessories we put on sale are undergoing a test series to affirm their quality and authenticity.

    Finish with fear because of a screen and broken glass de HuaweiP30 Lite. With Discountmymobile, find your smartphone as new as it was on the first day of purchase. At us, it’s the guarantee to regain the smile after a few clicks on our internet page.

  • P30 Pro

    Repair Huawei P30 Pro

    The most raw power of technology. This high-end smartphone is one of the flowers of the big house HUAWEI. Indeed, under its perfectly designed design and its 6, 47-inch AMOLED screen at 2340 X 1080 resolution pixels hides a monster configuration, it is 128 or 256 GB of storage space and 8 GB of RAM that are available. In addition to its Kirin 980 processor, a Mali-G76 graphics chip provides a graphic rendering. It is therefore more than normal that you see the end of the world nearby whenscreen of your P30 Pro is damaged.

    Chance or not, Discountmymobile here. Indeed, this revolutionary service offers you the possibility to reset your cell phone. For that it is enough to order screen or spare parts for P30 Pro that you need. Therefore, it is no use to break your pulley or to buy this jewel or even an equivalent phone. With us a few euros are enough to make your happiness.

    Since making life easy is our pride, we commit ourselves to providing you with new and original screens at crazy prices. Thanks to Discountmymobile, find hope and joy in a few clicks. In addition, all products are tested before shipping. This therefore guarantees us the good quality of what we send you. A range of surprises are granted to you for most of the purchases you make this, for the purpose of a little more allowing you to save.

    So why imagine your phone already in the trash when you can restore the appearance of a new and usable smartphone. Contact now the champion platform for the screens or spare part for P30 Pro and you'll be served.

  • P30

    Repair Huawei P30

    You misguidedly brought down your beautiful and sublime HuaweiP30 against a rigid surface and its screen turned into a work of art? It is useless to spend a fortune to offer you a new smartphone when you can in 2, 3 clicks repair your damaged one. How? Well, take a walk Discountmymobile.

    Our sales website screen or spare parts is the perfect tool to allow you to find the right elements to restore your HuaweiP30. At us you will find OLED FHD+ screens in 6, 1 inch format with a magnificent resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. Or you can also find batteries, motherboards, photo module or even micros and all, designed specifically for your phone. This means that with us, a fall or a fall screen and broken glasss de HuaweiP30 will no longer be a valid reason to push you to throw this high-end phone.

    Discountmymobile puts at your service a multitude of incredible and really economic benefits for you and your smartphone. For example, you can receive one protective glass offered with each screen purchased. Many other surprises await you at home. Because you fully satisfy is our greatest goal, each screen or spare part pour Huawei P 30 is tested in any detail. This allows you to protect yourself from any disappointment when receiving your order. At home, efficiency and the cheapest are among our most recognized skills.

    Quality at low prices is only on Discountmymobile. Then why lose hundreds of euros because of a fall when in a few seconds you can simply and quickly give your phone a physical and technical aspect as bright as before. With us, the future of your screen or broken glass HuaweiP30 depends only on you.

  • Y6 / Y6 Pro 2019

    Repair Huawei Y6 / Y6 Pro 2019

    There are moments in the life where one wonders whether one is just a lice or a curse. Generally, it is when one of our most valuable objects suffers a damage that seems irreparable. This is the case for example of HuaweiY6 & Y6 PRO version 2019. Indeed, with their multiple physical and technical characteristics it quickly becomes easy to attach to it, but what to do when screen and window of your HuaweiY6 & Y6 PRO version 2019 breaks?

    Contact Discountmymobile. Our new and practical platform allows you easily and certainly to find screen or spare part the most perfect for your smartphone. Finished the timeless change of phone because of a room or partY6 PRO damaged. At us, find a 6, 09-inch LCD IPS screen with resolution of 1560 X 720 pixels created on purpose to be placed on your phone. Or find other elements like Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 3020 mAh, motherboards designed just to suit this jewel you own. This is really not worth investing very much in dishonest technicians when with the minimum you can ensure a total resurrection of your smartphone Y6.

    Find the solution idoine and quick to your concern thanks to Discountmymobile. You can thus achieve monster savings, but also benefit from the best services. We assure you free shipping worldwide (express also available). So what are you waiting for, now pose your problem and we solve it.

  • Nova Lite 3

    Repair Huawei Nova Lite 3

    After having spent a hell of a night, your phone had a real physical carnage. The result of your night is a screen and a broken window de Nova 3 Lite that displays disconcerting colors and a risky surface for your fingers. Why you torture as much when you can easily repair damage as your show to caused. How?

    Discountmymobile. This is the ideal site to allow you easily and quickly to repair your mobile phone. Indeed, we offer you screens or spare parts originals that meet your most advanced requirements. Then why put you in mind that this is the end of the beautiful story between you and your Nova 3 Lite when with an internet connection you can rewrite the future between you and your smartphone. With Discountmymobile, no physical concern can be put between you and your phone so dear to you.

    This is why we make sure that all products are tested before shipping. This allows us to have the mastery of what we send you and you to be reassured about what you will receive. You are important to us, it is also for this undeniable reason that we have put on our feet all assistance that can help you in the search for your screen or spare part pour Huawei Nova 3 Lite.

