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écrans et pièces détachées pour réparer votre Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S10 ...  There are 86 products.

1 display - 36 / 86 articles
1 display - 36 / 86 articles

Samsung Galaxy S smartphone repair

The series Galaxy S home Samsung is the top of the brand, the most technologically advanced series offering the most innovative features in the field of mobile phone. The first model of this series, the Galaxy S i9000 came out in June 2010 and since the epic continues and continues to win new followers. With more than 180 Million smartphone sold with the series S, Samsung continues his ascension with 2017 the Galaxy S8 G950F, then the Galaxy S9 G960F de 2018 to arrive at the latest model this year 2019, i named the Galaxy S10 G973F, the most result of the brand now.

Samsung Galaxy S replacement parts

It may happen that your LCD screen cracks, that the touch no longer responds or that the pixels no longer display very well. In such circumstances, Discountmymobile helps you with our team of expert technicians who checks and tests all Samsung Galaxy S spare parts sold on our site to guarantee their optimal condition and operation. We have a multitude of spare parts in our online shop at very low prices. For example, you have this Samsung Galaxy S10 G973F assembled with a touch glass and mounted on frame .

Samsung screen of origin with a size of 6.1 inches, with a resolution 3120 x 1440 pixels and 16 million colors, this assembled complete screen is recommended to repair your smartphone. Our pieces have the particularity of being complete, so you can exchange them easily at home.
The battery of a Smartphone is often the first element to deteriorate and after a while, it often struggles to keep pace. Very quickly, you will depend on your charger, which will overheat your Galaxy S without reason and in the long term, your battery will be inflated. To restore optimal health to your smartphone, it is necessary to give it a new battery. We offer them best Samsung Galaxy S batteries original from the market. Do not discard your phones as a result of a small breakdown or defective battery, call on Discountmymobile.

A whole lot of other failures can happen on your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S and that's why Discountmymobile offers a multitude of spare parts to heal him from his evils. You want to replace it Galaxy S charging connector ? La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Galaxy S rear cover ? The charger Qi Galaxy S ? La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Galaxy S volume table? The Galaxy S print reader ? the camera back Galaxy S ? The drawer Sim Galaxy S ? ....etc ... All these spare parts are available on our site at the best price.

Our experts carry out the verification and testing of all spare parts we recommend. We guarantee you an original quality and optimal operation of each spare part. To repair your Galaxy S and fully enjoy its features.

A team at your head

We do the utmost to have the great price available on our site, but because of the very large number of smartphones that go out every month on the market we do not necessarily have all the online parts on our shop. This is why we have put in place our dedicated service that allows you to contact us easily to submit your requests for screens or repairs.

The screen you are looking for is not on our site? Contact the sales team Discountmymobile which will be closer to the manufacturer to make it available as soon as possible (subject to availability at the same manufacturer).

Welcome to our shop Discountmymobile !

offers new and original repair screens to repair your broken screen Samsung Galaxy S best value for money.

Find us all samsung screen cheap

  • Galaxy S10 5G G977FD

    Repair Galaxy S10 5G G977FD

    You need to find spare parts that could allow you to easily repair the broken screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 5 G? No panic Discountmymobile, you will find everything you need to carry out your repair mission. Indeed, we offer various kits composed of LCD screen and tactile glass assembled as well as all the repair parts needed to refurbish the damaged device. In addition, we provide a guarantee on all the parts we sell.

    Broken screen? Damaged touch glass?

    For your problems related to the screen or touch screen of your phone, Discountmymobile is the ideal partner if you want to buy complete repair screen kits. The advantage of using this company’s services lies in the fact that you can get well-informed advice if you don’t know which accessory is best suited to your device.

    You can also buy a new and original screen at a unique price. Be aware that the costs set by the company have been thought to satisfy each customer.

    What Discountmymobile offers

    Apart from all spare parts we offer you to successfully repair your screen, we can also make personalized support. This is to give you some advice about your phone: how to maintain it, what protection to use, etc.

    We can also take note of the parts you need and start looking for them if we never own them in our stock. This, in order to provide you with the best service. All our screens and spare parts are guaranteed for a period of 6 months (excluding breaks, collage or unwitting experimentation).

    Discountmymobile is pleased to offer you the delivery of your order all over the planet.

