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écrans et pièces de remplacement Samsung Galaxy Série A : 2016 2017 2018 2019 ...  There are 130 products.

1 display - 62 / 130 articles
1 display - 62 / 130 articles

Samsung Galaxy A smartphone repair

The series Galaxy A home Samsung (a) A means Alpha ) saw the day in August 2014. It is a mid-range series offering a lot of features like the series S but he's lighter. The design is also very close to the series S and Samsung renews its series every year. So you have to be very careful when you want to replace your screen to order the right model because you find yourself with some A3, A5, A7 version 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and force the screens, tablecloths, hulls and other spare parts are different from one year to another. The best solution to differentiate them and therefore use the exact reference mentioned on the chassis when you remove the battery. One A3 de 2015 carry the reference A300F while a version 2016 to be appointed A310F or A320F for version 2017. In 2018, Samsung gratified us as a model A6 and his great brother A6 Plus but also Galaxy A7 2018, the A8 Star A9 Star and A9 Star Lite.
is a new era for Series A. Indeed Samsung presents us here a completely sleek range of mobile for our greatest pleasure. Let's go there are models like Galaxy A10 Galaxy A20, the Galaxy A30 Galaxy A40 Galaxy A50 Galaxy A60 Galaxy A70 and the Galaxy A80. As many models as will be required to ensure supply parts and repair screens and add a little more difficulty in the distinction of models. Anyway if you have a doubt about your version, the customer service of Discountmymobile is there to help you and answer your questions.

Discover our selection spare parts and screens to repair all your models Samsung Galaxy A.

Discountmymobile custom service

If by misfortune you don't find the screen or the piece you're looking for, you can contact us by chat or email and we'll do the necessary to put the so-called piece in radius (if available from the manufacturer) as soon as possible. Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • Galaxy A80 A805FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A8 A805FD

    The Samsung Galaxy A80 smartphone is a state-of-the-art instrument. It features a 6.7-inch OLED screen, a triple rotary photo module. This is the first Galaxy series that offers a very fast load. It has all the options that characterize a high-end phone. But in case of a break, avoid throwing it directly into the trash. Go for a repair. To find what you need, visit the specialized site for the sale of quality spare partsDiscountmymobile.

    Make yourself the replacement of the cracked screen

    Your precious phone slipped from your pocket and its screen broke completely? Don't panic! You can easily find replacement accessories on the shop Discountmymobile. Indeed, the site offers a wide range of Chinese products of brands like: Samsung, Huawei, Blackview, Cubot, Xiaomi, Meizu, Vivo, etc. Instead of investing in a new smartphone that will cost you a fortune, spend your money instead of buying replacement parts. And make the editing yourself using video tutorials on YouTube. To facilitate the task, the shop gives you a tool set.

    Product benefits at Discountmymobile

    Discountmymobile works with renowned suppliers and sells quality replacement parts. Moreover, before the product is sent, the team performs several reviews, including on the screens. Using the powerful test boxes, the technicians perform a touch response test, a colorimetry test and a fluidity test. At the same time, they also check the connectors and the general appearance of the screen. The goal is to give the best of products to customers compared to other competitors. In addition, all screens and parts provided by the shop are certified "High quality" or GRADEE-AAA.

  • Galaxy A70 A705FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A70 A705FD

    The particularity of the brand's smartphones Galaxy is elegance compared to other devices. From the first look, you will be seduced by its appearance and authentic design. Despite these qualities, it still has defects. At the slightest violent shock, their touchscreens break and no longer work. Sometimes the battery refuses to take charge or the charger fails. Discountmymobile offers suitable solutions to address these various problems.

    A shop specialized in the sale of smartphone replacement parts

    The idea of repairing mobile Galaxy A70 instead of throwing it is rather advantageous. You keep your investment at a lower cost. However, finding replacement accessories is not an easy task with copies on the market. To avoid scams, trust some reliable things. Discountmymobile is one of the specialized shops on the substitution of replacement screens and spare parts of chinese smartphones as well as the leading brands in the market. The site provides you with accessories of all kinds such as: charger, battery, rear hull, volume button, connection table, network table, charging connector, etc. It is the only alternative to find a quality product at a low price.