    Finished, weeping, huge expenses and long expectations to buy a new smartphone. With us you will be able to repair your phone yourself and this, no matter what failure. To help you, many elements will of course be made available to you.

  • Y7 Pro 2019

    Repair Huawei Y7 Pro 2019

    You recently bought the new one smartphone Huawei Y7 Pro, but can no longer really enjoy his performance insane because of screen or broken glass? Why already start considering other unnecessary expenses when at home Discountmymobile you can in a blink of eye get all spare parts for Y7 PRO 2019that you need for your phone.

    At home, find screens or spare parts designed to be mounted on your HuaweiY7 PRO 2019. You will find some module micros speakers power, of napps volume fingerprint reader... etc... many others. All these elements tested and approved by a qualified expert battery. Indeed, each of the products we offer strictly complies with the standards and charters established by the house HUAWEI herself. This means that making your 6, 26-inch TFT IPS screen purchase with a resolution of 1520 X 720 pixels on Discountmymobile it is an assurance to offer a piece created according to the designer’s standards.

    Our giant library contains countless elements of the most known to the rare, but important as the Li-ion 4000 mAh battery of your phone. Don't let yourself be carried away by fear of rates. With us, you will find at incredible prices the screens or spare parts for Y7 PRO 2019. Indeed, with a few euros, you can easily have in your shopping cart so many products that you can yourself mount a new phone.

    We don't need much to get the best. Give yourself some new and original screens for Y7 PRO 2019 at discount prices.

  • Nova 4

    Repair Huawei Nova 4

    Although it is a medium-scale smartphone, this phone remains and remains a mobile with incredible and magnificent features. That is why Discountmymobile puts a wide palette within your reach screen or spare part for NOVA 4 ideal to replace yours in case of shock or slight or severe inconvenience.

    This means that with us, you can easily rehabilitate your operation smartphone Huawei NOVA 4whatever type of damage he suffered. For example, a screen and/or broken glass, a load connector Out of service, a volume table that no longer responds, an inaudible speaker, or camera module completely unusable. All these find a solution on Discountmymobile quickly and effectively. No need to spend colossal sums because of some technical problems.

    At home, we take great care of your Huawei NOVA 4 and that is why we fold in four to be sure to offer you the best products at incomparable prices. The quality at the price of nothing is clearly what this revolutionary platform offers. So, more need to plan hundreds of euros to offer you an equal power telephone, with us, a little enough to realize a lot. Finding your phone as beautiful and as powerful as it was the first day of its purchase.

    With Discountmymobile, do not lose your valuable data and information because of screen and glass NOVA 4 broken. Get back on our platform and give you a smile on your lips. You play to be satisfied as soon as possible.

  • Enjoy 9

    Repair Huawei Enjoy 9

    Discountmymobile is a platform for sellingscreen and spare parts Enjoy 9 as well as all brands smartphone manufacturer in the world. So today, we are a little more specialized in the sale of new and original screens brand Huawei. This means that in case of fall or shock of your beautiful smartphone Huawei Enjoy 9 contact us and you will not be disappointed.

    Discountmymobile therefore offers for your greatest pleasure of holder of Enjoy 9, a range of accessories perfect to give your superb phone a physics worthy of the day of its design. Indeed, even if this one has a shock that has completely broken its screen and/or other part, at home you will find what to give it back proudly. Visit our gigantic library and choose under the heading Huawei the model for your phone.

    You can order among others: screens with 6, 26-inch IPS LCD technology with a resolution of 1520 X 720 pixels, batteries, ignition sheets, 13 megapixel camera modules and many other equally important components. So give back to your Huawei Enjoy 9 proud physical and technical look thanks to our platform that gives you hints of magic in the air. Finish the belief that wanted screen or broken glass Enjoy 9 means a phone to throw. At home, we say no and offer products with 6 months warranty (out of stock).

    Discountmymobile knows how much you care about your precious phone, that’s why all of them screens or spare parts Enjoy 9 you are offered at really insignificant prices compared to the normal rate.

  • Y Max

    Repair Huawei Y Max

    Gross power. This is Huawei Ymax is a real gem both physically and technically. Indeed, it offers a configuration worthy of the best smartphones of the hour. Its screen 7, 12 inches, IPS LCD with a resolution of 2244 X 1080 pixels is one of the most striking elements of this superb phone. It is therefore just normal that when such a piece of jewellery suffers a shock that transforms its monitor into multiple parts without meaning, you felt annihilated. Yet this should no longer be a source of concern today.

    Indeed, our platform Discountmymobile exists to help you solve this type of problem. We have a well-stocked panoplyscreen or spare part for Huawei Ymax perfect to rehabilitate your smartphone. So, apart from the monitors designed for your war machine, you will also find camera modules with a resolution of 16 megapixels ideal for photos of incomparable clarity, motherboard equipped with snapdragon 660 and 4 GB RAM processor. But also a battery of 5000 mAh. So it’s all yours Huawei YMAX we offer you, but as a unique and ideal spare part for you.

    Home Discountmymobile, you are a particular being. This is why we offer you with your purchase many benefits that will make you realize monster savings. For this reason, each product Huawei Ymax is tested before shipment, this in order to assure you the best of each purchase you will make.

