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iPhone 11 screen repair iphone 12 screen exchange iphone 13 Chassis iphone X to iphone 14!  There are 251 products.

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1 display - 62 / 251 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Apple iphone 11? A smartphone from the iPhone range Apple repair? Is this the screen or any other piece you need to change? Other parts like the battery or the power switch that stopped working? The volume or the top bumper no longer works, the hull is scratched? You can find all screens adapted to different smartphone models from the iPhone range on the Discountmymobile store. The same applies to the different repair parts of each model. A wide range of products for iPhone smartphones Apple you're offered. iPhone smartphones Apple iPhone is a range of smartphones developed by American society Apple. The first model of the iPhone smartphone range was presented to the public in January 2007 by Steve Jobs before being marketed on the American market in June. The European market knew it only at the end of the same year, and thereafter the rest of the world. iPhone smartphones are particularly appreciated for their very advanced technological level. In 2016, the iPhone was ranked among the world’s top five technological products. And that seems quite logical when we know that from 2007 to 2019, the iPhone has evolved a lot, to the point where we now have 21 models of smartphones belonging to the range. Each year, we record at least the release of a new model. By contrast, from 2013 to 2015 and 2016 to 2018, Apple released 2 and 3 new iPhone models per year respectively. The models of iPhone smartphones are characterized by a multi-point touch screen, a camera with camera function, a geolocation system, an integrated iPod, desktop applications, etc It is a very complete range of smartphones that deserves the position of choice that it currently occupies on the market. iPhone models Apple The first iPhone model released in 2007 was Edge or iPhone2G. The second model of the iPhone has for name iPhone3G. It is specialised in its compliance with the 3G standard and the provision of an integrated GPS. As a result, the third iPhone3GS model has a video camera, an excellent definition for its photo quality, a very good autonomy with a 3G to 7.3Mbs /HSDPA data download capacity. The iPhone4 has a Retina screen that gives it a quadrupled definition compared to the iPhone3GS, a Led flash and above all an original glass design. The iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S, the iPhone5, the iPhone5S, the iPhone5C, the iPhone5C, the iPhone6 and the iPhone6 Plus, the iPhone SE, the iPhone7, the iPhone7 Plus, the iPhone8, the iPhone8 plus, and the iPhone X. The latest models came out of the house Apple are the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with its non-standard display. Buy your new Grade-AAA iPhone screen (Quality Premium) All these models present the successive advances of the range of iPhone smartphones. The iPhone XS, the latest smartphone model in the range, is characterized mainly by a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina display. It also has wireless induction loading with a facial recognition system. Discountmymobile, to have replacement screens and spare parts for iPhone smartphone Apple As powerful and valuable as smartphones in the iPhone range Apple, the latter remain as sensitive as smartphones in general. And the most sensitive element on a smartphone is of course still its touch screen. The screen can break on a shock. The impact will be as severe as the impact of the shock. The screen can immediately stop working after being broken as a result of the shock. It could gradually stop working. In either case, the user can lose as a comfort of use or will simply no longer be able to access the various functions of the device. The screen is not available. So we'll have to change it. The need for a repair is also necessary when the battery loses its autonomy so that it can no longer be loaded or when the charger no longer loads. In these conditions, finding easily the replacement screen or the room needed to rehabilitate your smartphone becomes an absolute necessity. Indeed, the device costs a certain investment. And it will be a real waste of having to abandon it. It is in response to this necessity that the Discountmymobile store finds its whole purpose. Discountmymobile offers a wide range of replacement screens and spare parts for different models of iPhone smartphones Apple. The products you will find in the shop are available at discount prices continuously. All orders are delivered free of charge throughout the world ( express shipping is available). Your iPhone smartphone crashed? Does the screen no longer turn on? It's a most classic breakdown, you're not the first to which it happens and you won't be the last to replace your iPhone screen. At Discountmymobile we offer a Grade-AAA Premium full screen repair kit to perform a clean repair at lower cost. Why fix my iPhone screen myself? Because it's no good to pay a huge price at a repairer while you can do it yourself. You can go to the restaurant with the difference or offer an exit. The tools for dismantling you are OFFER with each new screen as well as a tempered glass window to protect the new screen from upcoming shocks. Why buy my new iPhone screen at Car Discountmymobile guarantees you the best quality/price ratio for your iPhone replacement screen purchase. All our screens shipped are of Premium Grade-AAA quality, they are New, Tested and Guaranteed 6 months (out of break). In addition we offer you a set of precision tools for dismantling as well as a tempered glass of ultra-resistant protection. The shipping costs are OFFERTS! Launch and quickly repair your precious with the best tools and the best parts. Safeguards to buy safely All screens sold by Discountmymobile are GRADEE-AAA certified. All spare parts of the shop are covered by a 6-month warranty. This is high quality in accordance with the original manufacture. In addition, if you need a product that is not available in the shop, you can write to the Discountmymobile team by e-mail or chat so that it can make it available to you. The battery of your iPhone is too fast will ship you a new one for free at a competitive price!

