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Nomu: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts  There are 8 products.

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1 display - 8 / 8 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Nomu

Did the screen of your Nomu brand smartphone just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its shop dedicated to the smartphone parts and screens of the screens adapted to all the different smartphone models of the brand Nomu.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restart your Nomu smartphone

Founded in 1994 by Chinese Shenzhen Xin KingBrand, NOMU is a company that specializes in the development and manufacture of reliable and quality technological products.Smartphones occupy a good part in the products marketed by the company.These are recognized to be very powerful devices with very interesting qualities. NOMU makes smart phone models available to its customers as Nomu S20 , Nomu S30, Nomu S10, Nomu S10 Pro, Nomu T18, Nomu S50 Pro, Nomu S30 Mini, Nomu S6 and Nomu M8.A whole variety of well-resistant smartphones.All this to make users experience beyond their expectations.However, despite their resistance and durability, these smartphones can suffer, like all other models of smartphones, damages during falls or for other reasons.These falls can be fatal to the screens and thus cause small cracks or complete malfunction.

Everything you need to repair your Nomu smartphone

Your smartphone Nomu did he just have a screen problem? Discountmymobile offers compatible and resistant screens for different smartphone models Nomu.So you have screens Nomu S10, screen Nomu S30, screen Nomu M8, screen Nomu S10 Pro, etc.No matter what kind of screen you’re looking for for for any smartphone NOMU, you have a strong chance to have it on the shop.And if it happens that you don’t find the desired screen, you can apply to the store team Discountmymobile to take care of your case.

Reasons to trust Discountmymobile

By buying a product on the shop Discountmymobile, you benefit from several advantages.To begin with, you can put yourself in the skin of a repairer and thus repair your phones without the help of a professional.And it is as such that a repair set accompanies your replacement screen purchase.As a result, you can save your resources for possible repair costs from a professional.Do you have any doubts about the quality of your products? Discountmymobile test each product at your disposal to certify its qualities.Even better, you also have a 6-month warranty during which any screen you return to its original state, but defective is replaced.


You may want to know about certain products or make specific requests for your purchases.Right now, just contact the shop Discountmymobile by email or chat to discuss and address all your concerns.

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