  • P Smart 2019

    Repair Huawei P Smart 2019

    After working all night in sleep, you unfortunately released your Huawei P smart red coral color and this one saw its screen and window break. This type of damage can be very annoying especially that your fingers will eventually be covered with stains that can hurt very much. You can avoid all this thanks to Discountmymobile.

    This platform has been created to provide you with an ongoing and important contribution screen or spare parts Huawei P smart 2019 perfectly designed to be installed on your phone so expensive to your eyes. This means that with us you will find easily and quickly the product you need for repair Huawei P smart 2019 cracked or damaged.

    This involves 6, 21 inches screens with 2340 X 1080 resolution pixels, various connections, fingerprints, ignition on off ...etc.. In other words, you will also find hulls to replace your damaged by shocks. So, say goodbye to the enormous and really useless expenses. At home, you can set up your phone so dear to your eyes by paying more than ridiculous sums. Take control of your life and do not lose any of your data because of screen or broken glass Huawei P Smart.

    Home Discountmymobile, you are so precious to us that we invest all our knowledge to satisfy the least of your needs. So you can enjoy new and original screens Huawei P smart, whatever your country of residence thanks to our free, convenient and fast delivery service.

  • Y5 Lite 2018

    Repair Huawei Y5 Lite 2018

    It was just a few months since you just offered you the splendid smartphone HuaweiY5 LITE and this one misguided himself in a bad gesture? In this kind of situation, usually one tends to picture the hundreds of euros that will be spent on a new phone or at the technician in the shopping centre of your city. Yet reality is much less dark than all this.

    Discountmymobile proposes to save you by spending very little thanks to its unique and highly evolved sales system screen and spare part for new and old generation smartphone. Indeed, on the current market our structure offers an undeniable and beneficial quantity and quality of service for you, your finances and therefore your smartphone.

    This means that in your case you will find at low rates, LCD technology screens with a size of 5, 45 and a display of 1440 X 720 pixels, as well as various other repair pieces, in short, everything you need to make to your HuaweiY5 his beauty and maneuverability during his purchase.

    Enjoy in addition to that, simply unimaginable benefits. So these will help you replacer yourself screen and broken window of yours HuaweiY5 LITE. For this a set of tools 7 dismantling pieces offered with each screen purchased is provided to you. This to allow you your own hands to restore life to your precious smartphone HuaweiY5 Lite. With as many strengths and skill, why look more expensive elsewhere than you can find cheaper on Discountmymobile?

    Order quickly and take advantage of the Free shipping costs!

  • Mate 20 RS Porsche Design

    Repair Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design

    The raw and natural power. This is in any case what this beautiful smartphone Mate 20 with the design of the famous car brand PORSCHE. Indeed, this design jewel embarks under its incredible style a configuration worthy of the vehicle itself. A 6, 39-inch OLED resolution 3120 X 1440 pixels screen delivers legendary images, 8 GB of RAM and between 256 and 512 GB of storage for your data. This makes this monster a very high-end smartphone and so super expensive. Yet all this does not make it indifferent to a certain degree of shock.

    Discountmymobile is the platform coming from elsewhere that offers you quickly and serenely repair your Mate 20 Porsche Design in case of shock or fall of it. Indeed, we have complete equipment that can help you easily replace his screen and his broken glass. To do this, just log in using a tablet or a computer, to search in the category of screens or repair parts Huawei, the model that corresponds to yours and commands it. In a few days depending on your geographic location you will receive your net order as you wished. In addition we offer you follow-up delivery for all spare parts Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design.

    With Discountmymobile, more need to spend a fortune to offer you a phone of power equal to that of your Mate 20 Porsche Design. You find at discount prices at home new and original screens designed in the rules and in accordance with the norms of the mother house HUAWEI. Plus, each screen or spare part for Mate 20 Porsch Design is subjected to a very advanced battery of tests to assert its physical and technical quality.

  • Mate 20 X

    Repair Huawei Mate 20 X

    Bad luck is like time. Wherever we are and whatever we do the latter always continues. Today, unfortunately after a shock thescreen and window of your Mate 20 X broke. As a result, cracks on the screen, multicolored spots short a completely unusable monitor. Instead of trying to change the phone why not fix it?

    This is what you propose Discountmymobile. Our platform offers you new and original screens at unique and incomparable rates. This means that, with a few euros and in a few clicks, you can offer a screen of 7, 2 inches with a magnificent resolution of 2244 X 1080 pixels, ideal replacement rear shells to restore shape to your phone and many other just beautiful elements.

    A fall or shock will never be a reason to throw your phone. With Discountmymobile, enjoy a number of magical and incredible benefits. So, each of us products is guaranteed 6 months (out of stock). So, for you, every order is special and for that we are committed to providing you with what you need when and as you need. With surprising prices, give yourself life to your smartphone thanks to our gigantic library not in book, but in thousands screens or spare parts ideal to rehabilitate your phones. With Discountmymobile, when a smartphone is damaged, you don’t throw it, you just replace itscreen or spare part Mate 20 X that it takes and the tour is played.

  • Mate 20 Lite

    Repair Huawei Mate 20 Lite

    We usually say that good things never last. And you probably checked it with your Huawei Mate 20 Lite which suffered a real setback by striking against a harder surface. Its beautiful screen and its exceptional design have thus been truly amoky. No panic, Discountmymobile, our revolutionary site has the ideal solution to your problem.

