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1 display - 36 / 630 articles

Accessories smartphones

Having a quality smartphone and enjoying its features is good, but the accessory is even better.Whether it’s about protecting it with a hull or a glass, finding it the best headphones to enjoy a better sound quality, or giving it the best cable for a fast and sustainable load, your smartphone has a cruel need for accessories.

Our shop accessories phone Discountmymobile has quality accessories for any type of smartphone, regardless of the brand.That you possed the last Samsung or iPhone or a Chinese brand smartphone such as Huawei, Blackview, Oukitel, Doogee, OnePlus, Xiaomi... or another brand, we have selected for you the best cheap phone accessories.Don’t wait anymore and take a tour in our online store to discover original and high quality products.

Accessories for sound

Today the headphones for Smartphone are essential, either to call or to listen to music.If you're looking for a cheap smartphone accessory, think about our headphones Xiaomi Piston available in black and gold.These are dual conductive hybrid intra-auricular headphones with clear acutes and deep bass.Compatible with all Android smartphones like iOS, they have a 1.25 m kevlar fiber cable for a 3.5 mm Jack output.

If you are not fans of wired headphones, try our Bluetooth headsets Xiaomi compatible with all smartphones with Bluetooth.Available in white and black, these intra-auricular earlets are convenient to control music and manage calls.They are suitable for all occasions whether you are at sports, travelling, at the office, at home, etc.You can also be tempted by our supra atrial helmets with micro compatible with all smartphones.

Accessories to protect your smartphone

To protect your phone from shocks and dust, we have protective covers, rear shells and protective windows.So, as phone accessory support, we make available this rigid protective cover for Oukitel K5000.This is a rear shell capable of absorbing shocks that could damage your phone.It has the advantage of landing and withdrawing with ease.If you own a Smartphone Meizu M3, you will need this shell and silicone cover.

To protect the front of your phone, our tempered glass windows are both new and resistant.If you are looking foraccessories for Samsung smartphone, we offer you windows for all Samsung models like this tempered glass kit Galaxy S10.It will perfectly protect your smartphone’s screen from scratches and cracks.In addition to Samsung windows, we also have windows for Smartphones Oukitel including this protective tempered glass kit specially cut for Oukitel K5000.It is ideal to protect the entire screen from scratches or cracks.This kit includes a high-definition tempered glass with a towel and positioning help.

Accessories for charging

To enjoy your Smartphone with good autonomy, it is essential to have best phone accessories for charging.To this end, we provide USB cables with a charging intensity of 3 A and suitable for data transfer.Compatible with all Android smartphones, these cables quickly charge your phone and allow you to easily connect it to PCs.

If you are looking for a wireless charger compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones, we recommend a QI-certified wireless charger with a max load of 15 W.Our wireless chargers have the advantage of having a quick load with a USB Type C interface and have a silicone surface.You can easily load your smartphone in 30 minutes.

Visit the section Smartphone Accessories on Discountmymobile and find your happiness.

  • Casque VR - Réalité...

    Virtual reality helmet

    What is the VR?

    VR means Virtual Reality (virtual reality in french).

    Thanks to this technology, we can experience an experience where our view as our position in space is sought. The device deceives the brain and immerses us in a world apart from where it is possible to experience many things, games or applications, for example, everything depends on the program launched.

    There are many models of VR helmets different, even if the principle remains the same. On the technical side, we observe the screen through lenses and, depending on the model, the calculation is made either by a machine dedicated to this task or by the gear we carry (and therefore heavier depending on the helmet, which is important at the time of purchase).

    What is a reality helmet for?

    The real utility of virtual reality seems for the moment... quite virtual. Of course, there’s the video game that’s set as the leader with very pushed games, shooting games, explorations or multiplayer games to play with other players and chat with them.

    But virtual reality is not just that. Other applications appear. For example, in the medical field training rescuers or soldiers. Most people wishing to do aviation use a virtual reality helmet that acts as a flight simulator.