  • Galaxy S10 Plus G975FD

    Repair Galaxy S10 Plus G975FD

    Your smartphone Galaxy S10+ has been in a small accident and it doesn't work anymore? Before you throw it away, think about fixing it. You will give her a second life thanks to this situation. The Smartphone screen cracked after a fall? Does the device refuse to start? You can contact us because at home Discountmymobile, we offer spare parts to help you repair your phone. Don't worry, fix your Galaxy S10+ will not cost you much, since our original spare parts are less expensive. Our goal is to help you keep your phone, so you are not forced to buy a new one.

    Your screen cracked and the touch function no longer works? Replace it

    All owners of a High-end smartphone such as Galaxy S10+ have already faced a cracked screen. Generally, the break is always accompanied by the failure of the touch function of the device. So you can't use your phone anymore. On Discountmymobile, you will find an easy-to-install repair kit. You will have a full screen, an adhesive to better reposition it, tools to perform the dismantling as well as a tempered glass to preserve the screen of shocks and scratches.

    Why contact us?

    Discountmymobile specializes in the marketing of spare parts for high-end smartphone such as Samsung Galaxy S10+. We offer reliable and quality products, accessible at low prices. You can also help with the available video tutorials on youtube that are very convenient.

    The most important thing for us is that you can keep your phone. We strive to offer you all the parts you need, but if we don’t have them in our stock, we can look for it for you. Most important for Discountmymobile, it is to help you solve your screen problem without you having to spend a huge amount for it.

  • Galaxy S10e G970FD

    Repair Galaxy S10e G970FD

    Your Galaxy S10e suffered a mishap while you really need it? Often, the first solution that comes to mind is to buy a new phone. However, you should know that it is now possible to repair high-end smartphones such as S10e, and you can do it yourself. Indeed, at home Discountmymobile, we can help you have a repaired phone at broken prices. We make available to you new and original spare parts suitable for your Galaxy smartphone. We provide you with complete screen kits as well as all repair parts you will need to troubleshoot your phone.

    Repair your phone at discount prices

    Everyone can’t afford to buy a new Smartphone as a Galaxy S10e. In the event of a break or failure, you must think of repair. The objective of Discountmymobile is allowing you to keep your phone by making available to you all the parts you need to repair your phone Smartphone Galaxy S10e. We offer you camera modules, various tablecloths such as power ignition table or volume tablecloth backpack Galaxy S10eheadsets... We can also look for you, if the room you need is not part of our list. You can contact us with the reference of this one and we take care of the rest.

    Quality parts? It's at Discountmymobile !

    We are specialized in the sale of replacement screen kit for smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S10e. However, our benefits are not limited to this. Indeed, we have a specialized team that will control all the parts put on sale on our site to ensure an irreproachable quality. You can repair your phone yourself with confidence and we offer you with each Galaxy S10e Replacement Screen Kit, a 7-piece set of tools to facilitate the task during the disassembly of the device. Rest assured, our products are easy to put in place. You will not need special skills to install them and no weld will be required.

  • Galaxy S10 G973FD

    Repair Galaxy S10 G973FD

    A smartphone can break down because it fell and broke. Generally, we tend to throw it away to buy a new one. Yet we know very well, the price of a high-end phone like a Samsung Galaxy S10 is not given. With Discountmymobile, you can fix your phone. Expert in the sale of spare parts for Smartphone, you can find what you need to repair your phone.

    Why buy spare parts from us ?

    Repairing your phone can often cost more because of room prices, especially for models like Galaxy S10. This is not the case with us. Specialized in marketing spare parts smartphones, we strive to offer quality products at the best price. We are aware of your difficulty in finding suitable parts, that is why we are trying to feed our stock. If we do not have the room you need, you can contact us via the Chat or by email and we will do the necessary to find the replacement part you want. Our parts are reliable, new and original. They are also easy to put in place.

    Give a second life to your phone by repairing it

    Generally, it’s always the screen that poses a problem when you have a high-end smartphone such as a Galaxy S10 G973FD. IL can break and crack by breaking the device. The first reflex that most of us adopt is to throw the device. Yet some problems are repairable. With the Galaxy S10 Repair Screen Kit that we sell on our site Discountmymobile, you can fix your phone yourself. It is easy to set up. You do not have to be an expert in the field to do so. You will also have a 7-piece dismantling tool set to facilitate the process.

  • Galaxy S9 Plus G965F

    Repair Galaxy S9+ G965F

    A few months ago you bought one Samsung Galaxy S9 +? So far, all the performance meets your expectations perfectly: both at the design level and at the technical level. Alone flat, you had a small accident and you find yourself today, with a Galaxy S9 Plus whose screen is broken into a thousand pieces. This pattern is certainly not an isolated case. But don't worry, it is quite possible to remedy this solution. How? Thanks to our replacement kits screen Samsung Galaxy S9 + as well as our varied catalogue of spare parts.

