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1 display - 24 / 24 articles
1 display - 24 / 24 articles

Repair parts for iPhone 6 plus

L’iPhone 6 plus dApple is a real technology concentrate created to bring you the best of the smartphone. This beautiful device with its styling design that makes prideApple is very handy, reliable and easy to troubleshoot with spare parts available.

A varied range of replacement parts

L’iPhone 6 plus with its retinal HD display offers good visual ease, with a color temperature of 7428 K, a latency time of 67 ms adapted to smartphone features. In addition, this screen has a contrast of 11 127: 1 delta E 1.9 and also a brightness of 440 cd/m2, it meets the standards in force while delivering excellent image quality. This screen is therefore a true technological prowess that allows you to enjoy the maximum functionality of the iPhone 6 plus.

Home Discountmymobile, you will find LCD screen kits with touch glass for iPhone 6 plus.

This smartphone also has a lithium-ion battery that better manages energy leaks, so it is more robust, which makes it more resistant in terms of autonomy. For loading you will benefit from a USB plug chargeable by computer or with a mains adapter.

Discountmymobile also has good quality battery at gift price.

The iPhone 6 plus is a true technological wonder, however, it can be the victim of a breakdown. Whether it’s an LCD screen, Sim drawers, dust-proof grids, power tablecloths, Wifi, volume and GPS Antenna, vibrators, charging connectors or even batteries all so you need as spare parts for your iPhone 6 plus will be available at home.

So you won’t need to change your smartphone in the event of a breakdown, you’ll only have to provide it repair parts iPhone 6 plus of origin Discountmymobile. So you can restore the functionality of your smartphone very easily and at a lower cost. In addition to the pieces we presented to you, others spare parts high-end are at your disposal, camera modules with proximity sensor, screw sets, seals for Home button and many more are at your disposal.

L’iPhone 6 plus is a smartphone with an exceptional feature enjoying a very good quality ergonomics. Behind its beautiful design lies a technological wonder that Discountmymobile allows you to trouble with repair parts for iPhone 6 plus high quality.

I broke my iPhone 6 Plus screen, what do I do?

A little too hot evening, a lack of attention, an unhappy fall...? Your smartphone iPhone 6 Plus is no longer the same, it is disfigured, with small pieces of glass covering the surface of the screen, what to do? Change the phone? It was really not planned in the budget of the month.... Surprise! It will be useless to rush you into the acquisition of a new phone because thanks to Discountmymobile this situation will soon be only a bad memory, Order your touch screen for your iPhone 6 Plus and make yourself the replacement of your defective screen! This is the most economical solution to offer a new life to your iPhone 6 Plus smartphone. We also offer you a repair kit and shipping costs so don't hesitate!

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