    In fact, the arrival of the large public virtual reality masks, relatively cheap, makes it possible to democratize this tool which so far only existed in specialized centres.

    A question remains: Will all this make us happier? "Yes", according to Palmer Luckey, creator of the mask The Oculus Rift who thinks VR will bring happiness to people. He believes that this will allow everyone to access things that are normally inaccessible.

    A big virtual reality project named " Oasis " wants to allow people to live in an alternative dimension brought by their virtual reality helmets, and thus to flee their daily lives and worries and imitating themselves in this new world where everything is possible, without restrictions.

    This kind of helmet is also excellent for watching a film and thus watching it 360° or visiting cities. No need to move from his couch, the outside world comes directly to us! A must have in the years to come therefore, in view of the performances and the exceptional aspect.

    Virtual reality helmet at the best price

    If you want to buy a powerful virtual reality helmet and the price, order our online store!

    Discountmobile offers you the best models of virtual reality helmet with prices defying all competitions.

    Virtual reality can bring you more than you think, so don't miss such offers and check out the articles that are available on our online store Discountmobile !

  • Tempered glass /...

    Glass in Tempered glass tempred gals

    Smartphone screen protectors are accessories designed to protect the phone screen from scratches, shocks and damage.They can be made from different materials, such as tempered glass, hardened plastic, silicone, etc.Screen protectors can also offer some scratch resistance, as well as a fingerprint anti-fingerprint surface to avoid traces on the screen.It is important to select a screen protector compatible with your smartphone model to ensure adequate coverage of the screen.It is also important to choose a high quality screen protector to ensure sustainable protection.

  • Activity Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    trakert activité pas cher

    Athletic friends, you've certainly heard about the cutting edge bracelets that can help you to be more efficient.

    Sport practice often requires specific clothing and outfits to be comfortable.But an electronic element may become an object that you will not be able to spend at the time of your sporting activity.

    What is the activity tracker for?

    The activity tracker also bracelet connected, is one of the fashionable high tech objects.More and more athletes wear this wristband.There are some well-known brands that offer their models but the market is called to develop.

    Le le activity tracker in its simplest version allows to know the number of steps taken per day, the distance travelled, the calories burned and to have a sleep follow-up to improve it, optimise it in some sort.

    Those for sportsmen with cardio-frequencymeter, accelerometer, altimeter or gyroscope allow the measurement of physical constants and maximize its sport activity to have better performance.

    Often, each brand has a smartphone app and it allows after synchronization to visualize the statements via graphics, statistics, etc. accessible when desired.More and more information is provided, and some brands even offer certain functions that can help to improve our health.

    At the level of autonomy, there are battery watches (which is enough to replace when the battery is exhausted) and watches with one batteryrechargeable.Everyone will prefer batterythe other but the most important remains the application and functions of the activity tracker!

    Activity tracker at the best price

    If you want to buy activity tracker efficient and at the best price, order on our online store!

    Discountmymobile offers you the best models of activity trackers with rates defying all competitions.

    Do not miss such offers and consult the available models!

  • Tools
  • Cables and Adapters

    Cables, Power Supply, Smartphone Adapters and Tablets

  • Protective shells

    Protective Coins for Smartphone and Tablets

  • Casques et Ecouteurs

    Headsets and headsets for smartphones

    Discover our selection of audio helmets and headphones at Discountmymobile.

    Because music has become indispensable to you in everyday life, you have to choose the helmet which best meets your expectations and will follow you in your lesser journeys.

    That's one supra-atrial helmet wire or a pair ofintraatrial earphones Bluetooth, Discountmymobile is there to offer you in its online catalog the best Quality /Price on a varied selection for all uses.Because not only we offer irreproachable quality products but also we offer them at the lowest price.

    Feel free and order your new one today helmet smartphone Discountmymobile and enjoy Free delivery at your home and a dedicated customer service that will be pleased to answer your questions.

    Replace your old man listeners by a new model much more efficient and optimized.

    Lost in references?
    Check out our shopping guides, our customer reviews and descriptions here to help you.

