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Replace the screen of my Huawei P30 smartphone  There are 10 products.

1 display - 10 / 10 articles
1 display - 10 / 10 articles

Repair Huawei P30

You misguidedly brought down your beautiful and sublime HuaweiP30 against a rigid surface and its screen turned into a work of art? It is useless to spend a fortune to offer you a new smartphone when you can in 2, 3 clicks repair your damaged one. How? Well, take a walk Discountmymobile.

Our sales website screen or spare parts is the perfect tool to allow you to find the right elements to restore your HuaweiP30. At us you will find OLED FHD+ screens in 6, 1 inch format with a magnificent resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. Or you can also find batteries, motherboards, photo module or even micros and all, designed specifically for your phone. This means that with us, a fall or a fall screen and broken glasss de HuaweiP30 will no longer be a valid reason to push you to throw this high-end phone.

Discountmymobile puts at your service a multitude of incredible and really economic benefits for you and your smartphone. For example, you can receive one protective glass offered with each screen purchased. Many other surprises await you at home. Because you fully satisfy is our greatest goal, each screen or spare part pour Huawei P 30 is tested in any detail. This allows you to protect yourself from any disappointment when receiving your order. At home, efficiency and the cheapest are among our most recognized skills.

Quality at low prices is only on Discountmymobile. Then why lose hundreds of euros because of a fall when in a few seconds you can simply and quickly give your phone a physical and technical aspect as bright as before. With us, the future of your screen or broken glass HuaweiP30 depends only on you.

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