  • iphone XR

    Find all repair parts of the iPhone Xr

    Apple put big on his model iPhone Xr. This technological jewel has extraordinary features and a reduced price. However, however powerful it is, it is not immune to damage. As a result, the apple brand did not sound at all, Discountmymobile makes available to its large clientele a set of replacement parts for iPhone Xr to resolve any failure.

    iPhone Xr replacement parts

    Aware thatiPhone constitutes 2/3 of the sales, Discountmymobile does not damage its attractiveness policy and makes it available to its customers screens and all other parts in substitution of original parts at discount prices on a continuous basis.

    For his phones iPhone Xr, the firm has designed superb 6.1 inches screens, which nevertheless remains very fragile in the event of a shock. This model uses a Retina LCD screen, that Discountmymobile offers you in version Générique or Original. Our Display Kit iPhone XR replacements are trimmed to be laid. His technology3D touch is of very good quality.

    To secure your screens iPhone, we make available to you seals for iPhone Xr screen. These are double-sided adhesives that help glue or glue one repaired screen, they are identical to the original, they boost the tightness of the screen while perfectly embracing the inside of the chassis. The latter will allow you to work as a pro at home without passing by professionals who will offer you a pricing often too strong.

    For the rear window for iPhone XR, this piece allows you to charge your phone by induction, it also has a camera protection lens and is available in several colors. The rear camera for iPhone Xrhas a capacity of 12 MP, with a digital zoom up to 5X for ever more real photos. It offers optical stabilization and has a panoramic luminosity rear sensor exceeding 63 MP. These replacement parts are well available in our shop at discount prices.

    We also offer you replacement batteries for your iPhone Xr, they're all original. They recharge at any time, it is not necessary for them to be completely discharged or to be recharged to 100%. Your iPhone will keep his load longer without cutting.

    In the Screen kit iPhone XR, there is also a tempered glass of protection as well as a set of 7-piece tools to facilitate the dismantling. These will allow you to revitalize your smartphone in depth. For all screens and spare parts we offer, we put on tests of each product, proof that at home we have to Discountmymobile, we always want to push our limits to satisfy our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us, you will be part of our thousands of satisfied customers.

  • iphone 11 Pro Max

    Screen Kit and repair spare parts iPhone 11 Pro Max

    The iPhone Max is one of the phones that have recently been presented by the firm Apple like the new flags of the american brand. Always as stylish and practical, this jewel embarks on the material and technical specificities simply indisputable and practically unmatched to competing devices. With its new interface, iOS 13, enjoy multiple applications and new features simply innovative. However after a few days of use you accidentally dropped your precious iPhone 11 Pro Max and now the manipulation of it has become practically impossible. Knowing that it is a rather expensive phone, and therefore that its purchase is a real investment, Discountmymobile, the platform online screen sale and smartphone spare part offers you spare parts to make life easier and at very competitive prices.

    Discountmymobile: universal boutique

    Good things can sometimes put very little time to disappear. Then it hurts even more when it is thousands of euros that you have devoted to it. If the 6.5" screen of your smartphone fails, Discountmymobile offers iPhone 11 Pro Max screen kit OLED of 2688*1242 pixels, as powerful as those of the same range, Discountmymobile offers a particular service, because your case is particular. Why drop the brand new iOS 13 and its many new features on the visual level and its applications because of a broken screen. Why abandon the A13 bionic processor with its frequency of 2, 65 GHz ideal for a calculation speed simply phenomenal while with a few tens of euros you can set up your smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max whatever the shock is and whatever the state of the screen.

    In other cases, it may happen that the screen does not suffer any notorious damage, but other elements take a serious blow. Imagine that a few months after its release and a few days after its purchase the superb hull of your iPhone 11 Pro Max either filled with scratch and visible impact area. They unpleasantly touch the design of your phone. This is quite shocking and can greatly harm the legendary style of the famous crocked apple. Discountmymobile make available to you iPhone 11 Pro Max replacement shells and this has a very derisory price. So you can no longer fear water and dust and especially find a phone physically as new as on the first day of its purchase.

    Sound type elements such as headphones or speakers are also to be taken into account because, it may happen that they are also really affected for one reason or another. Once again, Discountmymobile saves almost 256GB of sensitive data thanks to its online sales library spare part iPhone 11 Pro Max with repair parts having been designed with care and purpose for your phone.