    You broke or lost your listeners ?No panic Theopportunity to offer you a new one to listen to your favorite songs again in all serenity.

  • high tech
  • The Battery

    Discover our selection of Original! batteries for smartphones : Breathe new life into your favorite device !

    You love your smartphone, don't you? It accompanies you everywhere, captures unforgettable moments, and connects you to the entire world in an instant. But what happens when its battery Letting you down? Don't panic! At our place, we have exactly what you need to give your faithful companion all the energy they need.

    Batteries for all models and brands :

    • Asus : Breathe new life into your Asus with a new one battery full of power.
    • Blackview : Do not leave a battery Don't let weakness ruin your Blackview experience.
    • Caterpillar : Your Caterpillar needs a battery reliable for all your projects.
    • Crosscall : Always be ready to go on an adventure with a battery Crosscall robust.
    • Cubot : Give your Cubot a new youth with a battery high performance.
    • Google : Stay connected to your Google world with a battery that lasts all day.
    • Dyson : Your Dyson deserves a battery Up to his exceptional performances.
    • Huawei : Keep your Huawei charged and ready to face each day.
    • OnePlus : Never miss a moment with a battery OnePlus reliable and durable.
    • Oukitel : Enjoy maximum performance with a battery Superior quality Oukitel.
    • Sony : Let your Sony shine with a battery who will never let you down.
    • Ulefone : Maximize the endurance of your Ulefone with a battery long term.

    Why choose our batteries for smartphones ?

    • Guaranteed reliability : Our batteries are designed to provide reliable and long-lasting performance.
    • Superior quality : Made with high-quality materials, our batteries are designed to last.
    • Perfect compatibility : Make sure your new battery fits perfectly to your smartphone.
    • Optimal performance : Give your phone all the power it needs to operate without a hitch.
    • Ease of installation : No need to be a technology expert, our batteries install easily and quickly.

    Don't wait any longer, explore our range of batteries for smartphones now and bring your favorite device back to life !

    Your smartphone deserves the best, so don't let a battery A faulty battery can slow you down. Discover our smartphone batteries today and ensure your device stays charged and ready to accompany you on all your adventures. With reliable performance, superior quality, and perfect compatibility, our batteries are the ideal choice for all technology enthusiasts. Take the first step towards an uninterrupted experience with our smartphone batteries !

    The battery from your Android smartphone or your iPhone has broken down, or drops for no reason? It is possible that the battery that your phone is dead.

    Two options are available to you : you go to a phone repair shop that will charge you for the battery, transportation, labor and VAT (expensive option) or you order your battery and your low-cost repair kit on discountmymobile! Thousands of tutorials exist for each smartphone, it has become very easy to change the battery from his low-cost smartphone himself! At least 75% off using the cheapest method, and if someone in your circle is knowledgeable, the battery your smartphone will be quickly and inexpensively changed.
    So place your order for your battery from Chinese smartphone or from your battery from iPhone and save money!
  • Power Bank

    You have all been at work, in your car or just outside walking, using your smartphone, and this one turned off because it had no battery anymore. It happens very often when you use your smartphone as a GPS and you need to activate GPS and mobile data: it consumes a lot and pulls on the battery, and you can’t make long trips.

    Thanks to discountmymobile, this will not happen again! Thanks to our selection of low-cost smartphone backup battery, you can charge up to 2 times your smartphone and have a range of more than 24 hours while using your smartphone!

    Very convenient for people who use it as GPS or for people who go on a trip and hike and who need to warn their loved ones, don’t be stressed because of your smartphone’s battery, leave the quiet mind with your battery to recharge for smartphone at a low price.

  • Souris Pc Gamers -...
  • Protective masks

    Coronavirus: What personal prevention equipment is preferredThe ?

