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Fortnite is a free video game.He was developed by the Epic Games studio and released in June 2017.Today we can play on all platforms : PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and soon the PS5, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Nintendo Switch.The Battle Royale mode is to fight 100 players an island.It should only remain one (or only one team of 2 or 4 players).


Fortnite is almost as much a building game as a survival game.The player must destroy the decor in order to collect materials, and make constructions with to protect himself from the shooting of opponents.

There is only one single map (a large island), on which weapons, shields and care are distributed throughout the map, in a totally random way to make each part unique.Players all start with a single pitch, then have to collect weapons to be able to face others.The last one who survives, alone or with his team, wins the game.

Epic Games announced in June 2018 that there were 125 million registered players on all platforms.The studio clarified that there were 40 million monthly players, and the containment made that the number of people streaming the game on the popular platform Twitch brings together millions of people again, looking at other people.The success of the game is partly explained because :

  • We can play on every platform.
  • The parts are fast.
  • Everyone starts at the same level, putting money will not make you better.
  • The graphics are colorful, very pleasant to the eye, and simple.

It is not uncommon that when you plug your microphone and your helmet, you realize that you are close to teenagers or even children.This is a perfect Christmas gift for her teenager in 2020, offering her products derived from her favorite game!

The footballers who, to celebrate a goal, are inspired by the dances of the characters of Fortnite... that the children will reproduce in their turn in the recreation classes, the singers, all the stars play this popular game and talk about it, so it is normal for your child to talk about it all the time!

On our website, to allow you to offer your child gifts without it being stuck on the screen, we offer you derivatives with strong toys, strong toys fortnite couettes clothes fortnite and many other products,birthday party articles consult and choose what you like!

  • Fortnite Cap

    Install Fortnite Battle Royale free and then, with your Fortnite cap screwed on your head, you will be the King of Fortnite game!These Fortnite caps are adjustable and are designated with the original designs of the Fortnite Battle game.

    New at DiscountMyMobile : the Fortnite cap is now available at reduced price!Add a touch of style to your game outfit with this must-have cap.Whether you are an inveterate fan of Fortnite or simply want to show your passion for this popular game, this cap is made for you.
    In addition to being a fashion accessory, the Fortnite cap is also functional.It is designed with quality materials to offer you optimal comfort during your game sessions.Thanks to its adjustable design, it adapts to all head sizes, allowing you to wear it with ease.
    Imagine playing Fortnite, proudly wearing your cap with the original designs of the game.You will not only be ready for all virtual battles, but also rotate your heads with your unique style.

    Discover our collection of Fortnite caps : be the king of the game with style!

    With our selection of Fortnite caps, you will transform your gaming experience into a real triumph.Let yourself be carried in Theepic world of Fortnite Battle Royale by installing the game for free and wearing your favorite Fortnite cap.Whether you're a passionate player or you just want to show your love for Fortnite, these caps are made for you.

    Original designs for a touch of style

    Our Fortnite caps are designed with the original designs of the game, allowing you to show your dedication to this phenomenal franchise.Each cap is carefully crafted to reflect Theunique aesthetics of Fortnite Battle Royale.Whether the iconic logo, characters or elements of the game, our caps capture Thespirit of Fortnite in every detail.

    Comfort and Adjustability for game hours without worry

    We understand Theimportance of comfort during your intense game sessions.This is why our Fortnite caps are made with high quality materials to offer you a pleasant experience.Their adjustable design allows a perfect fit to all head sizes, ensuring optimal comfort for hours.The more you need to worry about distractions or constant adjustments, you can focus fully on the game.

    Affirm your unique style and score points

    By wearing a Fortnite cap, you show the world your passion for the game and your unique style.That's it Theschool, with friends or in tournaments, you will immediately be recognized as a real Fortnite player.Let your cap be your signature and assert yourself in the world of the kidg with confidence.

    Don't miss Theopportunity to become the King of the Fortnite game with our collection of Fortnite caps.Explore our selection now and find the one that best matches your style and personality.With a free installation of Fortnite Battle Royale and a screwed cap on the head, you are ready to dominate the game.

    Order your Fortnite cap today and become a legend of Fortnite Battle Royale!

  • Fortnite Decoration

    Fortnite Decoration : Make your space a real Fortnite universe!

    Transform your space with Fortnite decoration

    Dive in Theepic world of Fortnite with our incredible selection of decoration products.Whether for a birthday party, a bedroom or simply to add a touch of style to your space, our range of Fortnite decoration products offers you everything you need to create a unique and captivating environment.

    Create an unforgettable Fortnite birthday party

    Organize a memorable Fortnite birthday party with our Fortnite birthday kit.Decorate the room with our balloons, garlands, banners and much more, all in the theme of Fortnite.Your guests will be transported to the game world and will experience an immersive and exciting experience.

    Decorate your room with Fortnite style

    Transform your room into a real Fortnite sanctuary with our range of decoration products.From the duvet cover to the bed linen, to the cushions and curtains, each detail is designed to capture Thefortnite spirit.You can fall asleep and wake up every day with your favorite game.

    Create a comfortable and welcoming space

    Our Fortnite decoration products are not only limited to Theappearance, they also bring comfort and quality to your space.Our duvet covers, duvets and bed linen are made with soft and durable materials, offering you a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.