    A reduction in rates accessible to all budgets

    Except for the 6-month warranty, the 30-day money-back and GRADEE-AAA certified products, spare parts on Discountmymobile are sold at reduced rates. Thus, all customers can benefit from a quality product to renovate their phones. If you need a piece that is not visible on the shop’s website, ask the team directly by chat or mail to make it available to you as soon as possible. To answer your questions, the customer service of Discountmymobile can be contacted anytime. The professional will be pleased to give you a solution to your problem.

  • Galaxy A60 A6060 (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A60 A6060

    You dropped yours smartphone Galaxy A60 / A6060. After that, the screen cracked? Before you dump him in the trash, think about repairing him. Home Discountmymobile, we offer many spare parts to help you repair your phone. We are aware that it is not given to everyone. This is why we have invested in the field. We offer screens, camera modules, replacement rear shells ...

    To order your spare parts at Discountmymobile?

    Ask someone to do repair your phone Galaxy A60 could be pretty expensive. This is why we offer you quality and reliable parts to help you repair your smartphone yourself. It is not always easy to find spare parts for high-end smartphones such as Galaxy A60. Home Discountmymobile, you can find it at discount prices. If the item you need is not in our stock, you can communicate the reference of it and we are trying to find it for you. You have nothing to fear, all our parts are reliable and guaranteed to the standards of the original parts. Home Discountmymobile, you are sure to find the smartphone piece you need.

    Repair his Galaxy A60 to give him another life

    The first reflex that everyone adopts is to throw away his smartphone Galaxy A60 when it fails. Now it is possible to repair it even if the screen has cracked and the touch option no longer works. Discountmymobile sells repair kits at small price to allow you to restore life to your phone. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert in this matter to do so. Our original pieces are easily installed. You can, however, benefit from the expertise of our experts to help you if you cannot find your model. Our team of phone repair professionals remains at your disposal to help you.

  • Galaxy A40s A3050 (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A40s 2019

    After a fall, your Galaxy A40s has broken down, the screen has cracked and you will not be able to use it properly. You can choose to throw it and prepare to buy a new phone, or... you can fix it yourself. How? By buying spare parts at home Discountmymobile. Specialized in the sales of spare parts for Smartphone, we are working to help you keep your phone. We can provide you with screen kits, replacement tablecloths and a whole lot of useful parts to rehabilitate your precious... Everything you need to repair your Samsung Galaxy A40s is at home Discountmymobile.

    A repaired phone at a lower price

    High-end smartphones like Galaxy A40s are pretty fragile. Buying a new phone is not always obvious, especially if it is not budgeted. Don't think about throwing your smartphone as soon as it doesn't work. With spare parts offered by our store Discountmymobile you'll be able to fix it at any cost. We have an important stock of spare parts adapted to all smartphones. You can order us complete repair kits for your broken screen, camera modules, or Galaxy A40s rear shells. Don't worry, if we're out of stock, we can look for the piece you need.

    Repair your own smartphone: almost a game of children

    If you ask someone to fix your phone, it can cost you expensive. By taking the time to repair it yourself, you will achieve significant savings. It’s almost a game of children with the spare parts we offer. They are indeed easy to put in place. You don’t need to be a genius to ride them. If you still have doubts in the steps to be followed to repair your Galaxy A40s, many videos available on YOUTUBE can help you and our customer service is at your disposal by chat or email. The unique purpose of Discountmymobile, is that you can keep your phone as long as possible.