    Until one coronavirus vaccine either found, everyone protects himself as he can. For its part, WHO strongly recommends the wearing of the mask to avoid infecting with coronavirus. Some countries have made the wearing of the mask mandatory. But this is only one of the personal protection measures against the Covid-19. Hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectant wipe, disinfectant spray, face protection visor... These are all the equipment you can use to protect you. We propose you to discover the list of anti-Covid products 19 which you need and offered at discount prices.
    You need large quantities, our site wholesaler disposable mask and consultable here

    Disinfectant wipes

    The Covid-19 pandemic increased the use of disinfectant wipes. And for cause, a study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene demonstrated that smartphone screens were a true nest to bacteria. According to the results of this hygiene agency, there would be 7 times more bacteria on a smartphone than on a toilet seat. In addition, these bacteria can survive for more than a week.

    However, knowing that it is impossible to separate from its mobile and that it cannot be washed with large soapy water, the best way to disinfect it is to use a disinfectant wipe. The best in this type being those containing 75% alcohol, we offer you a batch of 100 disinfectant single disposable wipes cheap perfect to help you in the fight against coronavirus.

    You will also be able to get a 100 antibacterial wipes lot to disinfect your hands, clean your keyboards, and the different everyday objects you touch. This is lot of 10 packs of towels 14*16 cm is intended for external use only. This disposable wipe must not be in contact with the eyes. Be careful not to throw them in the toilet. It's better to throw them in the trash so you don't squeeze the pipes.

    Disinfectant spray

    Among the anti-coronavirus products to have absolutely at home, there is the hand disinfectant spray 60 ml lot × 5 – 75% ethanol. As you know, it is highly recommended among the hygiene measures to be adopted to combat coronavirus, to wash hands every 30 minutes. But you can’t always be near a point of water. It is therefore imperative to have a personal hygiene product to avoid any risk of infection. It is to this that will serve you this hand disinfectant spray to 75% alcohol we offer you.

    Hydro-alcoholic gel

    The hydro-alcoholic products, including hydro-alcoholic gels have bactericidal, fungicide and virucid properties. Faced with the threat of coronavirus, it appears as timely as important to have it on your own and at home. Whether you’re using hydro-alcoholic gel alone when you’re not close to a water point or in addition to washing your hands with water and soap when you’re home, you’re sure to protect yourself effectively from any risk of coronavirus contamination.

    Tested and approved, we offer two types of water products that you can use in this case: hydro-alcoholic hand wash without water 55 ml × 4 to 75% ethanol or hydro-alcoholic and antibacterial gel 100 ml × 4 – 75% ethanol. Either way, you get a sterilization at 99.99%. Keep your hands clean by taking any of these products wherever you go. Don't get out of your house without taking your hydro-alcoholic gel in your kit.

    Face protection face

    Protective visors are one of the effective measures to combat coronavirus. The main advantage they have is that they can protect the entire face and can easily be removed without having to touch the face. The face protection visor is not intended to replace the protective mask, but it can be used as a supplement. The visor protects, among other things, against postillons and salivary projections that may be dangerous during this period of Covid-19.

    You can equip yourself with one batch of 10 anti-projection protective visor parts whether you are an individual or a company. These are adjustable visors, equipped with foam for more comfort at the front level. They also adapt to all heads. For your outings in public, especially with the deconfinement that will be announced on May 11, team up with you safety protection visor.

    Protective mask

    Required in some countries protective mask contributes strongly to the premise of coronavirus. The offer in this area is diversified despite the shortage of individual protective masks that have been observed. Here we give you the choice betweenlot × 10 N95 protective masks 4 non-woven layers for optimal protection lot × 50 disposable masks 3 non-woven layersa lot × 50 disposable black masks 3 non-woven layers or a lot × 50 disposable pink masks 3 unwoven layers.

    At the level of the colors of its anti-covid protective masks 19, you have the freedom to choose between blue, black and pink. What characterizes these anti-coronavirus masks is that they attach themselves behind the ears, that they have a flexible elastic tension. Besides, they're disposable.

