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1 display - 22 / 22 articles

Repair my iPhone 6s smartphone

THEiPhone 6s is a smartphone of the product range Apple very powerful with very interesting features. This amazing smartphone that thousands of consumers will have a very high lifetime thanks to our repair parts for iPhone 6s.

A little too hot evening, a lack of attention, an unhappy fall...? Your phone iPhone 6sis no longer the same, it is disfigured, with small pieces of glass covering the surface of the screen, what to do? Change the phone? It was really not planned in the budget of the month.... Surprise! It will be useless to rush you into the acquisition of a new phone because thanks to Discountmobile this situation will soon be only a bad memory, Order yourTouch screen iPhone 6Sand make yourself the replacement of your defective screen! This is the most economical solution to offer a new life to your mobile The iPhone 6S.

Many repair parts for iPhone 6 S

The screen of theiPhone 6s is simply a real technological prowess, in terms of visual rendering, for an IPS LCD mobile screen, it is really excellent. Luminosity is very satisfying with 583 cd/m2 to 9% and with a stronger contrast of more than 70% compared toiPhone 6. The screen Panel has an impressive touch responsiveness of about 29ms and a latency time of about 17 ms, in the event of a breakdown (fissure, break) it is also very easy to replace. Discountmobile offers screens ofiPhone 6s excellent quality at very affordable prices.

THEiPhone 6s is a smartphone that has a battery delivering a power of 1715 mAh with a good autonomy. This lithium-ion battery remains very efficient and allows you to spend about one day of normal use. Its loading is done via a computer-changeable USB plug or with a sector adapter. Discountmobile also has batteries for iPhone 6s very good quality.

This smartphone from the range Apple is a real technology concentrate with a very neat style. Performance and responsivenessiPhone 6 s in any use coupled with a very comfortable and pleasant grip are as much reason why we are offering you LCD screen kits, batteries, various taps, charging connectors as well as many others repair parts for iPhone 6s.

Regardless of why your smartphone needs repair, we will provide you with effective solutions. No need to changeiPhone, make it repair with some repair parts for iPhone 6s. Your smartphone will always be as efficient after replacement with a spare part from Discountmobile.

The spare parts presented are original products, because they are perfectly compatible with your smartphone. In addition to the myriad of pieces we mentioned above, we still have a very wide range of original parts. Camera modules, speakers, Signal Wifi antennas as well as all rooms so you will need to continue enjoying your smartphone. Don’t worry about your iPhone 6s, Discountmobile a to offer you all repair parts so you need to restore your smartphone.

Personalized Discountmymobile service

If by the greatest of chance you do not find the repair piece you wish on our support, we invite you to contact our Hotline by Chat or Email to submit your request to us. We will make the product available to you as soon as possible on the site (subject to availability at the manufacturer).

This is the personalized service of Discountmobile !

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