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Elephone: Screens, Repair kits and spare parts, glass battery and touch screens, LCD, connector  There are 12 products.

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1 display - 12 / 12 articles

How to repair the screen of his phone Elephone?

Did the screen of your Elephone brand smartphone just break?Would you like to change it as quickly as possible?Discountmymobile offers you on its shop dedicated to smartphone parts and screens suitable for all different smartphone models of the Elephone brand.Search, find, order and deliver the free screen you need to restore your Elephone smartphone.


Is your Elephone smartphone screen broken?Need a replacement screen to rehabilitate it?Recovering replacement screens or spare parts of some Chinese smartphones can be difficult.But on the Discountmymobile store, repair screens adapted to the different smartphone models of the Elephone brand are available and available at discount prices.Find, regardless of your Elephone smartphone model, the screen type required for its repair.

The Elephone smartphones

Elephone is a chinese brand specializing in the manufacture of smartphones.In the range of the brand’s most recent smartphone models, we find models such asElephone P11 3DElephone A6 mini andElephone A5.The smartphones made by Elephone have the particularity of offering really advanced features while being accessible at a much more advantageous price than that offered by its competitors.But smartphones Elephone have the same weaknesses as other smartphone brands...

So, when your smartphone Elephone suffers a shock of some violence, its screen can easily break.This will require you to change the screen or purchase another smartphone.But the question is to know what benefits you most.Repair or simply buy another device?

Repair your smartphone instead of buying a new smartphone

If your smartphone Elephone has a problem and no longer works normally, you have the possibility to take another device or simply repair it.But repairing is a better option when you know that buying a new device will lead you to spend more.By repairing your smartphone, you will thus succeed in saving your financial resources.Beyond that, you can still make more savings if you try to apply yourself to troubleshoot your smartphone without going through a repairer.

And this is the option that you offer Discountmymobile by offering you on every purchase of full screen and touch glass a repair kit and a tempered glass protection that allows you to easily change your screen.You will find in the shop elephone P8 Max screens, elephone A5 screen, elephone A4 screen, screen Elephone P8 3D, elephone H1 screen, S8, C1 Mini, C1 Max, P9000, M2 ...etc.

Certified and guaranteed screens

The screens of the brand Elephone suffered successively batterytests that allow to control several technical points of the Lcd Panel and tactile glass.They are certified and are also delivered with a warranty of six (6) months (excluding snacks or snacks).They are delivered free of charge throughout the world.

If you need a screen for a smartphone model Elephone which is not on the store, you can let it know to the team Discountmymobile who is responsible for making it available to you.

The team Discountmymobile is also available to answer all your other requests via the live chat of the shop or by e-mail.

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