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Replacement parts and screens for your Blackview BV9100 smartphone  There are 10 products.

1 display - 10 / 10 articles
1 display - 10 / 10 articles

Repair my smartphone Blackview BV9100

Considered as one of the most secure phones in the world Blackview are real phones combining robustness and incredible technical features. The Blackview BV9100 for example is a monster with a capacity of 64 GB in terms of storage and 4 GB of RAM. Combined with these, a powerful octacore processor capable of making calculations quickly and easily is integrated. With all this it is quite understandable that you fell mad in love with the latter. But very quickly the beautiful story between you turned into a nightmare because of a fall that completely disfigured its screen.

Discountmymobile: the right solution to all problems

When you buy a smartphone like Blackview BV9100, it quickly becomes the plum of your eyes. However; since man has not yet created an indestructible device, this one after a rather violent shock has seen his display system take a serious blow. Now, they are rainbow colors that are highlighted, regardless of the manipulation performed. And let’s not talk about cracks that affect the use, but also the smartphone’s design.

Too much is too much and Discountmymobile is perfectly in agreement with you. To help you, our online sales website has screen and spare parts Blackview BV9100. Enjoy a 6.3" resolution IPS screen 2340*1080 pixels perfect to replace the defective on your smartphone. So why don't you worry too much when a few clicks are enough to fix it.

In some cases it is possible that it is the photo modules that are affected during a shock. Indeed camera modules Blackview BV9100 are arranged to help you take images of an indescribable quality 16 Mpx + 0.3 Mpx in the back and 16 Mpx in the front. In the case of a malfunction, you can quickly get a new module and this at very low prices. You can find the pleasure of taking selfies with your loved ones without any limit.

The smartphone Blackview BV9100 released this year 2019 is a phone with a battery of 13,000 mAh. What is sacredly useful in many situations and especially no matter where you live. Why have to say good-bye to this monster because of an out-of-service microphone or speaker that is out of date when you can enjoy it for years thanks to the screens and repair parts Blackview BV9100 home Discountmymobile.

The same objective for each situation

Home Discountmymobile, we have a philosophy. It is useless to throw what can be repaired and refurbished. In this launch, we set up for you all the ideal physical and technical devices to regain the pleasure of using your phone. Meet at very competitive prices screens and replacement parts Blackview BV9100 necessary for the maintenance of your device.

Whatever the situation, circumstances and even consequences, you can always count on Discountmymobile to help you find in record time a smartphone as new and beautiful as it was on the first day of its purchase.

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