    Your smartphone is a wonder in terms of photography and this is not for nothing. Indeed, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has on its back side a triple photo module arranged in a triangular way that allows to achieve simply magistral sockets. Each camera has a power of 12 Mpx. This offers beautiful catch angles. On the front, a single 12 Mpx camera is visible, but it has the famous facial recognition technology, that is, Face ID. However, like any other component of your device, they may also have a failure or failure. Whether it is voluntary or not, the solution Discountmymobile i'm still in a hurry. This allows you to find the desire to selfies. Why you feel obliged to deprive yourself of the pleasure of taking pictures of important events such as weddings, birthdays or even gala evenings when you just have to choose one of our spare parts iPhone 11 Pro Max to make all the difference.

    The pleasure of helping you

    As always and this for years to help you is a pleasure that is renewed to each of your orders. Therefore, we take great care to put in your hands Full Screen Kit iPhone 11 Pro Max high quality. To achieve this, many experts are responsible for testing the reliability and quality of the different spare parts at all levels. All this for your greatest pleasure and safety.
  • iphone 8

    Find repair pieces iPhone 8

    With its three colors to choose from : gold, silver and gray Apple iPhone 8 is a smartphone jewel that combines wonderfully elegance and technological prowess. As a result, he has characteristics that make him, an unusual portable.

    Different replacement parts for iphone 8

    L’iPhone 8 screen is Retina HD type. This is a 4.7-inch (diagonal) multi-Touch LCD display with IPS technology. Its resolution is 1330 × 750 pixels to 326 ppp. Its contrast is 1400:1 (standard). The pixels of the screen iPhone 8 are double transistor, which allows to have a wider viewing angle. Its maximum brightness meets standard 625cd/m2. We also have a True Tone display with a wide range of color (P3). L’iPhone 8 screen is made of an oleophobe coating resistant to fingerprints and it also allows a display of several languages and character games.

    The smartphone is equipped with an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery. With respect to the load, it is either a USB charging on computer or with a power adapter or a wireless charging with Qi10 certified chargers. Note also that spare parts iPhone 8 are also designed with great know-how.

    Whether it’s LCD screen, charging connector, various tablecloths or even battery spare parts iPhone 8 allow to restore the mobile phone in its original features without altering this wonderful technology specific to Apple. All of this in order to extend the duration of the user’s experience. Apple iPhone 8 also has 64 GB of internal memory. In addition to the blind parts we also have other spare parts iPhone 8 such as : the rear camera module, the internal or external speaker, the sim drawer, the button and home table.... etc.

    By its characteristics, the iPhone 8 reflects the designer's clear desire to provide consumers with an exceptional quality laptop. That's why Discountmymobile provides you with the necessary repair parts for its total rehabilitation.

    Welcome home Discountmymobile !

  • iPhone 7Plus

    Repair parts iPhone 7 Plus

    The iPhone 7 plus is a real technological gem that offers these users a little ordinary ease in terms of ease of use. It is an evolution of the iPhone 7 that has inherited all these advantages in terms of reliability and durability.

    All repair parts of your IPhone 7 plus

    The screen of theiPhone 7 plus is about the same as that of iPhone 7, in fact, it is an HD retina screen, i.e. a panoramic multi-touch LCD display with IPS technology. It is a wide range of color (P3) screen that gives a very pleasant view display, it has a high resolution (1920 x 1080 pixel to 401 ppp). It therefore provides excellent images at all times, its brightness reaches 625 cd/m2 but its contrast has a maximum value of 1,300: 1 e. Its 5.5” screen has an oleophobic coating that resists finger traces, dust to splashes and water, it has an IP67 protection index defined by IEC 60529. It also has specially designed features for the disabled (visual and/or motor).

    Its battery is lithium-ion with integrated recharge and has been designed to resist longer than that of iPhone 7. It allows you to keep more than one and a half day of normal use. In terms of conversion time, it reaches 21 h in 3 G with an eve of about 16 days, it also recharges via a USB port by computer or thanks to a sector adapter. Discountmymobile provides lithium-ion batteries for you iPhone 7 plus high quality.

    All repair parts to repair your Smartphone are available from us. Whatever room to replace you will find it at home Discountmymobile, so, sector adapter, LCD screen kit, battery, etc. are at your disposal at home. All these parts are original or compatible and perfectly adapted to your iPhone 7 plus, so a simple repair of parts damaged, one room renovation you're not going to worry about this.

    Apart from all the pieces mentioned above, we also have load connectors, various tablecloths, signal antennas, internal speakers.. You can't find the room you're looking for? No panic, our sales team is at your disposal by simple contact via Chat Online or by email for any request and will be happy to make available to you the room you wish.

    L’iPhone 7 plus is a state-of-the-art smartphone, which will have an exceptional life if you enjoy repairs of origin Discountmymobile.

    Free delivery?

    The team Discountmymobile is happy to offer you the shipping costs on ALL screens and replacement parts iPHONE! Enjoy it!

