Disposable Surgical Masks at Discount Prices

Disposable Surgical Masks at Discount Prices

Lot of Masks 3 layers unwoven

Our offer includes:

x 50 disposable protective masks.

Here is a batch of 50 disposable masks, ideal for all your daily commutes to effectively fight Covid19.

Beautiful quality, unwoven masks, 3 folds.
Dimensions: 17.5 cm - 9.5 cm.

Attach from behind the ears. The elastic is flexible and adjustable at the nose for perfect application.

High quality surgical mask: 3 folds, CE OR International Standard
Attach from behind the ears. The elastic is flexible and adjustable at the nose for perfect application.
Used by individuals companies and healthcare professionals.
Stock available in France, ready to go! No surprises!


Masks sold at discount prices, sent directly by a specialist supplier under 12/24H. (The price may change over the days if the supplier increases its prices).

Sent without a box to avoid customs worries (if you really want a box, please let us know by message after your order)

Updated on 04/23/2020:

Choice by available quantity: 50 / 100 / 500 / 1000
Degressive port included offered by the factory following numerous orders

Stocks available, ready to go! No surprises!

Amount of 25,000 units at the supplier rate of disposable masks,please contact us via online chat or email. We will process your requests on a case-by-case basis as soon as possible given the urgency of the situation.

Updated to 10/31/2020:

Express shipping under 24H / Delivery within 15 days. (hong-kong)

Send Super Express from France via the collisimo 48h post.
Choose the delivery method from the "quantity" drop-down list.

Then select sends free Hong Kong post.

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  • 50 - Ships from France - Delivery 48h Colissimo express
  • 100 - Ships from France - Delivery 48h Colissimo express
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$ 11.89
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Lot of masks 3 layers not woven to protect against coronavirus

The shortage of the coronavirus protective mask is a concern for the world. However, the National Academy of Medicine in a statement released on April 3rd considered the wearing of the mandatory mask for people who despite the confinement were allowed to leave. It is to address this concern that this batch of unwoven 3-layer masks is offered to protect you from the Covid-19.

Protective masks for all

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic threatens all nations, solidarity is naturally imposed on all as the only solution to deal with it. That is why, in this spirit of solidarity, a batch of 50 protective masks is offered to all at a very affordable cost. These are high-quality masks that are currently supplied by a specialized supplier who reserves the right to increase prices according to demand and supply capacity. Everyone can therefore afford these masks before a possible price inflation.

Treat yourself to high-quality masks

While standardized masks are reserved primarily for medical personnel, everyone can find an alternative solution to avoid getting infected. That said, the 50 anti-projection masks on offer is a set of unwoven, disposable masks that are attached behind the ears. Each of them is a surgical mask, waterproof, resistant to projections. This batch of Type II mask has the distinction of filtering about 98% of bacteria thanks to its 3 layers of protection. Suffice to say that you will be safe from a possible risk of contamination.
The elastic ties of this mask allow you to put it on easily. These are masks wrapping enough to allow you to cover your nose as well as your mouth. They cover you right under your chin. It should be remembered that the surgical anti-projection mask is not reusable. Its lifespan is 3 to 4 hours at most. It is single-use.

How much does the batch of 50 masks cost?

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, the surgical mask cost between 30 and 50 cents per unit. Prices have risen sharply with the advent of the disease and continue to rise. Now that pharmacies and parapharmacies no longer have one, it is clear that owning a mask becomes virtually impossible even when you have the money to buy it. Buying a mask on the internet is not easier either. But, thanks to our supplier, you can have good quality masks, a batch of 50 masks at 9, 99. A price that, as has been specified, is likely to increase in light of demand. It should be remembered that on these masks, Discountmymobile achieves a small margin. This is a way for us to contribute to the fight against this epidemic.

Get your share of masks delivered quickly

Since it becomes more than necessary to protect yourself, avoid contamination or contamination by coronavirus, you can now order your batch of 50 disposable masks. Your batch of 50 high filtration Type II surgical masks will be delivered to your home in 24 hours, counting between 7 and 15 days for their delivery. The anti-projection masks you have ordered will be delivered to you without a box, to avoid customs complications. But in the current context, do we still have to worry about this type of clutter?

