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VKWORLD: Screens, Repair Kits and spare parts Vkworld sends free  There are 3 products.

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    vKWorld T1 Plus Chinese Phone Screen   Our offer includes : LCD + Full Display Assembly VKWORLD T1 PLUS + Kit Tools + 3M adhesive + tempered glass Colour  : Grey, gold or pink Back to Paris ends holidays But your smartphone VkWorld T1 Plus The Phablet 4G that used you as a working tool is broken.Our repair kit and indispensable for you!Enjoy our cheap...

  • Overview Full Screen VKWORLD Cheap S8 Full Screen VKWORLD Cheap S8
    $ 67.80
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    $ 67.80
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    vKWorld S8 Replacement Full Screen   Our offer includes : LCD + Full Display Assembly VKWORLD S8 + Tools 7 pieces + Stickers 3M + tempered glass Colour  : Black or blue Your mobile phone VKWorld S8 buying in China has suffered a fall during your nightclub outing in Paris.The more possible to communicate with your friends then go on our unique offer on...

  • $ 65.54
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    vKWorld Mix Plus replacement complete screen   Our offer includes : LCD + VKWORLD Mix Plus assembled glass + Kit Disassembly Tools + 3M Adhesive Colour  : Black or blue You love your vKworld Mix Plus smartphone with its 5.5" screen on IPS Panel but it slipped your hands and found 1 floor below the stairs.You pick it up and discover with stupor the...

1 display - 3 / 3 articles


How to repair the VkWorld phone screen

Did the screen of your VkWorld brand smartphone just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its store dedicated to the smartphone parts and screens of the screens adapted to all the different smartphone models of the VkWorld brand.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restore your VkWorld smartphone.

Product of the Asian giant Shenzhen RuiErSheng Technology Co Ltd, VKWORLD is a revolutionary mobile phone brand that has begun its conquest of Europe since 2009.With its smartphones that have an exemplary power and strength, VKWorld is present in the American and South Asian market, particularly Southeast Asia.S8, Mix Plus, K1, T1 Plus and F1 are some smartphone models that recognize the Vkworld brand.

However, although offering a very good solidity, if, inadvertently, by handling it, your vKWORLD smartphone falls, it is very likely that some pieces like the screen deteriorate.This is not therefore an insurance against all types of risks.Faced with this, you will face a dilemma : change the phone or replace the parts. Discountmymobile saves any unnecessary expenses and offers you quality replacement parts conforming to your device.

Have replacement screens for your Vkworld smartphone

In this category, Discountmymobile lets you discover the replacement parts available in its shop for your phone Vkworld.You will find essentially replacement screens that adapt to the various designs of the brand : vKWorld S8 screen, vKWorld Mix Plus screen, screen Vkworld T1 Plus, etc.If you feed the desire to change your smartphone screen from this brand, Discountmymobile will do the necessary to satisfy you.

The advantage at home Discountmymobile is that, whatever type of screen purchased, you are sure that it is of very good quality and that it will not manifest any failure after purchase.Indeed, Discountmymobile grants prizes to its materials and for this, by the care of its partners directly from chinese factories.Better, the screens that the company offers you are certified, and tested using a batteryspecially designed for each screen model.

Why repair your smartphone with Discountmymobile support

If you don’t want to waste money by buying a new smartphone, the best option is to take a replacement screen at home Discountmymobile.In the foreground, know that prices of products are reduced, so within the reach of all scholarships.On a second plan, Discountmymobile gives you the opportunity to repair your smartphone yourself.This is why it offers you a complete repair set with your screen purchase.Using a tutorial, as there is plenty on it Youtube, you can yourself repair the screen of your device.Finally, on a third plan, with Discountmymobile, it is not necessary to worry about the delivery of your accessory.By mail, your parcel is delivered to your home and free of charge.Finally Discountmymobile, do not lie if you notice any failures after purchase.Parts and screen guarantees are 6 months.You just need to return it to its original state to get it replaced.

Is there a question?Contact our sales team by email or via the online chat to receive a quick response to your queries.

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