  • iphone 11 Pro

    Troubleshooting my iPhone 11 Pro smartphone

    Apple has made available to the public this year 3 new high-end smartphones. Although these are relative to the fairly expensive competition, you have decided to offer one and this is a very good choice, because it is one of the leaders of the telephony in the current market. If your devotee threw himself on the famous iPhone 11 Pro and its close to 256 GB of storage memory, it is probably not for nothing. But here you will also have to make sure that this one lasts you as long as possible. To help you in this task, you can trust Discountmymobile.

    Discountmymobile: for a smartphone always at the top

    Practically unique, the iPhone 11 Pro is a wonder. Indeed, the sound quality of the sound is superior to all iPhone as the brand Apple has been able to sell so far. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown or impact that affects one of the audio systems. You don't have to imagine spending a fortune again to offer you a new phone. Just replace the pieces that were damaged. In this specific case, it will be for you to order on Discountmymobile a module external speaker iPhone 11 Pro, one iPhone 11 Pro earphone module or the micro table iPhone 11 Pro. Find the pleasure of communicating with your loved ones through our calibration parts whose physical and technical standards correspond to what the manufacturer himself proposes.

    L’iPhone 11 Pro is exceptional because it offers an incredible photographic quality. Indeed, the latter is equipped with a triple rear target of 12 Mpx each and a single target of 12 Mpx. In addition, the front is equipped with Face ID technology allowing the device to be unlocked by facial identification. In case of problems affecting one of these cameras or even the whole you can benefit from a new module quite easily and especially at very low prices. We offer you quality, because we test all the cameras you order and this before sending it to you. This allows us to reassure ourselves of the proper functioning of what we send you and ensure the good quality of what you receive.

    The good condition of a phone also depends and above all on its poster. When a shock or fall occurs, your phone becomes completely unusable and really complicated to handle. A sometimes black screen or an unusual color game, and here it is; impossible to respond easily to your SMS and even email again. Sometimes the cover can even leave you marks of cuts to your fingers because of cracks that fill the surface of your monitor with 5, 8 inches. Say goodbye to all these galleys Discountmymobile and without further delay, order a new screen iPhone 11 Pro OLED 2436*1125 pixels. Well, it's a new way out Apple, we offer it to you at a discount price.

    In the same way as the screen, the microphone and even the speakers, it is important to note that Discountmymobile also offers many other elements that can help you in the event of a breakdown on your smartphone. For example, you can highlight the rear hull that is practically the soul of the phone, because unique and really pretty. You can thus enjoy iPhone 11 Pro replacement shells meeting the IP68 standard for indisputable water and dust efficiency.

    A purchase and several benefits

    We are concerned about your well-being, which is why we do everything to help you benefit from the best prices and services easily and quickly. In the case of screens and spare parts iPhone 11 pro for example, you will be entitled to different offers. So, benefit from any purchase of one of our iPhone 11 Pro screen kit, one dismantling set tools 7 pieces OFFERT to allow you to repair your precious phone by yourself. This will limit your expenses and especially the risks of falling on a hollow and inexperienced technician.

    Easily and accurately, you can also take advantage of accurate monitoring by expert services to successfully repair your phone. And this, whether because of the screen but also another part of the device, and if the product search was not on the site, contact us by email or chat and we will make it available to you on the site (subject to availability at the manufacturing plant).

    Home Discountmymobile, each problem has a solution and all solutions have a low price to help you find a new smartphone.
  • iPhone 7

    Repair parts for iPhone 7

    Like all brand products Apple, the iPhone 7 is a high-end smartphone that combines very easily technological performance and style. Elegant and very functional, it is a device of uncommon, durable and very easy to repair.

    The iPhone 7 screen can deteriorate to wear, or as a result of shocks. A black screen, with features, or various tasks is already defective. This can cause dysfunction, or even a total stop to the touch of the iPhone 7 screen.

    A palette of repair parts for iPhone 7

    L’iPhone 7 is a great smartphone that benefits from a well-known improvement in the functionality of 6 s plus. It is equipped with an HD retina screen, it is a panoramic multi-Touch LCD screen that has been incorporated in IPS technology. This wide range of colors display has a quality display format that will cradle your eyes, it has a resolution of a value of 1334 x 750 pixels to 326 ppp.

    It thus provides an image of excellent quality in any circumstance, its contrast reaches a maximum value of 1400: 1 and its brightness reaches 625 cd/m2. Its 4.7’’ screen has an oleophobic coating that has the particularity of resisting finger marks, splashes with water and dust. It also has a double transistor pixel system for panoramic viewing angles.

    L’iPhone 7 has also benefited from some innovations in the autonomy and power of its battery. This lithium-ion battery with integrated recharge lasts longer than that of the 6 s plus, it allows for about one and a half day of normal use. With a conversion range of 14 h to 3 G and a 10-day watch it is therefore more efficient, it recharges via a USB port by computer or with a power adapter. Home Discountmymobile you will find lithium-ion batteries iPhone 7 very good quality.