    Enjoy the free delivery

    We offer you free shipping on all our Fortnite decoration products.You don't have to worry about extra costs, we're busy with everything.Order now and receive your items directly from you, at no additional cost.

    Transform your space with the Fortnite decoration today!

    Don't miss Theopportunity to create a unique and captivating environment with our range of Fortnite decoration products.Explore our collection and discover endless possibilities to decorate your space.Whether for a birthday party, a bedroom or simply to add a touch of style, our Fortnite decoration products will help you transform your space into a real Fortnite universe.
    Order now and dive into Thefortnite universe!
  • Fortnite clothing

    Boutique FortniteT-shirts and sweaters, but also comfortable pyjamas...Fortnite garments and textiles allow you to identify yourself with your favourite skins, nice or cheapest.You have the choice, through our dress categories, to wear colours Theone or more of your favorite heroes or characters.

    Express your style with Fortnite clothes

    Fortnite clothes and textiles are much more than just fashion items.They are a way to connect with you Theworld of the game and show your passion for Fortnite.Thanks to our extensive selection of T-shirts, sweaters and pyjamas, you can wear the iconic designs of Fortnite and immerse yourself completely in this captivating universe.

    Unique designs to display your personality

    Our Fortnite clothes are specially designed to highlight the heroes and characters you love so much.Whether you want to represent your favorite skin or display your allegiance to a specific team, our clothes allow you to do it with style.The unique designs and detailed illustrations make each garment a true visual masterpiece.

    Comfort and quality for a pleasant experience

    We attach great importance to the quality of our Fortnite clothing.Made with soft, durable and breathable materials, our T-shirts, sweatshirts and pyjamas offer you optimal comfort throughout the day.Whether for an intense play session or for a relaxing evening at home, our clothes are designed to accompany you in all your adventures.

    Express your passion for Fortnite wherever you are

    With our Fortnite clothes, you can display your love for the game wherever you are.That's it Theschool, friends or during gaming events, our clothes stand out and allow you to connect with other Fortnite enthusiasts.Express your personality, mood and adventure with pride.

    On the way to the Royal Victory!

    Don't miss Theoccasion to buy Fortnite clothes that best match your style and personality.Explore our different dress categories and choose from a variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts and pyjamas.Whether you want to play a hero, wear an iconic design or just show your passion for Fortnite, our clothes are here to accompany you on your adventure.

    Order your Fortnite clothes now and prepare for epic moments.Show the world your love for the game and express your unique style.On the way to the Royal Victory!

  • Stickers Fortnite

    Welcome to our Fortnite boutique, where you will find an incredible selection of derivatives to satisfy all fans of the iconic game.

    Dive in Theworld of Fortnite with our captivating figurines, trendy duvet covers, dazzling lamps, adorable plushes and unique stickers.Express your passion for Fortnite and add a special touch to your game or life space.Discover our quality products and let your imagination fly away.
    Customize your game space with our exclusive collection of Fortnite stickers.Express your passion for this legendary game with our unique and captivating stickers.Whether you want to decorate your room, customize your PS4 console or Switch, or display your love for Fortnite wherever you go, our stickers are the ideal choice to add a touch of style and originality to your environment.

    Stickers Fortnite Géant : Make a bold statement

    Leave a lasting impression with our giant Fortnite stickers.These large stickers are perfect to dress your walls with stunning visuals.Turn your room or play space into a real Fortnite fan spot.Choose from a variety of dynamic designs and let your imagination run free to create a captured visual impact

    Fortnite House Stickers : Create a Fortnite universe

    Transform your room into a real Fortnite paradise with our stickers specially designed for this personal space.Give life to your walls and furniture with unique Fortnite motifs.Whether for a children's or teenager's room, our stickers will bring a touch of magic to every corner of the room and plunge Fortnite fans into an immersive atmosphere.

    Fortnite Stickers on discountmymobile: A varied selection within reach of click

    Explore our collection of Fortnite stickers on Amazon and discover a variety of designs and options to customize your space.Whether you're looking for iconic characters, weapons or elements of the game, you'll find everything you need to create a unique environment that reflects your passion for Fortnite.

    Fortnite Stickers : Customize your displays

    Mark your territory with custom Fortnite stickers to your first name.Display your player identity with pride by adding a personal touch to your game space.These unique stickers are also perfect to give Fortnite fans a gift that will appreciate their exclusive and personalized character.

    Stickers Fortnite Mural : Turn your walls into a playground

    Give life to your walls with our walled Fortnite stickers.Create an immersive atmosphere by covering your surfaces with vibrant and captivating illustrations.Dive in Thefortnite universe every time you enter the room.Free your creativity and transform your walls into a canvas on which you can display your passion.

    Stickers Fortnite Panini : Collect your heroes

    Dive in Theuniverse of the collection with our Fortnite Panini stickers.Collect and exchange your favorite characters, legendary weapons and iconic places of the game.Create your own Panini Fortnite album and relive the highlights of your parts by keeping them forever.

     PS4 and Switch Fortnite Stickers : Stand in the game

    Customize your PS4 console or Switch with our Fortnite stickers.Add a style touch to your game equipment and stand out among other players.Our superior quality stickers

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