  • Galaxy A20e A202FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A20e A202FD

    Are you having problems with your smartphone? Avoid throwing it immediately, because it can be repairable. The reason to be Discountmymobile it is to offer you spare parts to repair your smartphone without ruining you. We know that it is not always easy to find coins for phones like Samsung Galaxy A20. This is why we specialize in the field. Folded screen, touch option that no longer works, front or rear camera fails? We can provide you the room you need at discount prices.

    Quality products to help you repair your phone

    The objective of Discountmymobile is to satisfy his clients. This is why we have put in place an online store, offering a multitude of products tailored to your needs Galaxy A20e. All the products we sell have undergone a multitude of tests, allowing us to guarantee the reliability of our products. We offer all our customers quality products that meet the standards of the original parts. This will allow you to enjoy a room that works perfectly on your phone. If you don’t find the piece you need on our online catalog, you can send us the reference of the piece in question so that we can look for it in your place and put it online.

    A qualified team that stays at you

    We know that the cost of a phone repair can often cost very expensive, unless you do it yourself. Rest assured, you do not need to know the technical aspect of your Galaxy A20e to repair it, because the parts we offer are easy to put in place. Our expert team remains at your disposal to help you if you have questions via the online chat or by email ( contact us). A dismantling set will be offered with each screen ordered to help you replace it easily. Meet at home Discountmymobile.

  • Galaxy A20 A205FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A20 2019

    You are no longer forced to get rid of your phone when it fails thanks to the spare parts we put on sale on our shop Discountmymobile. We offer many references to help you find the necessary part to repair your Samsung Galaxy A20 smartphone. Repairing your phone will not cost you cheap, since our spare parts are at discount prices and you can do it yourself. We only market high quality products, and we test them before each shipment. Each of our parts perfectly matches the standards of the original parts.

    Do not hesitate to replace your cracked screen with our screen kit

    You dropped yours Galaxy A20 and there's a big crack on your screen? Replace it and your phone will be new again. We make available to you on our website Discountmymobile screen kits adapted to your smartphone. By placing your order at home, you will have a new screen, a dismantling set including 7 tools and a tempered glass window for better screen protection. You will also benefit from an adhesive to facilitate the installation of the new screen on the chassis. So you have everything you need to replace your screen yourself. Do not hesitate to ask our team if you have any doubts about the piece you want.

    Why go through Discountmymobile for your spare part?

    Thanks to the screen kit, we offer a quick and effective solution to help you rehabilitate your phone. Our goal is not limited to that. To meet all your needs, we also offer other advantages such as spare parts at discount prices as well as a personalized delivery service. We also offer a return system if the product does not suit you. Order quickly at home Discountmymobile and repair your Galaxy A20 at the best price.

  • Galaxy A30 A305FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A30 A305FD 2019

    No matter why you need a new Smartphone, you can get a better price at Discount mymobile. Indeed, there are several types of phones that deserve all your attention in this shop. In addition, sellers will be happy to advise you on the brand and the model that will reflect you most. Apart from that, they can also give you the exact details of each device sold on site.

    Discount mymobile: a quality service

    Discount mymobile can quite meet your needs. If you need to buy a new Smartphone, why not choose the Samsung Galaxy A30 – A305FD? A model that exists at home.

    With the performance that this device offers, you will not be disappointed to have invested your time and your money there. When you arrive in the shop, you can ask us everything you want, from the moment, that it has a connection with the phone you will buy.

    However, we also sell repair kits, which are intended for people who wish to repair their Smartphones themselves. This kit already contains all the accessories necessary for a successful repair: an adhesive for positioning and a tempered glass glass, a 7-piece tool that will allow you to dismantle, etc.

    A reasonable price?

    Our customers have always enjoyed buying their new phone or spare parts at home, as we offer a very competitive price. In addition, all the accessories we sell on our site are guaranteed. You will have no fear of quality, because we ensure that they meet the standards of the original parts. To benefit from this big advantage, you can contact us directly.