    Repair my iPhone 7 smartphone

    All repair parts allowing you to restore the functionality of your smartphone are available at home Discountmymobile. Sector adapter, battery, LCD screen etc. are as many spare parts so we have. All of these parts are original or compatible with your smartphone, as well as a simple renovation of your phone or replacement of a worn-out piece you will have no trouble doing. In addition to all these parts, we also have signal antennas, internal speakers, load connectors, various tablecloths, etc.

    Your iPhone 7 is a state-of-the-art technology wonder, Discountmymobile is responsible for making you enjoy it as long as possible by guaranteeing you repairs of origin at very competitive prices.

  • iphone 11

    Repair of my iPhone 11

    The year 2019 marks a big blow for the giant Apple. Indeed, this season marks the official release of its famous and overpowering iPhone 11. Although the design is not really revolutionary, the technical characteristics and the camera have taken a serious blow in terms of evolution. As always fairly expensive compared to its competitors, it is important that in the event of a failure of the latter you can easily repair it. That’s what you’re proposing Discountmymobile.

    Discountmymobile: a limitless platform

    The iPhone 11 is a device with just incredible specificity. On the physical level, its design has not really changed. Always as beautiful, sublime and perfectly arranged. It is therefore normal that you take care of it as the plum of your eyes. However, some voluntary situations or not can create scratches and many more unpleasant inconveniences for you and your precious portable. Discountmymobile in these cases replacement for iPhone 11 perfect to give a young shot to the external structure of the phone.

    In the same way, it is important to specify that this laptop has a 6.1" LCD display with an incredible and pleasant resolution of 1732*828 pixels. So it would be practically crazy to feel compelled to let the phone look unusable because of cracks on the screen when you can buy a brand new one and has really attractive price. Discountmymobile offers you in this launch iPhone 11 screen kit 100% compatible with your damaged phone. A fall, an off-service screen, shock-due spots, no panic, just connect to our platformscreen and spare parts iPhone 11.

    Certified IP68, the brand new jewel at home Apple is water resistant and dust resistant. But good, resistant doesn't mean immortal. So it can happen that elements like the front or rear camera pay the price. Indeed iPhone 11 camera modules are triple at the rear, i.e. 12 +12 + 12 Mpx, at the front one of 12 Mpx equipped with the face ID technology. One of these accessories was damaged? No panic. Just take a walk and order your back camera module iPhone 11 at discount prices.

    Especially with the new iOS 13 user interface that are present on the new iPhone on the 11th you can enjoy all the beauty and incomparable brilliance offered by different applications. So don't let your flagship be forgotten and now find all the happiness of handling your smarpthone freely thanks to Discountmymobile.

    Apart from these, you can also find out Discountmymobile many other articles that could be useful, if not unavoidable, in the event of your failure iPhone 11. Micro module, internal speaker or external speaker, charging circuit and many more are part of our sales specialties. So don't leave a processor Apple bionic A13, more than 128 GB of sensitive data and hundreds of euros go to the bottom of a drawer because of an absence of sound from a speaker breakdown. With a few euros, order the spare part for iPhone11 and give your phone a life of sound.

    Discountmymobile: you're like home

    The most important among us is your technical, physical and especially financial satisfaction. This is why we put everything into play for your most complete satisfaction. This means that everything is put in place for a fast, precise and pleasant service. Yes, with the revolutionary platform, the more you need to go to technicians who are often unscrupulous and do not hesitate to extort large sums of money.

    By commanding your iPhone 11 screen kit in our shop, be sure to benefit from set OFFERT dismantling tools as a gift. The latter will allow you to repair your smartphone yourself. Thus, you will realize monster economies both during purchase and during repair. So don’t lose a second and 24 hours a day, enjoy all the assistance you need for all your needs and questions. Given your importance in our eyes, you are sure to deny itscreen or spare part iPhone 11you've been looking for a long time.

    Customer service Discountmymobile is available for your questions by email or via the online chat.

  • iPhone screen

    iPhone screen for smartphone Apple for all budjets with the desired quality.

    Original reconditioned screen iPhone

    Original Repackaged

    • Screens and tablecloths are original reconditioned products
    • State A + = As New (Excellent status of screens and tablecloths)
    • 100% tested, controlled : two test phases : tested at supplier, then tested by our own team

    Original iPhone or OEM OLED screens

    Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has constantly improved the quality of the screens of its devices.The latest iPhone models use OLED screens, which offer brighter colors, deeper blacks and better energy efficiency than older LCD screens.OLED screens are also used in high-end models such as iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro to offer higher refresh rates and higher resolutions.

    Apple has also introduced innovative display technologies such as True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the white balance of the screen according to ambient lighting, and ProMotion technology, which allows a variable refresh rate of up to 120 Hz for a

    more fluid and responsive scrolling experience

    IPhone screen IN-CELL

    The In-Cell screen is a technology used in the LCD screens that allows you to integrate the touch sensors directly into the screen Panel, rather than placing them on a separate layer above the screen.This makes the screens thinner, lighter and more responsive to the touch, as there are fewer layers between the user and the screen.In-Cell technology is often used in high-end smartphones, as it allows to create more immersive and enjoyable screens to use.It is also considered an improvement over external touch sensor screens, as it saves space and reduces manufacturing costs.