    Simple, fast and efficient, you can find in a few clicks screen or spare part for Mate 20 Lite ideal to give your smartphone an incredible visual. To do this, we have 6, 3 inches IPS screens with 2240 X 1080 resolution, ignition sheets or volume, fingerprint readers, replacement rear shells and many other parts really designed for your Mate 20 Lite. Don’t complain because of a shock and quickly contact the platform that offers you good at a really inconceivable price.

    Allow your phone to last longer thanks to these multiple screens or repair parts Mate 20 Lite. Do not lose your data so valuable to you. From now on, contact Discountmymobile and be sure to benefit from the best expertise. Each screen or spare part you purchase is tested to meet your expectations of strength and performance effectively. This means that wary professionals have carefully studied each product and this according to international standards. So, to you to play and repair without further delay your smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Lite.

  • Mate 20 Pro

    Repair Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    The Huawei Mate 20 PRO is a new experience of the Chinese manufacturer. This premium device is dedicated to professionals and power user. He alone combines intelligence, endurance and performance. If you need to renew the replacement screen by another more original, Discountmymobile offers authentic products for this type of smartphone.

    The Huawei Mate 20 Pro: an irreproachable design

    This device has a large screen cut from a long header whose thickness corresponds to the high edge of the Mate 20 Pro. Its chin is extremely fine while the left and right edges are rather rounded. Compared to previous generations, the design of this smartphone has changed well since the screen takes a big spot on the face. Behind the camera is a fingerprint reader. Apart from this, the device is equipped with an OLED 6,39 inch Panel that supports a maximum definition in Quad HD+. In case these accessories break or fail, Discountmymobile propose des screens and spare parts adapted to your precious smartphone. For example, you will find a screen Huawei Mate 20 Pro-Vitre tactile+ LCD assembled and other products essential for your mobile.

    Trust a reference site

    Discountmymobile is not limited to the sale of replacement and screen kits or other spare parts. The shop provides customers with a professional team that always listens to the needs of accustomed people. And an after-sales service is at your disposal throughout the warranty period (6 months, out of break or snack). Be fearless, the shop sells products that are easy to mount and of superior quality. Even beginners can mount spare parts without any problems. So, don’t hesitate to visit this specialized site and troubleshoot your smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

  • Mate 20

    Repair Huawei by Mate 20

    Nice to handle, the smartphone Huawei Mate 20. Unlike other variants, it does not offer as many high-end technology, but behind it hides a device with very great potential. Its 6.53-inch screen offers a façade with an IPS Panel. This mobile has a triple rear photo sensor and a Kirin 980 embedded inside. If your device is to be repaired urgently in case of difficulties, Discountmobile has adequate solutions to solve your problem.

    A device with extreme endurance

    The battery of the Huawei Mate 20 resists long and can be used to its full potential. You can use it for 48 h non-stop by activating multiple applications at the same time. However, the Performance mode can empty a lot of energy. Thus, do not abuse it if you want to enjoy the autonomy of your device. Over time, the battery or the charger can weaken. You will find some repair parts Huawei original on the specialized site in spare parts Discountmobile: camera module, battery, headphones, pre-mounted screen kit, charger, etc. If the accessory you are looking for is not displayed on the list, you can request a quote on the site.

    A repair kit and a competent customer service to help you

    The shop The Discoutmobile collaborates with the majority of screen manufacturing plants to provide you with new and quality products. Just place your order online and the screen or spare part ordered will be delivered to you as soon as possible. A set tool 7 dismantling pieces will be offered to facilitate the opening of your smartphone. If you encounter problems during the repair, the after-sales service or advice remains at your disposal. Customer service is available by email or chat on the website. The staff will be happy to meet your expectations and to enlighten you on incomprehensible points.

  • Y9 2019

    Repair Huawei Y9 2019

  • Nova 3i / P Smart +

    Repair Huawei Nova 3i

  • Nova 3

    Repair Huawei Nova 3

  • P Smart / P8 Lite 2018

    Repair Huawei P Smart 2018

  • Y5 / Y5 Prime 2018

    Repair Huawei Y5 2018

  • Y3 2018

    Repair Huawei Y3 2018

  • Y6 2018

    Repair Huawei Y6 2018

  • Y5 2017 / Y6 2017

    Repair Huawei Y5 / Y6 2017

  • Mate RS Porsche Design

    Repair Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design

    Your Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design is faced with a battery problem that is easily discharged? The cracked screen ruins the visual? Is the touch fixed? To put your deficient smartphone back on, go to our online store Discountmymobile and you will find the solution to your problem. We provide you with repair kits and other spare parts suitable for your Huawei Mate RS Porsche.

    Repair your smartphone yourself as a pro

    Previously, changing the screen of his smartphone was more expensive than buying a new one so that users prefer to replace the damaged device with new ones. In addition, the repair times were longer or less since it was necessary to count several weeks before being able to recover the phone.

    Visit our online store and find all the parts you need to rehabilitate your phone like the load connector, the volume table or stop walking... etc. As it will be easier to perform repair using a suitable tooling, we also offer professional tools such as double suction clamp to open the screen of your Huawei Mate RS Porsche, a special set of screwdriver for smartphone repair, etc.

