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Fortnite is a free video game. It was developed by the studio Epic Games and was released in June 2017. Today you can play it on all platforms: PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and soon the PS5, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Nintendo Switch. Battle Royale mode involves fighting 100 players on an island. There should be only one (or only one team of 2 or 4 players).


Fortnite is almost as much a construction game as a survival game. The player must destroy the scenery in order to collect materials, and make constructions with it to protect himself from the shots of the opponents.

There is only one single map (a large island), on which weapons, shields and treatments are distributed across the entire map, completely randomly to make each part unique. Players all start with a single pick, then must collect weapons to be able to face the others. The last one who survives, alone or with his team, wins the game.

Epic Games announced in June 2018 that it had 125 million registered players on all platforms. The studio said there were 40 million monthly players, and the containment meant that the number of people streaming the game on the popular Twitch platform still brings together millions of people, watching other people. The success of the game is partly explained because:

  • You can play it on any platform.
  • The games are fast.
  • Everyone starts at the same level, putting money will not make you better.
  • The graphics are colorful, very pleasing to the eye, and simple.

It is not uncommon for you to connect your microphone and headphones, you realize that you are rubbing shoulders with teenagers, even children. So it's a perfect Christmas present for his teen in 2020, offering him products derived from his favorite game!

Footballers who, to celebrate a goal, are inspired by the dances of the characters of Fortnite... that the children will in turn reproduce in the playground, the singers, all the stars play this popular game and talk about it, so it's normal that your child tells you about it all the time!

On our website, to allow you to offer your child gifts without being glued to the screen, we offer products with fortnite toys, fortnite duvets, fortnite clothes and many other products, it's up to you to consult and choose what you like!

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