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Find the replacement screen for my Wiko Lenny 4 smartphone  There are 2 products.

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    Replacement touch glass Wiko Lenny 4   Our offer includes : Kit repair Vitre Wiko Lenny 4 touch glass screen - Touch glass + Kit Tools + Glue Stickers Colour  : Black No luck, you just dropped your phone is the window is now all broken...In your misfortune you still have luck because the screen LCD always displays colors normally, which means that...

  • $ 29.89
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    full screen Wiko Lenny 4   Our offer includes : Repair kit Wiko Lenny 4 LCD + Touch glass + Dismantling tools Colour  : Black Your screen Wiko Lenny 4 is it broken?You want to enjoy a cheap offer to change it?Needless to go to ruin at a repairer, order our repair kit and repair your precious. Enjoy the best prices on Discountmymobile, we offer you as a...

1 display - 2 / 2 articles

Wiko Lenny 4 smartphone repair

Is the broken screen of your smartphone proof of an enlivened evening that you spent? No worries, you are in the right place. Indeed, with Discountmymobile you can restore life to your device without spending too much. To do this, we offer you must-have products tailored to your needs Wiko Lenny 4.

The power and strength of a device pass through its screen. We understood it and that’s why we offer you a range screens tested before any shipment. Unique and convenient, the product we put within your reach will easily and quickly adapt to the rest of your phone. In addition to all this, by now ordering your IPS screen at home Discountmymobile, one tool kit 7 dismantling parts is OFFERT with your screen.

Don’t wait anymore and order a new new and original screen. Plus, one glass in protection tempered glass is OFFERTE. This will allow it on the screen of your smartphone Lenny 4 to bear without any concern your next evenings enlivened. With us; your mobility will no longer have a limit, because we gather everything to make you comfortable.

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