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iphone xr screen repair,iphone 12 screen repair,iphone 13 screen repair Low price sends from France 48h  There are 33 products.

1 display - 33 / 33 articles
1 display - 33 / 33 articles

iPhone screen for smartphone Apple for all budjets with the desired quality.

Original reconditioned screen iPhone

Original Repackaged

  • Screens and tablecloths are original reconditioned products
  • State A + = As New (Excellent status of screens and tablecloths)
  • 100% tested, controlled : two test phases : tested at supplier, then tested by our own team

Original iPhone or OEM OLED screens

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has constantly improved the quality of the screens of its devices.The latest iPhone models use OLED screens, which offer brighter colors, deeper blacks and better energy efficiency than older LCD screens.OLED screens are also used in high-end models such as iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro to offer higher refresh rates and higher resolutions.

Apple has also introduced innovative display technologies such as True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the white balance of the screen according to ambient lighting, and ProMotion technology, which allows a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz for a

more fluid and responsive scrolling experience

IPhone screen IN-CELL

The In-Cell screen is a technology used in the LCD screens that allows you to integrate the touch sensors directly into the screen Panel, rather than placing them on a separate layer above the screen.This makes the screens thinner, lighter and more responsive to the touch, as there are fewer layers between the user and the screen.In-Cell technology is often used in high-end smartphones, as it allows to create more immersive and enjoyable screens to use.It is also considered an improvement over external touch sensor screens, as it saves space and reduces manufacturing costs.

IPhone Colormax screenFrom iPhone X to iPhone 14

The ColorMax screen also features a wide range of colors, offering compatibility with the HDR format for a richer and more dynamic image quality.
The ColorMax screen is a feature introduced with the iPhone 12 iPhone X and XS iPhone 11,iPhone 13 , iphone 14 that allows a more accurate and expanded color reproduction than previous screens ofApple.Unlike traditional OLED screens that use a subpixel matrix with red, green and blue light diodes to produce colors, the ColorMax screen uses a red, green, blue and white subpixel matrix.This configuration allows better color reproduction, including bright colors and more realistic flesh tones.

colorMax screen is a significant improvement compared to Incell screens in terms of color quality and image clarity

iNCELL screen - COLORMAX screen - OLED HARD OLED screen

  • They also respect as characteristics :
  • - Plastic at camera level
  • -3M ESR Original
  • - Improved brightness
  • - Vision angle 180°
  • - Polarizing
  • - Oleophobic clothing

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