    IPhone Colormax screenFrom iPhone X to iPhone 14

    The ColorMax screen also features a wide range of colors, offering compatibility with the HDR format for a richer and more dynamic image quality.
    The ColorMax screen is a feature introduced with the iPhone 12 iPhone X and XS iPhone 11,iPhone 13 , iphone 14 that allows a more accurate and expanded color reproduction than previous screens ofApple.Unlike traditional OLED screens that use a subpixel matrix with red, green and blue light diodes to produce colors, the ColorMax screen uses a red, green, blue and white subpixel matrix.This configuration allows better color reproduction, including bright colors and more realistic flesh tones.

    colorMax screen is a significant improvement compared to Incell screens in terms of color quality and image clarity

    iNCELL screen - COLORMAX screen - OLED HARD OLED screen

    • They also respect as characteristics :
    • - Plastic at camera level
    • -3M ESR Original
    • - Improved brightness
    • - Vision angle 180°
    • - Polarizing
    • - Oleophobic clothing

  • iphone XS

    Repair my iPhone XS

    It is a device with a rather attractive façade that twins both elegance and class. IndeediPhone XS is a Smartphone with a screen size of 5.8’’ associated with a resolution 2436 x 1125 pixels to 458 ppp. It means that it covers almost the entire screen. It also has a weight of 177 grams against its predecessor, which has only 174 grams. Thanks to its super-retina OLED screen, it has an exceptional image quality and is able to support videos in HDR and even in 4 k. So much to pass Discountmymobile for buy spare parts to repair your iPhone XS.

    iPhone XS replacement parts

    To begin with, let’s just let it goiPhone XS is a representation almost identical to theiPhone X. But a slight difference is noticed on some points. Its edge is made of a metal plate and has a glass back more resistant to falls. As far as its beauty is concerned, let’s say that its colors are the subject of a fulgurating attraction on the market. We notice them in gold color, side grey, silver. To make the most of it, we make available to you iPhone screens of XS cheap and are more tested by our experts.

    Speaking of its memory, any good Smartphone must have a memory for file storage. For theiPhone XS, memory is variable between 64 go, 256 go and 512 go. Camera level, its two rear sensors of 12mpx each and the front of 7mpx allow it to beat a great record in terms of photo capture and video recording.

    L’iPhone XS also features the id-side mode that will allow you to unlock your Smartphone in a very smooth way. It should also be noted that this jewel has a 2-day battery in optimal use and 12-hour battery in full use. Also, you can use both Sim cards (eSIM and nano Sim) without disturbance. For game subscribers, everything becomes easier because this Smartphone meets your expectations thanks to its A12 Bionic Hexa-Core processor of the ARMv8 type and has a RAM of 4 go, accrediting it the speed of performing tasks. You can take yourself for a gamer as you want thanks to our replacement screens for New and original XS iPhone.

    Its IOS operating system gives it maximum security of personal data and does not disclose it at all. In addition, the battery charge (Lithium-Ion) of l’iPhone XS is done quickly and safely. Because, its adapter (sold separately from the Smartphone unfortunately) of 18 w accelerates the load rate by almost 50% in 30 minutes.

    Discountmymobile it's a little the alibaba cave of the repair room for iPhone, you will find what to repair ALL models of iPhone went out on the market and at discount prices!

    You can visit Discountmymobile for find the replacement part of the iPhone XS that you need.

    Contact the Discountmymobile team

    You are looking for replacement parts for your iPhone XS that you don't find on our support? Contact our technical support by Chat or Email to make your request and we will do the utmost to make the desired piece available on our site.

    Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • iphone XS Max

    Repair your iPhone XS Max Cheap

    The screen of theiPhone XS MAX has an average size of 6.5’’, a weight of 208 grams and a height of 157,5 mm; which makes it easier to transport. Its screen resolution 2688 x 1242 pixels allows it to pass videos to the proportions of the screen. Its Super Amoled screen gives a very special touch in its makeover, presentation and also its resistance. These are major arguments not to hesitate to make the choice of replacement parts of the iPhone XS MAX with Discountmymobile.

    iPhone XS replacement parts MAX

    You are looking for beauty, efficiency and lightness, welcome to our home. We present to you detached parts of iPhone XS MAX so that you can enjoy the maximum of its enchanting colors. Their gold, grey, silver colors will clearly reflect your personality.

    We will proceed in order that is, storage, processor, photo, Sim and other complementary modules. In terms of memoryiPhone XS MAX has a memory that goes from 64-512go and its 4 go memory gives it to pass from one application to another, from one game to another without slowing or bug.