    Get professional support to repair your smartphone

    So you're motivated to start your smartphone repair? We offer you a dedicated team to accompany you in the repair of your smartphone. You can then contact our technicians via our chat system. In case our technicians are not available immediately, we invite you to fill out the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible. Be aware that all our products are "high quality" certified and are guaranteed for a duration of 6 months.

  • P20 Pro

    Repair Huawei P20 Pro

    The screen of your Huawei P20 PRO broke despite all your precautions? Don’t fall into the pitfalls of big builders who program the obsolescence of smartphones to push you to buy. Give your phone a second life by replacing the screen or defective parts. Find everything you need Discountmymobile, our online sales website.

    What advantages to repairing your own Huawei P20 PRO?

    Repairing your damaged smartphone yourself has an undeniable advantage: to achieve substantial savings. Indeed, going through a professional costs three times more expensive than repairing your smartphone yourself and buying spare parts because the workforce is you. The bonus is double since repairing your still functional smartphone reduces harmful e-waste for the environment.

    By arming you with patience and advising you, you will thus have the opportunity to re-enact your smartphone Huawei P20 PRO. To do this, visit We offer you pre-mounted screen kits for all telephones Huawei, many spare parts such as headphone socket, front or rear camera module, replacement shell, etc., as well as specific tools for repairing your smartphone.

    Quality products at your disposal

    If you wish to replace thescreen of your Huawei P20 PRO, we offer high quality GRADE-AAA certified replacement screens, whose design facilitates replacement. Our spare parts are also 100% compliant. The 6-month warranty that we offer you on all manufacturing and operating defects of our products is the guarantee of our professionalism and reliability. We have a team of technicians who are at your disposal to advise you on the choice and installation of different equipment. You just need to access the chat system that we have set up on our website to get in touch with our experts.

  • P20

    Repair Huawei P20

    Accidents happen so fast and so often. We can let our Smartphone slip from our hands or pocket, it slides and this is the screen that breaks. In this case, we consider the best solution: we buy a new one or we fix it. If you have one Huawei P20, you probably know, it is a high-end phone. If you want to buy a new one, you will have to put the budget there. But also know that repair is quite possible. We offer you all the pieces you need for this effect Discountmymobile.

    Your Smartphone screen on Discountmobile

    Discountmymobile specializes in the sale of spare parts for smartphones. If you need to repair thescreen of your Huawei P20, we have everything you need. To make things easier, it is directly a repair kit that we offer. This kit is a complete kit that will allow you to make repairs yourself. You have a set dismantling tool in your repair kit. This tool set consists of screwdriver, spatula, clamp, suction cup and a sim card ejector. To put your screen and especially to properly position it, you also have an adhesive in your kit. And of course, you have the whole new and original screen. When you have finished placing your screen, you still have to put the tempered glass on top that is also offered to you in this kit.

    Other spare parts available

    Next to the screen, we have in our list of other parts available. You can consult our catalogues, everything is there. And if you don’t find the part you need in our list, we can always check in our stocks and from the manufacturer and make it available to you. It is enough for you to contact our team by email or via the online chat.

    All of us spare parts Huawei P20 are new, original and cheaper. And we deliver according to your expectations. The service is personalized for each customer.

  • P20 Lite / Nova 3E

    Repair Huawei P20 Lite

    Repairing a smartphone is not the condition of specialized technicians. A simple user like you and me is able to give a phone back by arming himself with patience and good tools and then getting advice. If your screen Huawei Nova 3e or your P20 Lite has broken or cracked, we make available to you the tools, pre-mounted screen kits and spare parts necessary for you to carry out the repair of your smartphone.

    Run the tendency to obsolescence by repairing your smartphone

    The more design a smartphone and features powerful features, the more fragile it is. Recent models like Huawei Nova 3e and P20 Lite are among the most fragile smartphones since they are very recent models. If, inadvertently, it came to slip from your hand or pocket, the screen or shell will break easily. Instead of sacrificing your savings by buying a new device, optimise your budget by repairing your smartphone. Even better, reduce the costs to the maximum by occupying yourself the repair. Discountmymobile is at your disposal by Chat or email to answer your questions. a reliable buying site to your service

    We offer on our website a wide range of spare parts suitable for all models smartphone Huawei. If, however, the part you are looking for is not available, let us know quickly and will make the product available to you subject to availability from the manufacturer. Working professionally, we guarantee the quality of our products so that we offer you a 6 month warranty for manufacturing and operating defects. Repair parts come directly from manufacturing plants and are certified "high quality". Our replacement screens are also GRADE-AAA certified.

    gives you the gift of delivery .... Enjoy !

  • Y7 Prime / Y7 Pro 2018

    Repair Huawei Y7 Prime 2018

    Your Huawei Y7 PRO 2018 fell and the screen broke? The incident caused further breakdowns? Home Discountmymobile, we give you the opportunity to reset your smartphone at a lower cost by offering you a repair screen kit and spare parts adequate. You will have at your disposal a screen ready to assemble and lay, a specific tool for the repair of the smartphone, an adhesive facilitating positioning and then a tempered glass window to protect the device from scratches and shocks.

