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Replacement Xiaomi Mi 5c screen, back cover, charging connector....  There are 5 products.

1 display - 5 / 5 articles
1 display - 5 / 5 articles

I'm fixing my smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5c

Any electronic device like yours smartphone Mi 5c Xiaomi, is now inseparable from everyday life. Under his sophisticated look, he is very fragile. The haunting of users is to see the broken screen, the most fragile yet the most sought-after and exposed part to smartphone attacks. The slightest fall can be fatal. To your greatest regret, this situation has recently happened to you? Don’t worry, there is a more economical and ecological alternative than buying a new phone.

Discountmymobile.fr: the solution for you

Discountmymobile.fr is an online store that offers GRADE-AAA certified screens, tested and at a competitive price. It also offers various accessories as well as spare parts for various mobile brands like Xiaomi. You will find without difficulty on the site the replacement screen adapted to your Mi 5c. In case the piece you ordered is not available on the site, contact the team via email or direct chat. The latter will try to contact the live production plant that will provide you with the ordered piece.

Replace the screen itself: it is possible

You want to make more savings? Why don’t you try to replace your smartphone’s screen yourself if you’re feeling a handy in your soul? Plus, Discountmymobile.fr offers a set 7-piece dismantling tools when you buy a screen on the site. To be sure in your gestures, you can follow smartphone screen replacement tutos on the internet.
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