easy repair of the broken screen of your Blackview R6 smartphone  There are 2 products.

1 display - 2 / 2 articles
1 display - 2 / 2 articles

Repair Blackview R6

Sometimes when you think you are an athlete coming straight from another world. We start making unexpected figures and at the end of our choreography, it is the smartphone that pays the most broken pots. If this is your case, then welcome home Discountmymobile. We do not replace your phone, but we offer you the possibility to change the damaged items through screens and spare parts perfect for your BlackView R6.

Identical to the original elements, the one we put within your reach is even stronger and more suitable for your needs. Whether for a motherboard, circuit board or other damaged items, we ensure products that meet the standards and regulations in force. Each of them is therefore tested before any shipment, and this for the sole purpose of providing you with over and reliable elements for the repair of your technological jewel.

Don’t lose more money by completely changing your phone Blackview R6. With a few euros, you can simply and quickly restore a life to the latter and find it even newer and more powerful than before thanks to our tool set offered with each replacement screen to facilitate the dismantling.

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