    With an A12 Bionic Hexa-Core processor of ARM8 typeiPhone XS MAX is able to manage its temperature. Also has a double rear camera of 12Mp each with a flash in the back. The front camera, with 7Mp manages selfies, facial unlocking, video calls, etc. This Smartphone has a capacity to take a double Sim (Nano Sim and eSim), as it does not take Micro-Sim into account.

    In addition, it supports three network standards. That is: LTE, HSPA, GSM. It can therefore connect to 3 G+ and 4 G LTE frequencies. Similarly, it has a WIFI sensor, a Bluetooth and a NFC. Its 3.1 USB version allows it to quickly copy files from external support to its internal system.

    L’iPhone XS MAX has assets that many do not have. Clearly, it can withstand a depth of 22 meters in the water and its battery runs up to 2 days in standard use. In addition, its integrated functions enable persons with disabilities to receive full and secure assistance from them iPhone XS MAX. More reason to trust us for the choice of your replacement screen for iPhone XS MAX.

    Also, thanks to its operating system iOS, the security of information is no more than a game, because it is known as the best protected system in the world. However, a few concerns are to be noted. The absence of a jack socket, no fingerprint, no FM Radio and adapter sold separately. To allow you to make the most of your iPhone XS MAX do not hesitate to trust Discountmymobile to find all spare parts of your iPhone XS MAX.

    Card service

    Discountmymobile is the ideal place to find your screen or repair room for iPhone XS Max and if by the greatest of chance, you do not find the piece you wanted on our support, contact our team via the chat online or by email and we will be happy to find you the room and make it available to you on our itnernet site.

    Sympa Discountmymobile !

  • iphone X

    Repair my iPhone X at the best price

    Power and elegance in its most advanced state. That’s exactly what this beautiful iPhone X which soon became viral in the world. Offered in two colors that are silver or lateral grey, this jewel of the brand Apple shines especially by its performance beyond the common.

    Various replacement parts for iPhone X

    His screen's sending heavy. Indeed, it is a What Super Retina HD with a size of 5, 8 inches. Its definition is 1125 X 2436 pixels or a monster resolution of 458 pixels per inch. The latter has a compatible poster with Dolby Vision, HDR10, 3D Touch. All this technology therefore offers this sublimissimo camera a visual rendering simply incredible and practically irreproachable. Also enjoy an improved vision, regardless of your angle of life thanks to the double transistor that is equipped with this non-standard war machine.

    For the outside, there too, very big changes. In particular, the entrance into the large courtyard of stainless steel and glass. This therefore offers this iPhone a much increased shock resistance. This beautiful device also offers easier and faster induction charging than other models of the brand. For the battery, 2900 mAh is the energy reserve of this incredible phone.

    In case of a problem on your iPhone X, Discountmymobile is the right platform to repair your smartphone. Indeed, we offer a wide variety of screens and all spare parts for iPhone in general andiPhone X in particular. Whatever your need, we are ready to satisfy you. So you can find at home parts such as camera modules, SIM drawers, speakers, microphone, different connection sheets... and many other important elements. In addition we guarantee you products of very good quality and complying with the manufacturer's specific regulations. So you can easily restore a second life to your phone without altering the physical and/or technical performance of your phone.

    One special tool set dismantling iPhone you OFFERT with each screen ordered. The latter will allow you to easily and quickly change certain parts of this wonderful phone. Especially without having to go to a unscrupulous technician.

    Discover the spare parts radius iPhone X de Discountmymobile and please!

  • iphone 8 Plus

    Repair my iPhone 8 Plus at the best price

    Available in three distinct shades, including side gray, silver and gold, this Apple iPhone 8 Plus is a true technological treasure and a perfect and delicate alliance between pure design and majestic power. With so much strength, this technological marvel is therefore an unusual device to maintain absolutely.

    The different replacement parts of the iPhone 8 Plus

    This latest generation smartphone is equipped with a Retina HD screen with True Tone. This is a panoramic multi-touch LCD jewel with a size of 5.5 inches to the Full HD definition (1920 X 1080 px). Moreover, thanks to True Tone technology, the white balance adjusts according to the light and this in an automatic way. This therefore provides the user with an optimal and impeccable visual record at all times. With regard to angles of view, double transistor pixels give you a simply extraordinary view, regardless of the angle that you are placed.

    On the exterior surface, the hull of this very advanced smartphone was realized with one of the most solid lenses ever seen on this type of device both on the front and back. This allows this iPhone 8 plus to be rechargeable wirelessly. Its battery is made of lithium-ion to an order power of 2691 mAh. It is very important to remember that this device has a memory ranging from 64 to 256 GB.

