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    smartphone replacement screen Essential PH1Our offer includes and LCD screen + Assembled touch screen Essential PH1 + tools 7 piecesColour : BlackThe screen of your smartphone Essential PH1 It's all exploded... it's been a fall of quite high and the glass has not resisted, it's broken and the LCD shows black tasks in its center. Your repairman doesn't...

1 display - 1 / 1 article

How to repair the screen of his phone Essential
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The screen of your brand smartphone Essential did he just break up? Would you like to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers you on its shop dedicated to parts and screens for smartphones of screens adapted to all different smartphone models of the brand Essential. Search, find, order and deliver free of charge the screen you need to restore your smartphone Essential.

You have a branded smartphone Essential whose screen is cracked? Are you looking for a shop that will be able to provide you with a replacement screen in accordance with your smartphone model Essential? Come and find your happiness at the Discountmymobile store.

Discountmymobile offers you a selection of screens for branded smartphones Essential.

Choose from available models

The best solution for which you can choose in case of a failure of your smartphone’s screen Essential, it is good to take steps to repair it. Otherwise, it is that you take the risk of losing an important investment by buying another or simply abandoning it.

Discountmobile, so you can enjoy in the duration of your device, strives to provide you with screens adapted to the brand’s smartphone models Essential found on the market.

Repair yourself and save money

The main advantage you have to buy your smartphone screens Essential on Discountmobile, it is that they delivered you with a repair kit that you can use to repair the broken screen of your phone yourself. The screens are optimized so that their replacement is done quite easily. You will therefore not have to spend to pay costs to a professional repairer.

Get more Discountmymobile

Discountmobile book the screens purchased for free. They are certified. They have each undergone a test carried out using a test box specially designed for the cause. Also, they are covered by a six (6) month warranty. The customer who buys a product that has a manufacturing defect can return it to the shop within this period to obtain a replacement.

In addition, if you want to have more information about different services provided by the shop, or if you need a piece that is not yet available, you can contact the team by email or chat to make your requests.

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