    The screen, an essential for the proper operation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 +

    L’Galaxy S9 + screen was thought out for an out of the ordinary usage experience. Perfectly designed for media file reading, its size and its unpublished display quality makes it an indispensable component, not to say the light component. Whether it’s a small crack or a larger-scale break, the best way to find user comfort is to change the screen. But not with any replacement screen. Home Discountmymobile, we offer a full screen, assembled and ready to be installed.

    A screen kit to mount yourself

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus special screen kit that we offer you is a kit screen that you can install by yourself. It is therefore not useful to have recourse to a repair specialist. Indeed, for each order we offer you as a gift a tool dismantling set of 7 pieces plus a positioning adhesive. Components that are pledged with an impeccable result worthy of the greatest professionals. If you need to give a young shot to your phone, we also provide you with spare parts and other tools.

    Discountmymobile offers you shipping costs all over the world!

  • Galaxy S9 G960F

    Repair Galaxy S9 G960F

    Without doing it on purpose, you dropped or you broke your Samsung Galaxy S9 (model G960F)? Outcome: your screen broke, one of your smartphone’s flagship features no longer works as before. Worse, you can no longer access your menu because the screen is totally black and therefore no longer allows you to touch your phone. The first thing you think is to replace it with another smartphone. Good news: you don’t have to replace your smartphone because you just need to buy a new screen or spare parts to repair it.

    Every problem, his solution!

    Home Discountmymobile, we have a solution to all the problems you encounter with your Galaxy S9. Do you encounter problems on your charging circuit? We have special charge connectors for your phone. You damaged your shell or broken your rear window, we have in stock. You no longer have the option to increase or decrease the volume of your media files, consider replacing your volume table. Is your screen broken or cracked? Our complete screen kit is assembled and ready to be laid.

    Why go through Discountmymobile?

    Discountmymobile it is the guarantee of superior quality. Moreover, we offer you a listening team to answer the worries that you encounter, even the most infib. Each kit we offer is sold with a tool dismantling set of 7 pieces + 1 adhesive 3M positioning and 1 tempered glass for the protection of the new screen. You can install your new screen without waiting for a professional. Other great advantage: you will find in addition to the screens, all the spare parts you need to restore a new life to your Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • Galaxy S8 G955F

    Repair Galaxy S8+ G955F

    When you have a smartphone like this Galaxy S8+ equipped with a 6, 2-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 X 2960 pixels, with a density of PPI pixels of 531, we have a technological gem in the hands to which we have to be very careful although it is scratch resistant thanks to the Gorilla Glass 5 who the team. Its aluminum frame and the glass that covers its front and rear face make it a real design and overpowering war machine. Therefore, when such a jewel comes to damage, you should not buy yours replacement parts pour Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955F to anyone.

    Discountmymobile is the perfect platform to help you make secure and truly authentic purchases in terms of screen and spare parts. If you ask why, the answer is simple. First, at home 100% of the products we sell are new and original. Therefore, they meet all existing standards established by the house Samsung. Then, all the elements put within your reach are guaranteed 6 months (out of break) which gives you a good test time.

    Don't be mistaken anymore by buying screens and spare parts of bad quality that so will not take long and may even damage the rest of your Samsung Galaxy S8+ G955F. Opt for the safety and rigor of tests carried out on all our spare parts sold.

    Command on Discountmymobile your Galaxy displays and replacement parts and the turn is played.

  • Galaxy S8 G950F

    Repair Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F

    Although it is equipped with powerful protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5, this very powerful phone is the Galaxy S8 can also suffer the starkness of a violent shock. Given its price on the market, but also the wonders it offers, it is quite understandable that you do not want to separate yourself from your SamsungS8 G950F because of a completely destroyed screen.

    Discountmymobile therefore offers you for your greatest pleasure spare parts for this incredible phone. 5, 8 inches Super AMOLED screens with a resolution of 1440 X 2960 created on purpose for this S8, we have a wide range of different colors. All of high quality and designed in the rules established by the mother house. In addition, each of our products is tested and approved by our technicians. Other spare parts such as batteries, SIM drawers, various buttons, connection tablecloths, internal speakers, camera modules, rear shells .... are also available in case of a breakdown on your device smartphone Galaxy S8.