    To allow you to enjoy all this power for a long time, we at home Discountmymobile, let us put a pure and authentic range ofscreens and all spare parts for this beautiful smartphone from the brand to the apple. Thus, for important elements such as battery, shell, various buttons, different connection sheets..... and many more.... you will find everything you need to treat your precious smartphone of its evils. Our products are new and strictly adhere to the technology used Apple for the establishment of this iPhone 8 Plus.

    We also offer spare parts such as front or rear camera modules, different buttons, speakers both internal and external, the vibrator module TAPTIC and much more. So, to give you the opportunity to enjoy more of it by keeping memories thanks to its powerful cameras, Discountmymobile looked at the importance of proposing to you screens and all spare parts and this has a discount price.

    So, with our help, you can easily and quickly rehabilitate your precious iPhone 8 Plus.

    Service on request

    Repair part iPhone is not available on our website? No panic, our team is here to serve you and will bend in four to find you the room so coveted. A simple contact via our chat or by email with your request and we will do the rest.

    That's the service Discountmymobile !

  • Ancient iphone models

    Repair my iPhone 6S, 6, SE, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, Edge

    Vintage Repair Parts for iPhone

    Discountmymobile offers in this section the screens and repair parts for the first generations ofiPhone went out on the market. You will find different tablecloths, connectors, hulls, buttons, chassis, screens .... at challenging prices any competition.

    You found an old man iPhone at the bottom of a drawer and would you like to put it back in working condition? You hit the right door because on the site Discountmymobile you will certainly put your hand on the repair piece iPhone you're looking for.

    FREE shipping all over the world!

  • Iphone back glass

    The rear window TheiPhone is an essential component of Thedevice, offering not only scratch and damage protection, but also contributing to its aesthetic appearance.If you own an iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone 11, you can find replacement rear windows with the original logos as well as the corresponding iPhone chassis.These parts are designed to fit perfectly to your specific iPhone model and are made with quality and Theattention to the details necessary to preserve Theintegrity of your device.

    When you replace the rear window of your iPhone, make sure you have the appropriate tools and follow the appropriate instructions for safe and effective replacement.If you're not at home Theaise to perform this operation yourself, it is recommended to appeal to a qualified professional who owns Theexpertise necessary to perform the repair adequately.

    It is important to note that the rear window TheiPhone is a delicate component and precautions must be taken to avoid further damage.By choosing quality replacement parts and entrusting repair to competent experts, you can restore Theappearance and functionality of your iPhone while preserving its original features.

    During Thepurchase of replacement rear windows, make sure to select those specifically designed for your iPhone model, whether it is TheiPhone 14, de TheiPhone 13 TheiPhone 13 Pro TheiPhone 13 Pro Max, from TheiPhone 12 TheiPhone 12 Pro TheiPhone 12 Pro Max, from TheiPhone X TheiPhone XS TheiPhone 11 TheiPhone 11 Pro TheiPhone 8 or TheiPhone SE 2022, in order to ensure perfect compatibility and trouble-free repair.

    The rear chassis TheiPhone is available in all colors for different models such as TheiPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 and many more.These chassis are designed with the original logos corresponding to each iPhone model, including TheiPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2022.

    When looking for a replacement rear chassis for your iPhone, make sure you choose the one that fits your specific model for perfect compatibility.The frames are made with great attention to detail and offer a quality and finish similar to the original ones.

    Whether you want to replace a damaged chassis or simply customize Theappearance of your iPhone, you can find a variety of colors available to meet your preferences.Colour options vary depending on the iPhone model, allowing you to choose from a wide range of shades, from classic to bold.

    When you replace the rear chassis of your iPhone, it is important to follow the instructions specific to your model to ensure a correct and secure installation.If you don't feel at all Theaise to perform the repair yourself, it is recommended to appeal to a qualified professional who owns Theexpertise necessary to perform the repair adequately.

    By choosing a replacement rear chassis with the original logos and in the color of your choice, you can not only restore Theappearance of your iPhone, but also give it a custom touch that matches your style.

  • IPhone transformation...

    Transform your iPhone with our discountmymobile transformation kit.You own an iPhone X and want to go to TheiPhone 13?Or maybe you prefer to go directly from TheiPhone X to TheiPhone 14?Whatever your desire, our iPhone Transformation Kit is here to meet your needs.

    Thanks to our specially designed iPhone chassis, you can easily turn your iPhone X into a 13-threat iPhone.Enjoy improved performance, advanced features and Theexceptional user experience offered by TheiPhone 13, all without having to buy a new device.

    And that's not all!If you own an XS Max iPhone and want to go to TheiPhone 14 Pro, our transformation kit is also compatible with your device.Turn your iPhone XS Max into a 14 Pro iPhone with our superior iPhone chassis.

    Don't miss this opportunity to update your iPhone and enjoy the latest technologies.With our discountmymobile iPhone processing kit, you can switch from TheiPhone X to TheiPhone 13 or TheiPhone XS Max to TheiPhone 14 Pro in a flash.Give your iPhone a new life now!

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