  • Galaxy A12 SM-A125F...
  • Galaxy A10 A105FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A10 A105FD 2019

    Did you get a little accident and your phone screen took a hell of a hit? Which makes you have to spend a lot to fix your Galaxy A 10 2019. Faced with such situations, you should choose between: purchase a new Smartphone or call a professional to perform the repair of the former. Why don't you go home Discountmymobile in that case? At home, you can benefit from the necessary advice to opt for the most appropriate solution. In addition, we offer our customers new phones at an unbeatable price, as well as tools that could help you in repairing your phone Samsung Galaxy A10, like spare parts for example.

    Repair its screen itself with the appropriate parts

    An accident, so small, is it, often results in damage to phone screens, especially if you have placed it in your pocket. Honestly, what are you going to do with an unusable device?

    In this case, you do not have to throw it into the trash or replace it completely. Moreover, it would surely cost you a small fortune. We offer you to repair it yourself using the Galaxy A10 screen kit complete that we only have.

    Nos Replacement screen kits include a new and original complete screen as well as dismantling tools and a tempered glass window that will protect your device from any future accident. With all these hand accessories, it will be easy for you to give a new life on your screen Galaxy A10.

    Why Discountmymobile?

    Using our services is to take advantage of the various accessories and repair kits that we make available to our customers. Apart from all this, you can benefit from a reasonable price and you can also make your payments safely. In addition, we can deliver your orders for free worldwide. Come and visit the shop Discountmymobile.

  • Galaxy A8 A530F (2018)

    Repair Galaxy A8 A530F 2018

    Your Samsung A8 - A530F - 2018 needs a repair, but you don’t have the means to leave it in repair or replace it? Don’t worry, we’ve found the ideal alternative to allow you to find your smartphone without you having to break your pulley. Home Discountmymobile we give you the possibility to repair your phone by yourself, and this, at least. How? By providing you with a wide range of spare parts of any kind, quality repair kits as well as windows or screens conforming to the originals.

    We're not lining with quality

    If there is a significant advantage that you can enjoy through our online store, it’s the quality. That you decided to invest in one screen repair kit, a load connector, a front or rear camera module, a replacement rear shell or just a protective glass, the quality will always be at the rendezvous. We are particularly straddling the durability, performance and conformity of each product. Before being delivered to us, all components do not pass accurate tests and careful verification established by our experts and professionals in the repair and replacement of component Samsung.

    A more economic solution

    The purchase of a new phone and even the replacement of a component by a professional requires a full budget. This is to allow you to make significant savings that Discountmymobile created this solution for the sale of spare products and other components of Samsung A8. Simple, fast and efficient A530F screen kit repair has been designed to allow all individuals to perform the repair and/or replacement of their broken or defective screen. Our customer service is available by Chat or Email for all your questions or requests.

  • Galaxy A9 Star G8850...

    Repair Galaxy A9 Star G8850 2018

    Your Samsung Galaxy A9 Star - G8850 has a little mishap? Fall, failure, broken glass, cracked, etc. The result of the races, you find yourself with an unusable smartphone. But breaking doesn't always mean good to the trash. And repair is also not synonymous with large budget. All this thanks to Discountmymobile. Specialized in the sale of original spare parts and repair kit, our credo is to allow all Samsung phone owners to be able to repair their smartphone themselves. With a guarantee, all the parts sold are of quality and meet the standards of the original parts.

    Broken glass? Trusted? Move!

    For most smartphone owners, a broken, cracked or broken window is not rare. And for cause, in the event of a fall or other accident, it is always the first component that perishes. But it is also the flagship component of your smartphone. Without it, you cannot use it optimally. It is for all reason that we make available to you repair kit. Containing a complete screen (i.e. assembled and ready to be installed), a set tool for dismantling 7 pieces, an adhesive for positioning and 1 tempered glass glass for protection against future shocks and scratches, you have to wear tomorrow the essentials for repair in the rules of art.

