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1 display - 5 / 5 articles

screens and repair parts Asus ROG Phone 2

The IT giant ASUS has since a few years also launched their smartphones. And these, like computers are often equipped with really incredible specificity. It is also because of this that today ASUS ranks in the world of telephony as a serious producer of premium smartphones. So when you own a jewel like Asus ROG Phone 2 with a wide screen of 6, 59 inches with a vivid memory of 12 GB. It is a real monster of power that is in your hands. So in case of a broken screen type or window, mother card or damaged fingerprint module, Discountmymobile offers you practical, quick and especially low cost solutions. Then why do you think too much when the solution is close?

Discountmymobile, a world of spare parts

Expert in the digital and technical field, Discountmymobile offers its customers and therefore you OLED screens to replace your Asus ROG Phone 2. Testing ten times to ensure good quality, our experts fold in four to offer you original parts and complying with the standards instituted by the mother house ASUS. This means that by ordering us, you are sure and sure to make the product choice really suitable to your phone.

So don't let a fall or shock push you to change your superpowered smartphone and ricochet did astronomical expenses. With Discountmymobile, in a few seconds, restore life to your phone by bringing it freshness and novelty. Indeed, with us are certain to enjoy the best easily and simply.

Also, one of the advantages of contacting us is the fact that we offer you the possibility to make changes on your phone by yourself. This is possible thanks to the OLED Asus ROG Phone 2 screen kit, with its resolution of 2340 X 1080 pixels. This allows you to dismantle the old broken or damaged piece yourself and replace the new one. You will have understood it. No need to waste time at the technician's.

Also, it is normal that after a fall or shock, the motherboard, the camera module or even the shell of your Asus ROG Phone 2 suffers major damage. So, date on and find our cards equipped with Adreno 640 graphic chip, 12GB RAM and even a 512GB memory. Genuine photo sensors. You can also find batteries of 5999 mA h ideal to replace yours who are already old and who does not really keep the promises of departure.

Always closer to you

Discountmymobile has developed a communication system that makes us closer to you for years already. Once on our platform, you will be followed so that you can easily and quickly find them screens and spare parts what you need. This includes those of yours Asus ROG Phone 2.

So, from now on, come into contact with our commercial service through the various ways and means available to you. That is, by chat or email and let us do the rest.

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