    Take care of the repair of your smartphone yourself

    If previously, manufacturers were fighting on the market to offer consumers the most resilient mobile phones, today they compete on performance and design. Yet the more modern a smartphone, the more expensive it is and the more fragile it is. In the event of a breakdown, it is therefore more sensible to repair the phone instead of buying a new one. In addition, it is important to know that e-waste is a danger to the environment. Repairing your smartphone is not only a way to achieve substantial savings, but also a way to consume eco-responsible.

    Buy at Discountmymobile and get tips

    Before repairing your phone, it is essential to properly identify the room reference since all smartphone spare parts are not compatible for all models, even for one brand. If you have any doubt, go to the cat system that we have put in place on our site and get in touch with our qualified technicians who will give you their advice. They will be able to guide you in order to properly choose the screen or room you need for repairing your smartphone Huawei.

    Buy your replacement screen or repair parts with confidence since our products come directly from manufacturing plants that certify them "high quality" and 100% compatible with your devices.

  • Y9 2018 / Enjoy 8+

    Repair Huawei Enjoy 8+

    By accident, the touch screen of your HuaweiY9 2018-ENJOY8+ cracked. You find yourself with an unusable phone. To repair this damage, you have two solutions: either buy a new smartphone or rehabilitate yours that is damaged. If you do not have the means to replace your phone, repair will not cost you a fortune. Discountmymobile, specialized site for the sale of brand spare parts has the means to help you. All repair parts put on sale have a guarantee and are of quality, including for chinese smartphones Huawei.

    Replace the screen with an original accessory

    The screen is the most sensitive piece on any type of phone. When he suffers a shock, he breaks and no longer meets his usual functions. Thus, you are in total embarrassment. In addition, it is often difficult to find an original screen for the brand Huawei. Don't worry, the shop Discountmymobile features quality replacement screens and all spare parts you need to rehabilitate your smartphone. You have a wide choice of products from all the latest models of Huawei as Huawei Nova, Huawei P Smart 2019, Huawei Y Max, Huawei Mate 20, etc.

    Get secured and certified spare parts

    To satisfy customers, the shop Discountmymobile covers all spare parts of the brand Huawei with a 6-month warranty, not counting the break or bonding. If by misfortune the product you bought presents a manufacturing defect, the store directly replaces the part at the origin of the dysfunction. Also, manufacturing defects are very rare for all accessories sold on the site. Replacement screens, for example, are GRADEE-AAA certified. They are previously tested before being sold. Other accessories such as the 7-piece tool set and tempered glass protection accompany it when delivered to customers.

  • Nova 2S

    Repair Huawei Nova 2S

    Recently put on sale by the chinese brand Huawei, model NOVA 2s is one of the most powerful phones in technology. It is a smart mobile known by its low price. In the event of an accident, crack, broken glass, failure, you must absolutely replace it, but not necessarily! The shop Discountmymobile can perform a miracle for you.

    Confidence your smartphone Huawei Nova 2S to Discountmymobile

    It is now easy to repair a brand smartphone Huawei with the advent of chinese manufacturers on the market. These valuable mobile phones are available at lower prices than usual. After upgraded Apple, the subsidiary offers different ranges of phones starting with the entry-level to the mid-range. The goal is to satisfy all categories of customers. If one of the spare parts fails, head to the site Discountmymobile instead of throwing your investment. This online store offers a wide range of products replacement spare parts at discount prices to give your phone a second life.

    The advantages of the Discountmymobile store

    One of the privileges you enjoy is the guarantee of the screens and all repair parts sold for 6 months. In addition, Discountmymobile only offers certified parts to satisfy customers. The shop also applies a reduced fare accessible to all budgets. While repair videos are available on YouTube, you can always contact the team that will provide you directly with the necessary information you need. One of the members will discuss via a live chat on the site or by email to answer your questions.

  • Mate 10 Lite / Maimang 6

    Repair Huawei Mate 10 Lite

  • Mate 10 Porsche Design

    Repair Huawei Mate 10 Porsche Design

  • Mate 10 Pro

    Repair Huawei Mate 10 Pro

  • Mate 10

    Repair Huawei Mate 10

  • P10 Lite

    Repair Huawei P10 Lite

    At times, we sometimes get caught up in high-level athletes. We start doing amazing exercises and figures. At the end of our acrobatics, it is very often our smartphone that pays the broken pots. If this is your case, then our service is tailor-made for you. It’s not about replacing your HuaweiP10 lite whose screen just broke. A Discountmymobile, we offer you the opportunity to change damaged components thanks to our screen stock and spare parts for HuaweiP10 lite.

    Identical to original accessories, the material we offer makes you start from what is best on the market. Whether for a load circuit, screen or speakers, you can easily replace most damaged items. In addition, they comply with existing standards and regulations. Each of them undergoes a series of tests before any shipment. The only purpose here is to provide all over and reliable elements for the repair of your HuaweiP10 lite.

    Do not lose money by buying a new phone. Your smartphone HuaweiP10 lite is not obsolete. By spending less, you can simply and quickly give it back to life. It will look completely new and all your surroundings will only see fire thanks to our spare parts pour HuaweiP10 lite.

    Shopping now in our shop Discountmymobile.

  • P10 Plus

    Repair Huawei P10 Plus

    Since he is in your possession, your HuaweiP10 Plus makes your daily life fully start. Its unusual design and its top performance make it an essential accessory. When this shock is severe, it is normal that you are worried. And it’s not very glamorous to appear in front of his friends with a phone that has a broken screen.