    Discountmymobile, only benefits

    In addition to the easy, fast and efficient solution we offer thanks to repair screen kit, we also allow you to enjoy several great benefits including: discount prices, secure payment, delivery but also personalized service. What is it? It’s simple: in order to satisfy you, we make sure that even if the piece you are looking for is not in our list, we try to find it to you according to the stock available from the manufacturer, thank you Discountmymobile.

  • Galaxy A9 A9000 (2016)

    Repair Galaxy A9 A9000 2016

    The Galaxy A9 is the top of the series A the korean manufacturer, it is positioned between the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. Built with a processor Snapdragon 652 and a graphical chip Adreno 510 managing the 3D, it's really a very beautiful device. However you have striped a lot of your screen smartphone Galaxy A9 2016 and this amplifies because you see less and less what is displayed on the screen.

    No worries, order a Kit Galaxy A9 A9000 screen home Discountmymobile and give back to your smartphone Samsung the beauty of his first days.

  • Galaxy A9 Pro A910F...

    Repair Galaxy A9 A910F 2016

    You opted for the beautiful Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro A910F and you were right. This smartphone is the largest and top of the series A Korean manufacturer. It assumes a wide screen of 6 inches in resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and 367 in DPI controlled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 4go RAM processor.

    Your darling just dropped your Galaxy A9 Pro on the ground and it makes you very angry because it doesn't show any images anymore and you already see yourself queued in the store to buy a new one. Good news, it'll be useless! Enjoy the offer screen Samsung Galaxy A9 pro home Discountmymobile and exchange the broken screen of your own A910F less expensive.

    Need another spare parts to repair your A9 Pro? Visit note radius and discover our selection of coin at discount prices.

  • Galaxy A8+ A730F (2018)

    Repair Galaxy A8+ A730F 2018

    Because of a fall or other accident, your The Galaxy A8+ must be repaired urgently? Faced with this problem, you will have the choice between two solutions: buy a new new phone at discount prices or repair your smartphone yourself. Whether you opted for the first or the second solution at home Discountmobile, we have the means to help you achieve your goals effectively. We offer you: new smartphones kits-screens or repair glass and spare parts special Samsung Galaxy A8+ ( TheA730Fand.

    A phone like new at a lower cost

    High-end smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy A8+, today are not within the reach of all budgets. But beyond the price, the simple fact of having to replace your smartphone with another makes you morose. What if you were told that you were not obliged to replace it? Home Discountmobile our credo is to make available to you everything you need to repair your phone: pre-mounted screen kit for your Samsung, camera module, headphones, etc. And if the room you need is not in our list, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make it available to you on the site (subject to availability at the manufacturer).

    We're not going with you

    And we do not limit ourselves to the sale of replacement kits glass and screen or other spare parts. We also provide you with a dedicated and attentive team to offer you the best pieces at the best price. And if you hesitate to take a step in home repair, we will reassure you: the products that we make available to you are easy to mount and that do not require special skills.

  • Galaxy A6 A600F (2018)

    Repair Galaxy A6 A600F 2018

    In the list of mid-range phones Samsung, some models were able to scare a way of honor in the heart of users. This is the case ofA6-A600F - 2018. It is therefore a very affordable and accessible smartphone for all scholarships. That explains his great success. Only flat: in the event of a break or default, its repair may present an important budget for its owner. In many cases, the budget in question may even be closer to the purchase price of your A6. If you cannot afford this extra expense, here is the solution proposed by Discountmymobile...

    Your problem is ours!

    Several cases can deteriorate the quality and experience of using your Galaxy A6. On Discountmymobile we offer you effective and express solutions to any problems you may encounter. Specialized in the sale of spare parts and especially glass and screen of any kind, think immediately to us in case: black screen, screen cracks, broken AMOLED window, phone that no longer takes loads, front camera that no longer wants to work, double back camera damaged. All of these components we offer are 100% suitable for your Samsung and guaranteed for 6 months.

