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Buy the replacement screen for my Wiko Robby 2  There's 1 product.

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    full screen Wiko Robby 2   Our offer includes : Wiko Robby 2 Screen Repair Kit LCD + Touch glass + Tools + Adhesive Colour  : Black The screen of your smartphone Wiko Robby 2 doesn't work anymore?He doesn't want to turn on?Does the touch no longer answer your finger?Did he fall and the screen is in crumbs?Opt to replace it with the full screen to...

1 display - 1 / 1 article

Repair Wiko Robby2

This model Wiko is of a beauty and a class without equal. With one 5, 5 inches screen equipped with IPS LCD technology and a resolution of 1280 X 720 pixels you will surely make jealousy. In addition, he embarks an overpowering processor of 1.1 GHz in quad-core Cortex-A7 and with an internal memory of 16 Gb and 2 Gb of RAM. It has 8 MP rear photo sensors and 5 MP front to allow you to create breathtaking images of beauty. So when such a jewel gets damaged because of a fall, believe me it really hurts the body and the heart.

Discountmymobile is therefore if you have to say the ideal medication to treat your disease. For this, diagnosis and solutions are simple. Replace Wiko Robby 2 screen damaged. To do this, you'll have to order the room you need. Know that the products that are made available to our customers are of superior quality. Each of them is tested before shipment, and this in order to reassure you about the authenticity of what we send you. With us, by your side smartphone Robby 2 can find colors in less time than it will take to say.

So if you think you're forced to break your sniper for her repair of your phone’s screen, you'll be very surprised. Discountmymobile is the site of small prizes par excellence so you to play.

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