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1 display - 9 / 9 articles

Fix my screen Xiaomi Mi Mix

A table drop, a little slip on the veranda... your life Mi Mix smartphone seems to stop, because the screen broke? Abattu morally, you think this one is good for the trash. Before taking your wallet to buy a new smartphone, go to the online store You will find on its catalogue a wide range of parts and accessories that will allow you to refurbish your Xiaomi Mi Mix. However, do not delay too much to replace your screen Mi Mix since keeping a phone with a broken screen too long with can increase problems. In fact, broken glass particles can be embedded inside the phone and damage other parts. In this case, the cost of repair can come back even more expensive.

Do a good deal with

So, you recommend replacing your screen, as it is a much faster, more cost-effective and more ecological solution compared to buying a new model. In addition to new smartphones from manufacturers, also offers spare parts as well as screens compatible with several phone brands like Apple, Cubot, Samsung Galaxy, Doogee, Nokia, Xiaomi and many more. You are then decided to change thebroken screen of your Mi Mix? Don't worry, all screens in the online store are GRADE-AAA certified.

All Kit screens and spare parts Xiaomi offered on the site are shipped for FREE!
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