    Repair by yourself

    For all people who need to replace their screen, our repair kit is specially intended for a home repair. This means that you do not need to go through a service provider. Pre-mounted, once you have received it at your home, you can start the installation immediately. Delivered with a dismantling set, everything is done to facilitate the task and make repair safer and faster. If you encounter any concern, we will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Galaxy A6+ A605FN (2018)

    Smartphone troubleshooting Galaxy A6+ A605FN 2018

  • Galaxy A9 Pro G887 (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A9 Pro 2019

    Daily use of a Smartphone with a broken or cracked screen is really embarrassing. Especially, it does not provide comfortable use for the owner. Regardless of the brand of your phone, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy A9 PRO 2019 or other, you must absolutely find a solution if you want to enjoy a better user experience. We advise you to visit the online shop Discountmymobile.

    What does Discountmymobile offer?

    With the Galaxy A9 Pro repair screen kit proposed by Discountmymobile, you will have no difficulty repairing the damaged screen of your phone yourself. Indeed, the products we offer are very easy to use.

    Apart from the fact that they are simple to use, they also display an irreproachable quality. You will not be disappointed to have bought this replacement screen kit, on the contrary, you will be delighted to have chosen this shop for the repair of your device.

    By using this one, you will give your smartphone the shine of its first days, once you have completed the repair process.

    Why choose Discountmymobile?

    Discountmymobile is a site dedicated to people looking for spare parts or screens for their Samsung Galaxy smartphone. We all know how difficult it is to find quality products that fit perfectly the brand of our device. However, with the various solutions we offer, you will be delighted. In addition all our products are offered at discount prices and shipped free of charge worldwide! Enjoy it!

  • Galaxy A5 A520F (2017)

    Repair Galaxy A5 A520F 2017

    In 2017, the big house Samsung put on the market Galaxy A5 A520F equipped with a Super AMOLED screen with an incredible resolution of 1080 X 1920. This size asset can unfortunately be shocked that could seriously harm the smartphone's good quality. But what do we do in that case?

    One address, Discountmymobile !. Our incredible structure offers you screens and spare parts of the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 A520F at discount prices. Each element before you are offered has been tested under actual conditions. Thus, with our help, you can easily enter into possession of all the useful elements for the repair of your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 A520F. So don't worry because of cracks on your phone, which often pushes you to put it in the trash. Give it a second life just as pleasant and enlivened as before thanks to our products tested and controlled by our experts.

    Don't let that kind of embarrass you to ruin your life. From now on, contact Discountmymobile and take advantage of all the benefits we offer you for an order placed for example, free delivery worldwide (express also available).

  • Galaxy A40 A405FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A40 2019

    Your Galaxy A40 smartphone — A405FD broke down while you need it? Fix it! Home Discountmymobile you can find spare parts compatible to your phone. The most important thing is that you can repair your smartphone yourself. We offer you a wide selection of spare parts to help you repair it. Now you are no longer forced to get rid of your phone every time you have a breakdown. You need to replace your screen because it cracked? You hit the right door.

    A new phone at broken prices

    It is not given to everyone to redeem a new Smartphone at any time. If your phone samsung Galaxy A40 fails, you can't afford to throw it away immediately. Think about fixing it. This will cost you much cheaper than buying a new one. On Discountmymobile, you can find screens, cameras, headphones replacement shells A40 and a multitude of spare parts for smartphone and tablet. We renew our stock regularly to be able to provide you with the piece you need. If you're interested in a particular room, we can look for it for you.

    Why buy your spare parts at home?

    We are specialized in the sale of spare parts for the largest telephone brands. By choosing to place your order at home Discountmymobile, you will enjoy a quality piece, reliable and respecting the standards of the original parts. Each piece we offer is easy to install without having to master certain technical aspects of your smartphone. You can also enjoy a dismantling set offered with each screen ordered to repair your precious safely. We also offer you a tempered glass window to protect your new screen from future shocks and scratches. You can be reassured because all the products we offer have submitted a battery of tests before we put them on sale. Our only goal is to allow you to repair your phone at a lower cost.

