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Coronavirus: What personal prevention equipment is preferredThe ?

Until one coronavirus vaccine either found, everyone protects himself as he can. For its part, WHO strongly recommends the wearing of the mask to avoid infecting with coronavirus. Some countries have made the wearing of the mask mandatory. But this is only one of the personal protection measures against the Covid-19. Hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectant wipe, disinfectant spray, face protection visor... These are all the equipment you can use to protect you. We propose you to discover the list of anti-Covid products 19 which you need and offered at discount prices.
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Disinfectant wipes

The Covid-19 pandemic increased the use of disinfectant wipes. And for cause, a study carried out by Initial Washroom Hygiene demonstrated that smartphone screens were a true nest to bacteria. According to the results of this hygiene agency, there would be 7 times more bacteria on a smartphone than on a toilet seat. In addition, these bacteria can survive for more than a week.

However, knowing that it is impossible to separate from its mobile and that it cannot be washed with large soapy water, the best way to disinfect it is to use a disinfectant wipe. The best in this type being those containing 75% alcohol, we offer you a batch of 100 disinfectant single disposable wipes cheap perfect to help you in the fight against coronavirus.

You will also be able to get a 100 antibacterial wipes lot to disinfect your hands, clean your keyboards, and the different everyday objects you touch. This is lot of 10 packs of towels 14*16 cm is intended for external use only. This disposable wipe must not be in contact with the eyes. Be careful not to throw them in the toilet. It's better to throw them in the trash so you don't squeeze the pipes.

Disinfectant spray

Among the anti-coronavirus products to have absolutely at home, there is the hand disinfectant spray 60 ml lot × 5 – 75% ethanol. As you know, it is highly recommended among the hygiene measures to be adopted to combat coronavirus, to wash hands every 30 minutes. But you can’t always be near a point of water. It is therefore imperative to have a personal hygiene product to avoid any risk of infection. It is to this that will serve you this hand disinfectant spray to 75% alcohol we offer you.

Hydro-alcoholic gel

The hydro-alcoholic products, including hydro-alcoholic gels have bactericidal, fungicide and virucid properties. Faced with the threat of coronavirus, it appears as timely as important to have it on your own and at home. Whether you’re using hydro-alcoholic gel alone when you’re not close to a water point or in addition to washing your hands with water and soap when you’re home, you’re sure to protect yourself effectively from any risk of coronavirus contamination.

Tested and approved, we offer two types of water products that you can use in this case: hydro-alcoholic hand wash without water 55 ml × 4 to 75% ethanol or hydro-alcoholic and antibacterial gel 100 ml × 4 – 75% ethanol. Either way, you get a sterilization at 99.99%. Keep your hands clean by taking any of these products wherever you go. Don't get out of your house without taking your hydro-alcoholic gel in your kit.

Face protection face

Protective visors are one of the effective measures to combat coronavirus. The main advantage they have is that they can protect the entire face and can easily be removed without having to touch the face. The face protection visor is not intended to replace the protective mask, but it can be used as a supplement. The visor protects, among other things, against postillons and salivary projections that may be dangerous during this period of Covid-19.

You can equip yourself with one batch of 10 anti-projection protective visor parts whether you are an individual or a company. These are adjustable visors, equipped with foam for more comfort at the front level. They also adapt to all heads. For your outings in public, especially with the deconfinement that will be announced on May 11, team up with you safety protection visor.

Protective mask

Required in some countries protective mask contributes strongly to the premise of coronavirus. The offer in this area is diversified despite the shortage of individual protective masks that have been observed. Here we give you the choice betweenlot × 10 N95 protective masks 4 non-woven layers for optimal protection lot × 50 disposable masks 3 non-woven layersa lot × 50 disposable black masks 3 non-woven layers or a lot × 50 disposable pink masks 3 unwoven layers.

At the level of the colors of its anti-covid protective masks 19, you have the freedom to choose between blue, black and pink. What characterizes these anti-coronavirus masks is that they attach themselves behind the ears, that they have a flexible elastic tension. Besides, they're disposable.

However, you can also buy reusable masks with filter support like this 10 washable masks lot with PM 2.5 filter compartment. The advantage of this mask is that its 5-layer filter allows for greater protection and that its mask can be used longer as it can be washed. However, know that these masks are not delivered to you with filters and that you have to buy a PM2.5 filter lot. You can find lots of filters for adults (8 × 12 cm) and for children (7 × 10 cm) by following this link.

Faced with coronavirus, each must be able to adopt individual protection measures. These include the use of personal prevention equipment, the adoption of barrier actions. Protect yourself from the spread by Covid-19 is a responsibility of everyone. You can protect yourself and your family by acquiring these different products here presented at discount prices by your repair shop Discountmobile.

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