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Screen Kit and repair spare parts iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone Max is one of the phones that have recently been presented by the firm Apple like the new flags of the american brand. Always as stylish and practical, this jewel embarks on the material and technical specificities simply indisputable and practically unmatched to competing devices. With its new interface, iOS 13, enjoy multiple applications and new features simply innovative. However after a few days of use you accidentally dropped your precious iPhone 11 Pro Max and now the manipulation of it has become practically impossible. Knowing that it is a rather expensive phone, and therefore that its purchase is a real investment, Discountmymobile, the platform online screen sale and smartphone spare part offers you spare parts to make life easier and at very competitive prices.

Discountmymobile: universal boutique

Good things can sometimes put very little time to disappear. Then it hurts even more when it is thousands of euros that you have devoted to it. If the 6.5" screen of your smartphone fails, Discountmymobile offers iPhone 11 Pro Max screen kit OLED of 2688*1242 pixels, as powerful as those of the same range, Discountmymobile offers a particular service, because your case is particular. Why drop the brand new iOS 13 and its many new features on the visual level and its applications because of a broken screen. Why abandon the A13 bionic processor with its frequency of 2, 65 GHz ideal for a calculation speed simply phenomenal while with a few tens of euros you can set up your smartphone iPhone 11 Pro Max whatever the shock is and whatever the state of the screen.

In other cases, it may happen that the screen does not suffer any notorious damage, but other elements take a serious blow. Imagine that a few months after its release and a few days after its purchase the superb hull of your iPhone 11 Pro Max either filled with scratch and visible impact area. They unpleasantly touch the design of your phone. This is quite shocking and can greatly harm the legendary style of the famous crocked apple. Discountmymobile make available to you iPhone 11 Pro Max replacement shells and this has a very derisory price. So you can no longer fear water and dust and especially find a phone physically as new as on the first day of its purchase.

Sound type elements such as headphones or speakers are also to be taken into account because, it may happen that they are also really affected for one reason or another. Once again, Discountmymobile saves almost 256GB of sensitive data thanks to its online sales library spare part iPhone 11 Pro Max with repair parts having been designed with care and purpose for your phone.

Your smartphone is a wonder in terms of photography and this is not for nothing. Indeed, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has on its back side a triple photo module arranged in a triangular way that allows to achieve simply magistral sockets. Each camera has a power of 12 Mpx. This offers beautiful catch angles. On the front, a single 12 Mpx camera is visible, but it has the famous facial recognition technology, that is, Face ID. However, like any other component of your device, they may also have a failure or failure. Whether it is voluntary or not, the solution Discountmymobile i'm still in a hurry. This allows you to find the desire to selfies. Why you feel obliged to deprive yourself of the pleasure of taking pictures of important events such as weddings, birthdays or even gala evenings when you just have to choose one of our spare parts iPhone 11 Pro Max to make all the difference.

The pleasure of helping you

As always and this for years to help you is a pleasure that is renewed to each of your orders. Therefore, we take great care to put in your hands Full Screen Kit iPhone 11 Pro Max high quality. To achieve this, many experts are responsible for testing the reliability and quality of the different spare parts at all levels. All this for your greatest pleasure and safety.
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