    You give complete satisfaction at home Discountmymobile is our most expensive wish. Since its activity, some time ago, our shop spare parts pour HuaweiP10 plus is intended to bring the smartphone to life in agony. For your HuaweiP10 Plus we offer you a whole range of spare parts to allow you to offer your game a new youth following a fall or a shock. For a tailor-made and perfectly adapted service, the rates we offer make the most attractive of the market.

    Beyond the multiple tests performed by our experienced technicians, our products and services are subject to real guarantees. So don’t hesitate to replace your smartphone's failing parts yourself HuaweiP10 plus. By putting it back in a working state, you can continue to fully enjoy the multiple features that it offers you.

    Visit the repair parts radius now Huawei P10 Plus home Discountmymobile.

  • P10

    Repair Huawei P10

    During the well watered nights, incidents are frequent. Is it in this context that you have unconsciously caused your smartphone to suffer damage that seems irreparable? The spare parts HuaweiP10 are known for their rarity, especially when it comes to a broken screen....

    It is to get you out of this deadlock that we offer a varied range of spare parts for your HuaweiP10. With Discountmymobile, say no to accessories of doubtful qualities and scams. We leave no room for doubt and unanswered questions. In addition to the series of tests that we perform on the screens that we make available to you, all the products and spare parts put on the market are under warranty. You are thus protected once your purchase is made. With us, no risk taking is possible.

    Finish the many questions since your smartphone was out of service. As for your data on hold, you will recover them soon enough. Our qualified and experienced experts guarantee you the best equipment for your HuaweiP10. In addition, our operating mode has virtually no geographical limit. We can ship them to you replacement parts for HuaweiP10 directly to the address of your choice. A 7-piece dismantling set is offered with its positioning adhesive to make the replacement yourself safely.

    Discover the spare parts now Huawei P10 home Discountmymobile !

  • Nova 2 Plus

    Repair Huawei Nova 2 Plus

    What happened so far to the others just happened to you. You just dropped your smartphone Huawei Nova 2 More on his front face and you think he’s practically irrecoverable? We bring you good news today. Discountmymobile is the platform that has been created on purpose to bring you useful elements to the repair of your smartphone.

    So, be it screens or other spare parts, we provide you with quality products. Each element for the smartphone Huawei Nova 2 Plus that we put on sale has been tested under the actual conditions. To have access to this unique world of spare parts from your phone, you will only have to visit the radius that is dedicated to it to find the product you want. In addition, we offer you a very practical set of tools that will give you the ability to repair your jewel yourself easily and quickly. With Discountmymobile, give back to your Huawei allure of new and above all continue without limits to enjoy the benefits it offers.

    Don't let an unfortunate accident complicate your life. Now order your screen Huawei Nova 2 Plus home Discountmymobile and receive it in time and time all over the world.

  • Nova 2

    Repair Huawei Nova 2

    By observing it Huawei Nova 2, we see that it is a phone that women especially love. This is why you did not hesitate to offer it to your tender half. With its ergonomics and many features, it has quickly been attached to it. But here, only a few weeks later, she badly broke her phone’s screen. What to do in this kind of situation?

    With the delivery service spare parts for Huawei Nova 2 de Discountmymobile, it is no longer necessary to think of buying a new phone to your wife. Just order the piece you want and you will have it as soon as possible. Everything is implemented so that Huawei Nova 2 your wife's coming back as new. In addition to being products under warranty, all our parts are tested before being put on the market. We have a team of technicians who leave nothing to chance.

    Regardless of where you are on the planet, we are committed to forwarding your order. Soon, the broken screen of the Huawei Nova 2 your wife will only be a distant memory. Home Discountmymobile, we also offer you dismantling set pour Huawei Nova 2 to replace your defective screen easily. You can even use it later for other troubleshooting operations.

  • P9 Lite 2017

    Repair Smartphone Huawei P9 Lite 2017

    Your smartphone Huawei P9 Lite 2017 just made an incredible fall on the stairs... result of the races, your facade glass is totally broken. Really no luck. But thanks Discountmymobile it will soon be only a bad memory because we offer you a kit lcd touch screen Huawei P9 Lite 2017 replacement so that you are able to repair it in the most economical way possible.

    That your smartphone Huawei P9 Lite 2017 either black, white or gold, we have the repair screen you need in our shop at the best price.

    Other failures can occur on your P9 Lite 2017 that is why our customer service is available to meet your original spare parts requests Huawei.

    Welcome home Discountmymobile !

  • P8 Lite 2017

    Repair Huawei P8 Lite 2017

    The HuaweiP8 Lite is an excellent smartphone. Its incredible performances and modern design make it one of the flowers of the Chinese brand. When it comes to a significant physical damage that affects its screen or other parts, it is quite normal that you are overwhelmed by confusion and anxiety. If like most users you don't know what to do, we, Discountmymobile, come here to reassure you. We now offer you multiple accessories perfectly adapted to your device.

    Discountmymobile offers new and guaranteed screen replacement kits such as full replacement screens HuaweiP8 lite 2017. Then finish the white nights and fear in the belly because of your HuaweiP8 lite 2017 who's badly fallen. The personal data you haven’t had the time to save is not lost forever. In addition, all our products are tested before shipment by experienced technicians.