    With us, your most insane and urgent needs find all and all adequate and fast solutions for both screens only for spare parts. Do not deprive yourself of the superb performance that gives you your Samsung Galaxie S8 G950F.

    Can't you find the piece you wanted? Contact us now via our online chat or by email and we will do the necessary to make the so-called room available. That's the service Discountmymobile.

  • Galaxy S7 Edge G935F

    Repair Galaxy S7 Edge G935F

    You were pleased with the latest high-end model at home Samsung by acquiring the The Galaxy S7 Edge G935F, excellent choice.

    Boosted by the chip Samsung The Exynos 8 Octa 8890 with eight hearts, 5.5''' screen, perfect curves and waterproof box The Galaxy S7 Edge is undoubtedly the most advanced smartphone of 2016 for korean brand

    However, it remains a phone and the screen although more and more solid remains too fragile...

    Home Discountmobile we offer windows Samsung Galaxy S7 G935F new in different colors to allow you to repair your own Galaxy S7 Edge broken screen.

    Make the right choice and consult our daily offers on the Samsung Galaxy repair screens to make even more savings.

    Need a specific spare part for your The Galaxy S7 Edge ? The team Discountmobile implements everything to satisfy you and will find with pleasure for you the piece sought if it was not present on our support.

  • Galaxy S7 G930

    Repair Galaxy S7 G930F

    You just broke your smartphone screen Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F ? He doesn't answer and doesn't give any signs of life?

    What? Buy a new phone? Get in touch with repairers in the region to make a quote?

    Home Discountmymobile we offer a much more economical solution to refurbish the broken screen of your Galaxy S7. Opt for a new and sparkling replacement screen available in our online store and replace yourself withbroken screen Galaxy S7 G930F for a very affordable price.

    First of all, you will make a gesture for the planet by avoiding too quickly renewing your still functional mobile and you will in addition make great savings.

    Order now Samsung Galaxy S7 at the lowest price on Discountmymobile.

    See all our Samsung screens

  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G928F

    Repair Galaxy S6 Edge + G928F

    " In life, there are no big ones, there are no little ones. The right length for the legs is when the feet touch the ground ''

    ...but today it's your phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which has just touched the ground and you pick it up quite unpacked with a well-moved screen. Your beautiful 5.7'' super Amoled screen 2560x1440p is simply broken from everywhere and you are struggling to use your apps as it should be.

    Do you know it's useless to consider buying a new phone? Discountmymobile is there to serve you!

    You can repair it yourself thanks to the Kit screen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus new we offer in our repair radius S6 Edge +. Give life to your Galaxy smartphone with a brand new screen available at the best price.

    Your Samsung S6 Edge Plus is there another breakdown? Does the load connector no longer work? Can't you go up or down the volume? Does your interlocutors hear you at all? ... whatever the defect on your Galaxy smartphone, we will have the room you want to repair it without ruining you.

  • Galaxy S6 Edge G925

    Repair Galaxy S6 Edge G925F

    You have enough to see your beautiful Galaxy S6 Edge G925F smartphone with the screen cut from top to bottom after a fall in the subway, however the quote made by the repairer that you contacted you as who would seem to cool... spend half the price of the phone just to repair the screen has no sense...

    Home Discountmymobile we offer you order screen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge G925 new to repair your favourite smartphone yourself. This will cost you 2 to 3 times cheaper than a traditional repairer.

    Discover our selection of spare parts and screen Galaxy S6 Edge at the best price.

    You can't take a photo because the camera is blurred? The switch button answers randomly? Does the volume buttons or home no longer respond? Worse again, you can no longer recharge for smartphone Samsung S6 Edge ? Whatever the evil of your phone, we will have the room you need to rehabilitate it.

    Contact the commercial team Discountmymobile via Chat or email for your questions or parts request.

  • Galaxy S6 G920F

    Repair Galaxy S6 G920F

    Your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F just made a dizzying fall on the stairs... you pick it up at the bottom of the steps with the totally exploded glass leaving out small glass tips a bit everywhere. Really no luck. But thanks Discountmobile it will soon be only a bad memory because we offer you a new replacement screen to rehabilitate your The Galaxy S6 at the best price. Enjoy our daily offers on Samsung S6 G920F at the lowest rate of the net and save.

    Several pieces can drop on your Samsung Galaxy device, which is why Discountmobile also offers all kinds of replacement parts to repair with ease and without using a repairer, your precious Samsung smartphone.

    Can't you find the piece you wanted? Contact our sales team by email or chat and we will do the utmost to get it in a timely manner.

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