  • Galaxy A3 A320F (2017)

    Repair Galaxy A3 A320F 2017

    Good phones occupy a very important place in the way of life. Therefore, when the screen of the screen has just been fractured or damaged in one way or another, simple solutions exist. Instead of spending a fortune to offer you a new phone of the same level, why not just replace the screen or other damaged parts?

    Discountmymobile is a unique and practical platform that offers a varied and authentic range of screens and spare parts smartphone of any kind. So, for your Galaxy A3 2017 A320F We offer you new and original screens equipped with Super AMOLED technology with a HD resolution of 720 X 1080 and a size of 4, 7 inches. The latter was created according to the rules established by the giant Samsung. A well-stocked panoply spare parts for Samsung smartphones which will allow you to easily change the essential parts of your laptop. With us, the products you order are guaranteed six months (out of break) which is a useful advantage.

    With Discountmymobile, a broken screen will never be a problem for you again, because we put all types of smartphones screens within your reach Samsung Galaxy at the best price and in original quality. A useful tool set for repairing your Galaxy A3 you will be sent gracefully with your new screen. Repair your precious smartphone Samsung with the help of Discountmymobile.

  • Galaxy A50 A505FD (2019)

    Repair Galaxy A50 A505FD 2019

    You bought your Samsung Galaxy A50 A505FD smartphone at a really high price, but you can’t use it anymore because its screen doesn’t work anymore. Yet, you don’t have the means to offer you a new one and you hold so much on this phone. Why not buy our repair kit?

    Buy your parts at Discountmymobile

    It is true that there is no ease in the search for suitable parts or screens for its model as well as the brand of its Smartphone. That is why Discountmymobile, offers its spare parts services and everything customers need so that their phone can be well repaired.

    On the online store, you can discover the many offers that might interest you. If you decide to buy a new phone, know that you can find your happiness at a reasonable price. To enjoy all this, you will only have to visit the site Discountmymobile, and browse the site to find what you are looking for.

    Quality service

    By opting to buy the repair kit, which includes the screen for your Samsung Galaxy A50 home Discountmymobile, you can be sure you won't regret it. But apart from the fact that managers offer a 6-month guarantee, they also make sure to sell quality materials. With this, you will be able to return what you bought, if you are not satisfied.

    In addition, the screens they offer can now be installed on your device. You will therefore have no difficulty in repairing the latter yourself. To top it all, they offer as a bonus a tempered glass that serves to protect the screen of your phone as well as the 7 dismantling tools you will need.

  • Galaxy A3 A310F (2016)

    Repair Galaxy A3 A310F 2016

    Your Samsung Galaxy A3 A310F do not leave you for a single moment and this day inadvertently he has escaped you from his hands to face to earth on the bitumen. You pick it up, but the glass is completely broken and the LCD screen starts to display troubled colors. It's time to replace him and appeal Discountmobile ! We offer you windows Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 new and original, identical to your original screen to give it all its splendour. Repair your The Galaxy A3 A310F, make a move for the environment and save.

    Are you looking for the back hull or a replacement table? Visit our radius The Galaxy A3 to find your happiness.

  • Galaxy A5 A500F (2015)

    Repair Galaxy A5 A500F 2015

    Samsung launches in its series A and unveils a mid-range model the A5 TO 500F. It's boosted like A3 by a chipset The Snapdragon 410 quad core encrypted at 1.5GHz and equipped with a 5''' Ethran. It has the peculiarity of being very fine with only 6.7mm thickness and has metal finish which confers it enormously of appearance.

    Bad circumstance contests, you go home with your screen The Galaxy A5 A500F completely broken... no choice you can't leave it in this state, so you have to replace it and Discountmobile propose un eran vitre Galaxy A5 A500F new at the lowest price to easily replace your broken screen The Samsung Galaxy A5. Available in black, white, silver and gold color.