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Christell J. on 12/26/2020
Christell J. on 12/25/2020
SYLVIE C. on 11/29/2020 Pink is clear perfect for me
SYLVIE C. on 11/29/2020
SYLVIE C. on 11/29/2020 RAS Conforme
Pink masks
Corinne G. on 11/29/2020 No problem, compliant
Blue masks
Corinne G. on 11/29/2020 perfect
White masks
Corinne G. on 11/29/2020 Nickel !
Amandine J. on 11/22/2020
Najad Z. on 11/21/2020 Very good quality price I recommend
very good
Joséphine b. on 11/18/2020 nothing to say
Mirella L. on 11/18/2020 Well packaged and received quickly.
Mirella L. on 11/18/2020 Well received and quickly. Very good qualities
Third order and still satisfied
Nathalie D. on 11/17/2020 I recommend this site for its seriousness and speed of delivery.
mohamed S. on 11/14/2020
mohamed S. on 11/14/2020
medium quality
Nina Carmen I. on 11/13/2020
Color masks
MICHELLE M. on 11/13/2020 Very satisfied and fast delivery
Adult masks
Pascale D. on 11/13/2020 Same quality as in the pharmacy
Surgical masks
Christelle N. on 11/09/2020
Disposable 3-layer non-woven blue masks
Nathalie D. on 09/04/2020 Delay a little long (20 days) but masks received according to the order. They may seem a little thinner than some masks bought in pharmacies but identical to those bought in shops, at a much lower price! Anyway we have no guarantee to date to know which non-surgical masks are really active AGAINST COVID-19 so we might as well protect ourselves with those that are at an affordable price even for me at the RSA! I am going to place a new order so that my son has enough for school.
Mohamed A. on 08/25/2020 super quality
PASCAL P. on 08/06/2020 Very good
Batch x 50 disposable 3-layer pink non-woven masks
Céline L. on 08/06/2020 Perfect. Attractive value for money. Delivery in 10 days After a hesitation, I finally ordered and not disappointed at all, faster than any other site, trust me do not hesitate, order now.
Pack of 50 disposable masks
regine b. on 07/30/2020 super corresponds to my expectations
Sylvie T. on 11/04/2020
Sylvie T. on 11/04/2020 Pleased with this product!
Pack of 50 disposable masks
David K. on 07/24/2020 Good product. Conforms to its description.
Ordering surgical masks
Angélique F. on 07/23/2020 Masks as described. Delivery ok.
Nathalie D. on 11/03/2020 For my 2nd order of disposable surgical masks, I am once again very satisfied with the product. Thank you for the speed as I received the order only 3 days after I placed it.
Yvonne l. on 11/03/2020 Good value for money. Delivery not too long and good follow-up.
phonesyly p. on 11/03/2020 arrived as planned and fast
Disposable surgical masks
phonesyly p. on 11/03/2020 good quality and it's perfect
Corinne F. on 06/22/2020 I have received part of my order. According to the customer service, the masks are for the moment at the customs for the verification of conformity.
Elena M. on 11/03/2020 Very good, fast shipping
Sylvie f. on 11/03/2020
blue masks
Sylvie f. on 11/03/2020 very good
Sylvie f. on 11/03/2020 Very good quality
Disposable masks
Gisèle W. on 11/03/2020 RAS
Valentine C. on 08/06/2020 15 days waiting for delivery, but it's worth it!
Patricia P. on 01/26/2020 Super received quickly I recommend do not hesitate moreover I have just re-ordered for children's masks
order well received in conformity
Isabelle B. on 07/22/2020 after 3 weeks of waiting order received and to the standards and cheap compared to what can be seen on the market
Minzi S. on 07/13/2020 Very satisfied even waits a little long!
pascale m. on 06/28/2020 Parcel well received very long but well arrived at destination thank you very much.
Disposable protective masks
Jean-Marc B. on 06/19/2020 A very professional team. A follow-up of the orders with the small care. Surgical masks at the TOP! I recommend this site without any worries.
good masks
Yvette L. on 05/05/2020 Order received today and very happy with my purchase. The top at the seller level because they are very attentive to their buyer. Thank you
Francis R. on 04/27/2020 package received this morning! Thank you, I'm very happy
received in 12 days
José F. on 04/27/2020 Good quality, fast delivery
Thanks ++
Julie L. on 04/27/2020 The masks are packed in a plastic bag of 50 pieces. Good quality
Sylvianne R. on 04/27/2020 well received but a bit long .... quality OK
Adam F. on 04/27/2020 received before the N95 masks in 12 days, perfect, quality on appointment
Antoine D. on 04/25/2020 Good quality masks is almost on schedule in the midst of a super crisis. Thanks to the whole team
Gisèle L. on 04/25/2020 package shipped very quickly and everything is as planned
command receivbed
Simon C. on 04/25/2020 excellent service and excellent product, everything is perfect, I recommend it to my friends.
50 masks
Alice V. on 04/24/2020 package received today, a little long 15 days but really great quality! Thanks
Hamed B. on 04/24/2020 thank you sir, I have received the masks.
Steeve C. on 04/24/2020 received the masks this morning, really too happy, I will give your address to macron.
Patrick R. on 04/24/2020 Very fast delivery in 17 days, it takes about the same time at this time in France, if not more.article very consistent.super recommend it.
incredible !
Julie L. on 04/24/2020 big doubt at the beginning but well received after 18 days. very happy with the quality of the product, I place a new order right away for all my family, thank you.
masks received
Serge D. on 04/24/2020 Thank you for the fast shipping! As described!
Marie-Françoise D. on 01/26/2020
Jennifer W. on 01/26/2020 Very pleased with my purchase. Quality and as described.
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