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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

Repair parts for iPhone 7

Like all Applebrand products, the iPhone 7 is a high-end smartphone that easily combines technological performance and style. Elegant and highly functional, it is a device of unusual reliability, durable and very easy to repair.

The iPhone 7 screen can deteriorate when worn out, or as a result of shocks. A black screen, with strokes, or various tasks is already defective. This can cause a malfunction or even a total shutdown of the iPhone 7 screen.

A pallet of repair parts for iPhone 7

TheiPhone 7 is a great smartphone that benefits from a notorious improvement in the features of the 6s plus. It has an HD retina screen, it is a panoramic Multi-Touch LCD screen to which IPS technology has been incorporated. This wide-range color display has a quality display format that will rock your eyes, it has a resolution worth 1334 x 750 pixels to 326 ppp.

It thus provides an image of excellent quality in all circumstances, its contrast reaches a maximum value of 1400: 1 and its brightness reaches 625 cd/m2. Its 4.7' screen has an oleophobic coating that has the distinction of resisting fingerprints, splashes with water and dust. It also has a dual transistor pixel system for panoramic viewing angle.

TheiPhone 7 has also benefited from some innovations in battery life and power. This lithium-ion battery with built-in recharge therefore lasts longer than that of the 6s plus, it allows to last about a day and a half of normal use. With a conversion time of 14 hours in 3 G and a wake of about 10 days it is therefore more efficient, it recharges via a USB port by computer or with adapter sector. At Discountmymobile you'll find high-quality lithium-ion batteries for iPhone 7.

Fix my iPhone 7 smartphone

All repair parts that allow you to restore your smartphone's functionality are available at Discountmymobile. Sector adapter, battery, LCD screen etc. are all spare parts so we have. All of these parts are original or compatible with your smartphone, so whether it's a simple renovation of your phone or the replacement of a worn part you won't have to worry about. In addition to all these parts, we also have signal antennas, internal speakers, load connectors, various tablecloths, etc.

Your iPhone 7 is a marvel of state-of-the-art technology, Discountmymobile takes care of making the most of it for as long as possible by guaranteeing you original repair parts at very competitive prices.