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Where can I find the replacement screen for my Wiko Jerry 3? At Discountmymobile!  There are 2 products.

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    full screen Wiko Jerry 3   Our offer includes : Repair Kit Wiko Jerry 3 LCD + Touch glass + Tools 7 pieces + Glue tape Colour : Black, white Needless to buy a new phone if you broke your smartphone screen Wiko Jerry 3. Discountmymobile offers a new repair screen kit to repair it for cheap.OFFERTE delivery worldwide and customer service available to...

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    Touch glass Wiko Jerry 3   Our offer includes : Repair Kit Wiko Jerry 3 touch glass screen - Touch glass + Kit Tools + 3M Stickers Colour  : Black, white or gold Drained!That's the word that came to you immediately after you picked up your smartphone Wiko Jerry 3 face to earth with its exploded screen worthy of a horror film... what to do?Ordering a...

1 display - 2 / 2 articles

Repair my Wiko Jerry 3 smartphone

You loved so much to boast of the beauty and style of your smartphone that your entourage noticed. Today, filled with misfortune, your Wiko smartphone Jerry 3 you escaped your hands and the screen just broke out. This drama is a real shock not only for your pretty phone, but also for your ego, because you can no longer boast. Fortunately for you, nothing is never lost with Discountmymobile.

Indeed, we are here to serve you on a gold dish replacement Wiko Jerry 3 touchscreens and Full screen kit Jerry 3 new and original. Yes yes you have well understood new and truly authentic products of this very wanted category of Wiko. With our help, you will find the respect you had before without paying a fortune to offer you a new smartphone, especially if you want to redeem the same. It’s simple, connect now on Discountmymobile and in the Wiko you will find the screen you need to breathe back to your precious phone. Indeed, we have immersive screens of 5, 45 inches ultra-fine edges. Once your order is placed and validated, nothing can prevent you from entering your product. In addition, our screens are certified by the highest standards and comply with the laws established by the mother house WIKO.

So nothing can get into your repair project if you choose Discountmymobile for replace damaged parts of your Jerry 3. Win in time and money with our very complete platform that offers you in addition one Tools Kit dismantling / winding with your purchase Kit vitre or Screen kit.

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