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1 display - 4 / 4 articles

screen and repair parts Redmi 3s

During your morning jogging, your smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3s that you held by hand to listen to music fell down because you stumbled? When you pick it up, did you notice a big crack on the screen? Don’t worry because it’s not very serious. Instead of making an unreflected decision to purchase a new smartphone model, go to the canvas and visit the website This is an online shop specialized in the sale of smartphones from different brands that come directly from manufacturers. It also offers various accessories and spare parts for mobile phones. So you'll find it easily replacement screen Xiaomi Redmi 3s for your device.

Repair your Redmi 3s smartphone yourself

Since mobile phone mastodones do not hesitate to put on sale new smartphones, whose price varies from a hundred euros to thousands of euros, the most logical solution in case of a problem is to repair a damaged phone. So you can replace thebroken screen of your smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 3s. How? It’s simple. Connect to the internet and look at phone screen replacement tutorials at specialized sites. It is enough to focus well, to arm you with suitable tools and to match you to the task. Know that when buying a screen at home, a set of 7-piece dismantling tools will be offered to you.
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