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écrans et pièces de réparation Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Note 8, Note 9 ...  There are 33 products.

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1 display - 33 / 33 articles

Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone repair

Samsung released its first model in November 2011, named Galaxy Note N7000. The series Galaxy Note is characterized by a much wider screen than the average, so these models define better as Phablette, screen dimension between the classic smartphone and the tablet. It is also the first smartphone series to use a stylet, named S-pen home Samsung and managing 512 pressure levels on its tip. This allows to replace the use of his finger and to add precision in writing text or to make drawings, plans or sketches. It's a kind of a reinvention of PDA only Samsung offers us here and since sales are growing. After a chaotic period following the battery worries of his Galaxy Note 7, Samsung caught up with her Galaxy Note 8, her Galaxy Note 9 and arrival in this year 2019 SURPRENANT Galaxy Note 10.

Replacement parts pour Samsung Galaxy Note

If your screen is cracked, stay black as a result of a fall, we accompany you for its repair with pre-assembled screens to the touch glass to facilitate installation. In case ofscreen of your Samsung Galaxy note has display, pixel or touch problems, trust us to find a replacement. We offer you super AMOLED HD LCD screens of different sizes according to your model Galaxy Note with HD resolutions and high quality color depths.

To change thefull screen of your Galaxy Note 9, we have new LCD screens assembled to their touch glass. Our products are new, original, tested by the team of professionals Discountmymobile and guaranteed with optimal quality. Choose a SUPER AMOLED assembled screen with a size of 6.4’’ with a resolution 2960 x 1440 pixels, 16 million colors and available in the shade of your choice.

The battery is another Samsung Galaxy Note Spare Part you'll find us at home. In cases where the battery of your Galaxy Note poses overheating problems, we offer you original, high-quality batteries and compatible with your smartphone. You will find Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of more than 3,000 mAh with an 11-hour range for 3G, 9-hour on call and more than 380 hours on watch. So you will no longer have battery problems and will stay connected at any time. Our batteries are manually tested by our experts to ensure their optimal quality and operation.

Lots of other spare parts Galaxy Note are available in our shop. You are looking for a Galaxy Note 6 charging connector ? One Galaxy Note 9 replacement rear cover ? One Galaxy volume or ignition table Note 5 ? One replacement stylus Galaxy Note 8 The majority of replacement parts to repair all versions Galaxy Note is available at Discountmymobile at discont price.

You can now cure the evils of your precious smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note without having to resort to a professional and exorbitant rates.

Experts in Samsung Galaxy Note spare parts original, we offer a set of dismantling tools offered as a gift with your replacement screen control. We also charge you to ship your order free of charge and that all over the world.

Contact the team

Home Discountmymobile, we try to be at the best of our customers, and since the number of new smartphone models to grow on the market, we have put in place a personalized service allowing you to submit your spare parts requests or repair screens to us Galaxy Note if you don't find what you need on the site. Simply contact our team via the online chat or email and we will be happy to make available to you on our support the piece or screen sought (subject to availability from the manufacturer).

Disountmymobile is YOUR repair partner Samsung Galaxy Note.

  • Galaxy Note 8 N950

    Galaxy Repair Note 8 N950

    Even if you are very careful with your Galaxy Note 8- N950A, no one is immune to an accident. But often, these small (or large) accidents lead to a replacement of your smartphone. Unless you find a more efficient and faster way to regain its optimal use, other than the "purchase" box of a new smartphone. You have no leads? Home Discountmymobile we specialize in the sale of screen and window kits as well as spare parts to repair your original smartphones and help them find new skin.

    Repair or buy? Both at Discountmymobile

    Whether you find yourself with a broken screen, a phone that no longer captures wifi, a smartphone that doesn't want to load or a Galaxy Note 8 with the hull that has changed quality over time, our online store offers high quality components and spare parts to help you find your Galaxy Note 8 in its quality straight out of its original carton. Having passed specific tests, we can assure you that each product we deliver to your home is in compliance with a specific quality charter.

    Replace a screen has never been so simple

    Discountmymobile offers you the possibility to buy a full replacement screen for your Galaxy Note 8. Thus, you can keep the quality of the experience initially provided by this range of phones. Delivered with a complete set of tools for home installation, the advantage of passing through our online store is that you can replace your screen by yourself, in the comfort of your home. Premonted and ready to be laid, make life easier and make your smartphone relive a second youth in less than an hour.

  • Galaxy Note Edge N915

    Repair Galaxy Note Edge N915F

    Great brother of the Galaxy Note 4, the new Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note Edge N915F with a Qualcomm mobile chip Snapdragon 805 2.7 GHz is the first Phablette of the series Samsung Note posted its famous Amoled curvature on the right slice. Use of this Note Edge N915F it is thus greatly improved, but it does not prevent it from falling against earth and breaking the screen...

    Having a broken screen on his phone Note Edge N915F is not dramatic because Discountmymobile offers a screen Samsung Galaxy Edge at discount prices to make its replacement without ruining you.

    Discover our spare parts category Samsung Note Edge and repair your precious smartphone without worrying about the exorbitant quotes of repairers.

  • Galaxy Note 5 N920

    Galaxy Repair Note 5 N920F

    In this radius we offer lcd repair screens Samsung Galaxy Note 5 N920F to allow you to repair your smartphone yourself Samsung on the broken screen. Too often we meet with her broken phone screen and we don't know what to do....

    Order your new Galaxy Note 5 screen at the lowest price Discountmymobile and put your mobile back on. All our screens respond to the manufacturer's features and will offer you the same satisfaction as your original screen.

    Other parts are also available to ensure your now smartphone Galaxy Note 5. Visit the repair department Note 5 on Discountmymobile and discover the various buttons, tablecloths, chassis, hull, antenna, adhesive...andc... replacement.

    Discountmymobile you OFFER premium delivery to your home and anywhere in the world.

  • Galaxy Note 4 N910

    Galaxy Repair Note 4 N910

    Successor of the Note 3, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F once again erases its competitors in the market Phablette with a 5.7" Super Almoled WQHD screen with a resolution of 2560x1440p. However, it is still as fragile as its predecessors and breaks its Note 4 N910F is something quite common.

    Fortunately. Discountmymobile propose un Samsung Galaxy Note 4 new and identical to your original broken screen. No more excuses now to let your cracked glass spoil your life, order your new screen as soon as possible Galaxy Note 4 N910F at the lowest price.

    Another failure occurred on your Samsung Note 4 ? Don't worry, we're at your disposal a whole series of spare parts in our radius to help you maintain your smartphone Galaxy Note.

    Does your headphone socket work? The photo shoot is blurred and you need to change the camera module? The hull is split and you want to forget this misadventure? The stop button no longer responds? Every evil in your smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note, the right piece is available.

    Do not hesitate to contact the sales team Discountmymobile If you have any question or request a piece.

  • Galaxy Note 3 N9005

    Galaxy Repair Note 3 N9005

    How many times have you heard a friend or a colleague complaining because he broke his phone screen? It's become something quite common and you always think it only happens to others but not this time it's good for you to drop your smartphone Samsung. Your screen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is completely cracked following this fall and you don't want to change it or spend half of its price at a repairer.

    The solution? one Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 new replacement torch Discountmobile to allow you to take the replacement of your broken screen Galaxy Note 3 yourself in the comfort of your home.

    Visit our repair radius Note 3 and discover the extent of the repair pieces at your disposal to relieve the breakdowns of your Smartphone Galaxy Note.

    Can't you find the piece you wanted? Contact the sales team Discountmobile by chat or email and we will find it for you quickly.

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