    In just a short time, you have the opportunity to give back all its brilliance to your device. So no longer need to spend a fortune on hollow technicians. Our stock spare parts HuaweiP8 lite 2017 home Discountmymobile is the ideal solution for all the worries you encounter. We also offer several additional tools to increase the duration of your smartphone.

    Discountmymobile is happy to welcome you in his shop.

  • Ancient Models Huawei

    Repair old smartphones Huawei

    You are possessors of one of the old smartphone versions of the great telephony brand HUAWEI. But, this one by bad luck had its screen completely cracked and you don't know how you take it to repair it? So you’re in the perfect place to get help. Indeed, Discountmymobile is not a selective platform and therefore devotes itself even to the oldest versions of the phone.

    This means that at home you will find screens or spare parts for your Ascend Y600, that is a 5-inch screen with TFT technology and a resolution of 480 X 854 pixels. Or you can find if you own a model Huawei 2015 micros and batteries ideal for rebuilding your Mate S, or Mate 8. If you own one of the wonders designed in 2016 as Mate 9 or Mate 9 pro, you will be happy to know that here too we have all the necessary elements for its fitness. So, with Discountmymobile, the year out of your cell phone is in no case a brake on its repair. In addition, you benefit from many benefits. For example, a protective tempered glass with each screen purchased. This will allow you to better protect the fragile monitor of your jewel.

    So why you lament on a damaged smartphone, when you can quickly repair the screen of your old model Huawei, without paying astronomical sums. With us, it is the reliability and especially the unique pleasure of helping you find a phone usable and new at low prices.

  • Huawei Mate X

    Repair Huawei Mate X

    You have one smartphone Huawei Mate X and you brag everywhere? Normal is the last exit of this great sign. But, unfortunately, this one after a maladdress was violently struck against a harder surface and screen and window of your Huawei Mate X broke? Why continue to inflict the pain on your eyes and fingers to manipulate a surface so uncomfortable when you can give your smartphone a peps? It is in all cases what proposes Discountmymobile.

    Our platform designed and designed to give you the opportunity to reactivate your Huawei Mate X and this at less cost. Indeed, although it has recently been released on the market, we have foldable 8-inch OLED screens and a resolution of 2480 X 2200 pixels. This means that at home, we evolve with technology in order to satisfy you more easily and quickly.

    In addition, we also have in our giant shop camera modules various connection sheets replacement rear shells and many other perfect parts for the rehabilitation of your foldable smartphone. So don't cry anymore thinking that you just lost hundreds of euros. With us, nothing ever goes to the trash. Everything's getting fixed. So, without further delay, benefit from a fast and secure delivery of your order without inconvenience. We have a real follow-up to all the products we deliver anywhere in the world.

    Discountmymobile, it is security and reliability on every purchase you make. That’s why we fold in four to offer you a perfect service. You have your smartphone problems and we have the screens or spare parts de Huawei Mate X to repair them. So do you scam by giving your repair Mate X to a technician who'll take you out of the wild. At home, we offer you the possibility of repair your own Huawei Mate X thanks to a 7-piece dismantling tool set available with each screen purchased.

    So find the light without spending a fortune thanks to Discountmymobile and its gigantic library screens and spare parts for your Mate X. In our house, when a device gets spoiled, we don't throw it, but we fix it. You don’t need to get yourself to buy a new smartphone so powerful when with a little money you can find your jewel as new and flamboyant as at the beginning.

  • huawei spare parts

    If you are looking for spare parts for your Huawei smartphone,

    you can discover all the options available online.Whether you need spare parts for the P series, the Mate series, the Y series or the Nova series, you can find everything you need to repair your phone.Among the most common parts you might need, you can find the camera, the lens cache, the charging cable, the charger, the battery, the volume button, the fingerprint reader and the vibrator.All these spare parts are available for Huawei P30 and P40 Pro smartphones, as well as for other brand models.By ordering spare parts online, you can save Themoney while avoiding having to completely replace your phone.This can be particularly useful if your phone is still in good working condition, but some parts need to be replaced.In short, if you need spare parts for your Huawei smartphone, just do an online search to find all available options.With a little patience and know-how, you can easily replace damaged parts and restore life to your phone.
  • Huawei screen

    If you are looking for a screen for your Huawei smartphone, you can discover all available options online.There are original Huawei screens for many models, including :

    Huawei P Smart Screen
    Huawei P Smart 2019
    Huawei P Smart 2020
    Huawei P Smart 2021
    Huawei POT-LX1
    Huawei P Smart S
    Huawei P30
    Huawei P Smart 2019 Price
    Huawei P Smart 2019
    Huawei P Smart 2021
    Huawei P Smart Z
    Huawei P Smart Screen
    Screen Huawei P30 Pro
    Huawei P Smart Z 2019
    Huawei P40 Pro
    Huawei P20 Pro Screen

    By ordering online screens, you can save Themoney while avoiding having to completely replace your phone.This can be particularly useful if your phone is still in good working condition, but that Thescreen is damaged.It is important to choose a screen compatible with your Huawei phone model.You can find screens for each model on online sales sites specializing in smartphones' spare parts.In short, if you need a new screen for your Huawei smartphone, just do an online search to find all available options.With a little patience and know-how, you can easily replace Thedamaged screen and restore life to your phone.

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