    Other repair pieces such as connection taps, load connector, rear hull, buttons, chassis... are also available and if you don't find what you are looking for do not hesitate to contact the team Discountmobile by chat or email.

  • Galaxy A5 A510F (2016)

    Repair Galaxy A5 A510F 2016

    New iteration of the A5 2015,Samsung present his successor A5 2016 A510F released just 1 year after the first release. Perched with a 5.2 inch full HD screen, it passes from 720p to 1080p and features the octa-core home processor Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7580 locked a 1.6GHz. It's an excellent mid-range that takes the design of the famous Samsung Galaxy S6.

    You're completely satisfied but you just broke the screen? It is now totally unusable because the screen remains partially black and the touch glass no longer reacts to your finger? No worries, Discountmymobile proposes a new A5 2016 screen to make your own replacement at less cost.

    Display kit available in white, black or gold.

    Other spare parts for your repair Galaxy A510F are available in our shop, do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.

  • Galaxy A7 A720F (2017)

    Repair Galaxy A7 A720F 2017

    Sometimes you explode the screen of your smartphone. This can quickly become very problematic when it helps you in very important tasks. This becomes even more disturbing when your phone is high-end like the Samsung Galaxy A7 A720F. In fact, apart from its rather important price, the scarcity of its trading pieces can quickly become troubling.

    Fortunately to save you, Discountmymobile here. Indeed, our goal is your most complete satisfaction. For this, we put together a whole screen and spare parts authentic and ideal for your phone. At home, quality is the basic word, we analyze and test every item we offer to our friendly customers. For example, the Full HD Super AMOLED screen of 1920 X 1080 of 5, 7 inches that equip votes Galaxy A7 2017 A720F is tested on several occasions by our expert technicians before being sold. With us, give back to your jewel the new and bright look that he had on the first day you bought it will be a child game.

    Discountmymobile is therefore your ideal partner to make sure you spend pleasant and lasting time with your device. So don’t wait anymore and order now your replacement parts in our shop to receive your screen and spare parts as soon as possible.

  • Galaxy A7 A710F (2016)

    Repair Galaxy A7 A710F 2016

    You will find new screens and repair parts to restore life to your mobile phone Galaxy A7 2016. No matter the color, it can be black, white or gold, we have the spare part available immediately in our stock at the best price.

    Discountmymobile is your discount partner. Free delivery worldwide. Order your new one today Galaxy A7 screen 2016 in the best conditions.

    A piece is not available on our site? Contact our online help, an advisor will help you in this process. That's the service Discountmymobile !

  • Galaxy A7 A700F (2015)

    Repair Galaxy A7 A700F 2015

    The Samsung Galaxy A7 is the model of the series A located between the middle and the top of the range. It's the finest smartphone at home Samsung for a thickness of only 6.3mm. It has a large 5.5" super Almoled full HD screen of a resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. Its line is very neat with its metal finish. Fortunately because you put it on the roof of your vehicle just for a moment and it fell...the general aspect seems intact but the screen took a nasty balafre on its entire width...

    One solution, order at home Discountmymobile one Galaxy A7 2015 screen at the best price to allow you to make it replace and thus restore a new aspect to your smartphone Galaxy A7 A700F favorites.

  • Galaxy A3 A300F (2015)

    Repair Galaxy A3 A300F 2015

    Welcome to our repair screen section and replacement parts for Samsung Galaxy A3 A300F version 2015. Your window A3 Is it broken? Your screen LCD A300F Galaxy is exploded and no longer displays any images? It's time to replace it with a beautiful brand new screen to give it its original sparkling look.

    Discountmymobile offers you a new Repair Kit eran vitre Galaxy A3 A300F all assembled for a quick and easy replacement with your small, agile fingers. Enjoy our Galaxy A3 full screen offer at the best price.

    All other parts for this model not available on the site can be ordered by contacting us through the Chat or by Email.

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