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Kit écran de réparation et pièces détachées Coolpad  There are 9 products.

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1 display - 9 / 9 articles

How do I fix your phone's screen Coolpad ?

Has the screen on your Coolpad branded smartphone just broken? Do you want to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers screens for smartphone parts and screens in its dedicated shop, suitable for all the different smartphone models of the brand Coolpad. Search, find, order and have the screen you need to get your smartphone back up and running for free to get your smartphone back on track Coolpad.

Having a smartphone today is almost a modern-day necessity. However, although smartphones are also popular, the fact remains that smartphones remain very fragile tools. The smartphones of the brand Coolpad do not escape this fragility. They can therefore suffer degradation and break down at the slightest shock. And their most affected point in this fall circumstance is their screen.

The screen breaks very quickly and in order to continue using your smartphone, you have to change it. If you are looking for a screen for a Coolpadbrand smartphone, on the Discountmymobile store, a special offer of screens for branded smartphones Coolpad is offered to you. You will find the screens suitable for all the smartphone models of the brand Coolpad.

Smartphones with remarkable originalities

Coolpad is a well-known Chinese telecommunications brand. In 2012, this brand was identified as having a majority share of the Chinese smartphone market. In the models of smartphones promoted by the brand, there is the Coolpad Illumina, the Coolpad Cool Play8, the Coolpad M3, the Coolpad Mega 5, the Coolpad Note 8, the Coolpad A1, the Coolpad Change S1, the Coolpad M7 to name but the latest or the 2019 models like the Coolpad Cool 3 and the Coolpad Cool Play 8 Lite....

These models are distinguished by a unique design with originalities that set them apart from the large mass of smartphones. The brand's smartphone models Coolpad although offering an impressive effect, however, remain quite vulnerable in the event of a fall. The screen breaks quickly and you have to be careful to quickly replace it so as not to lose your investment.

Buy full screens for smartphones Coolpad

If you're looking for a full screen to replace the broken screen of a smartphone model Coolpad you have, simply visit the Discountmymobilestore. You will certainly find the type of screen that matches your smartphone model Coolpad. These include screens Coolpad Tip Top N2M, Tip Top N1, Cool Change S1, Cool Play 6, Cool Play 6C, Cool M7, Cool2,etc.

The full screens sold are of high quality. They come directly from the manufacturing houses. They come with a repair kit that allows the customer to repair his smartphone himself without having to ask a professional repairman. This allows them to save money and save time as well. In addition, the screens are covered by a guarantee of six (6) months (excluding breakage or collage). They are finally tested for each model using a test case specifically designed, allowing among other things to control the colorimetry and brightness of the LCD slab.

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