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Save money! Troubleshoot your Xiaomi Mi Play smartphone!  There are 3 products.

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  • Screen  Xiaomi Mi Play -  Vitre tactile + LCD assemblé Screen  Xiaomi Mi Play -  Vitre tactile + LCD assemblé
    $ 30.00
    $ 30.00
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    full LCD display Xiaomi Mi Play   Our offer includes : IPS Panel5.84" + Stained glass Xiaomi Mi Play + 3M dismantling and adhesive tools provided Colour  : Black Option : With or without Frame Châssis (contour / support on which the screen rests)   IPS ORIGINAL - QUALITY PARFAITE The Xiaomi Play is one of the most versatile devices. The display is...

  • Xiaomi Mi Play Touch ID Home Button Xiaomi Mi Play Touch ID Home Button
    $ 17.24
    $ 17.24
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    Print reader / Touch ID Xiaomi Mi PlayOur offer includes : x 1 Bouton home table Xiaomi Mi Play Replacement Colour : Black, Blue, Red, VioletYour fingerprint reader smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play doesn't work after a fall or a shock? The connection table is thus damaged. The best thing is to replace it without waiting to be able to continue using your...

  • replace Xiaomi Mi Play back cover replace Xiaomi Mi Play back cover
    $ 15.99
    Out of stock
    $ 15.99
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    Rear neck Xiaomi Mi Play   Our offer includes : x 1 Replacement Xiaomi Mi Play battery pack + side buttons provided + Lentille / opercule camera already installed Colour : Black or blue   ENGLISH ORIGINAL - QUALITY PARFAITE With an incredible design and its almost unique style, the Xiaomi Mi Play is a powerful and practical smartphone.It is therefore...

1 display - 3 / 3 articles

Repair smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play

Discountmymobile is a revolutionary platform that gives you the possibility of repair easily and quickly all your smartphones, whatever their mark, style and especially their failure. This means that with us, you are likely to enjoy top quality products at truly exceptional prices. We offer you replacement screens Xiaomi Mi Play perfect to restore light to this unique device and to the really special features.

The Mi Play a particular phone

Equipped with a 5, 84-inch LCD IPS screen and a 2280 X 1080 pixels monster resolution, this phone is a technological wonder. Fast and ultra-fluid thanks to its octa core processor and 6GB of RAM, you can easily open the most greedy applications without risk that hindering the use of others. With a storage memory of up to 64 GB extensible up to 256 GB via a micro SD, you can integrate into this phone all the elements that pass you through the head.

If you like photos and videos, you will be happy to know that the back camera of the Xiaomi Mi Play is equipped with a double lens including a 12 Mpx and a 8 Mpx front camera capable of filming videos in 1080 pixels to 30 images per second. With its 3000 mAh battery, you can enjoy a masterly autonomy of several hours without risk or fear.

Discountmymobile makes you special

Although most people say they are obliged to spend a fortune to buy a new phone in the event of their breakdown, you are special because you now know the existence of Discountmymobile. You know that with a few euros, you can quickly and easily give a second breath to your precious phone. In the case of smartphones Xiaomi, we offer you screens and spare parts Xiaomi Mi Play. Find the smile and joy to proudly manipulate your phone in public without shame or fear thanks to Discountmymobile.

A phone is a special property that must not be lost, regardless of the problem. Indeed, with us you can get many important parts for your smartphone. That means rear shells Xiaomi Mi Play Replacement idoine to restore value to yours that is scratched or broken. Des Power and volume Xiaomi Mi Play are also available to find you the joy of lighting, turning off and changing the sound of your precious phone without having to use different subterfuges. Des fingerprint reader Xiaomi Mi Play are ideal to replace your table fingerprint Mi Play who doesn't want to get overwhelmed because he doesn't recognize your fingers... and many other essential parts to depict your best price smartphone Xiaomi.

Price and quality in harmony

We always set a goal. The one to create a favorable and perfect climate for you. This means that our products are of superior quality and tested in any detail before shipping. For example, if you order a screen Xiaomi Mi Play new, our experts analyze it in all the seams to determine whether it meets all the standards established before you ship it. You are thus certain to receive the best in terms of replacement parts for your phone.

Premium Discountmymobile offers follow-up delivery worldwide!

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