    However, you can also buy reusable masks with filter support like this 10 washable masks lot with PM 2.5 filter compartment. The advantage of this mask is that its 5-layer filter allows for greater protection and that its mask can be used longer as it can be washed. However, know that these masks are not delivered to you with filters and that you have to buy a PM2.5 filter lot. You can find lots of filters for adults (8 × 12 cm) and for children (7 × 10 cm) by following this link.

    Faced with coronavirus, each must be able to adopt individual protection measures. These include the use of personal prevention equipment, the adoption of barrier actions. Protect yourself from the spread by Covid-19 is a responsibility of everyone. You can protect yourself and your family by acquiring these different products here presented at discount prices by your repair shop Discountmobile.

  • SSD disc

    Internal and external ssd hard disk capacity of 1to ,500go

    SATA SSD disk (Solid State Drive) is a type of data storage used in personal computers. It replaces the traditional hard drive (HDD) using flash memory to store data, which makes it faster. connect to the computer via a SATA port, which makes them compatible with many computers.Silent, SATA SSD drives are often used to improve system performance, speed start and load times, and increase storage capacity.
  • Christmas...
    Are you looking for fun Christmas decorations or just the most beautiful Christmas decorations 2020?On discountmymobile, we offer you the best items at the lowest price, cheap, to have fun your friends and to have the most beautiful tree of 2020!
    A Santa Claus of all colors for a small price and decorate your fir or home!
    Or are you looking to scare children with terrifying Halloween decorations, or simply decorate your home in the colours of the late October party with cheap illuminated pumpkins?
    For birthday parties or even village parties, we offer you a selection of confetti, face balls, lasers and many other birthday decorations, to learn how to make a party between friends!
    lộ Christmas decoration for magical and fun festivals and Halloween decoration for terrifying parties, and decorations for birthday parties imitatedOrder online
  • Smart Tv Box
  • Clothing in Squide...

    Clothing in Squide games TV series, Fortnite

    Fortnite" is a popular video game of survival and construction in which players can customize their appearance by buying skin clothes in the game shop.Discountmymobile denies you real vestments cap fortnite,blouzon,sac,
  • Security / Auto...

    Personal security accessories for survival

    Personal safety accessories for survival include equipment such as bulletproof vests, protective helmets, gas masks, protective glasses, work gloves, drinking water bottles, survival blankets, compass, pocket lamps, knives, waterproof matches, etc.It is important to have these equipment in an emergency to ensure safety and survival in difficult situationsA mini steel ball catapult is a toy or tool used to throw balls but also used for this own defensive butIt is important to note that this type of toy can be dangerous and must be used with caution to avoid injury.
  • Vacuum cleaner spare...

    Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10 and V11 vacuum cleaner accessories

    I don’t teach you anything by saying that the quality of the air has declined for several years, our way of life comes into account in the evolution of air quality which has a direct impact on our health.
    According to several studies it has been shown that indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air is intoxicating when you know the time you stay inside whether it is at work or in our home.
    This is why it is important not to neglect the cleaning of his apartment or house at a frequency of once a week
    But a regular cleaning doesn’t do everything, good equipment and accessories are put to perform a quality cleaning that is why you will find on our discountmymobile site the best equipment for your vacuum cleaner.

    The batteries

    They are an essential component at the origin of the power and the duration of the use of your vacuum cleaner.
    Our lithium batteries offer better performance without loss of power there is no risk of aspiration loss and faster charging.


    The vacuum cleaner and the filter have a common objective of capturing dirt is the imprisonous, out of the vacuum cleaner little rejecting small particles that the filter in the vacuum cleaner was unable to block probably caused by a poor quality filter or too worn.At discountmymobile our filters are able to capture 99.97% of the particles which will have a direct effect on the air you breathe on a daily basis.
    On our site we have different types of pre-filter filters for vacuum cleaner Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10 and V11


    Nozzle head, replacement brush, replacement blue hose, lower adapter, Dyson vacuum vent lock, absolute Dyson vacuum cleaner clamp, electric brush head for Dyson, Dyson adapter charger, soft plush strips, extension hose, dust bucket, spare parts (sleeve)
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