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Replacement spare parts and screen for your Blackview BV5500  There are 8 products.

1 display - 8 / 8 articles
1 display - 8 / 8 articles

Repair my smartphone Blackview BV5500 Pro

In the world of flagships it is two real monsters thought and designed by the Chinese giant. Practically identical on many points the Blackview BV5500 Pro however has some rather slight advances on his little brother the Blackview BV5500 Plus, but still very useful for you. If after choosing one or the other of these smartphones this one accidentally broke, it’s not really the trouble to get mad. There is a unique and practically magical platform that will allow you to find the majority not to say all spare parts BlackviewBV5500 or BV5500 Pro.

Discountmymobile: a universe apart

So if you're in a situation where your BlackviewBV5500/BV5500 Pro unfortunately suffered a shock that put KO so don't worry anymore, because this kind of problem is common, it happens to many people, and Discountmymobile is there to bring a simple, quick and effective solution. So, no need to paint the world in black when you can in two or three clicks hand over a smartphone Blackview functional.

In case the shock has affected elements such as the rear hull, the high-pitched module, the power ignition table or volume..., be all the more reassured as we also have these parts in stock. At home, among us spare parts BlackviewBV5500 and BV5500 Pro you have a panoply of repair parts that responds to the characteristics required for your Blackview. By consulting our platform, you have the assurance to find out what you need without any fear. Redunt voice or color to your phone to follow your music, exchange with others and watch your favorite videos.

One of the biggest fears after a shock is that the display of the phone has a serious damage. When this is the case, it is sometimes easy to imagine spending the worst sums either in repair or for a new purchase. With Discountmymobile you can quickly enjoy the 16GB storage memory and the fluidity you offer the 3GB RAM of your BlackviewBV5500 Plus. This, by easily ordering on the platform an HD+ screen of 1440*720 pixels designed with precision and only for your smartphone BlackviewBV5500. Although it is an entry-level phone, this jewel still has a good setup.

Shocks and failures can also cause dysfunction on many other elements such as the hull, charging circuit, photo modules and many other sensitive parts. Therefore Discountmymobile offers IP65 IP69K certified shells preserved and tested according to international standards.

Good quality low price

Knowing the hardness of today's life, Discountmymobile has been given as the main objective of helping you benefit from assistance and follow-up to each of your orders. Indeed every product that is screen and spare parts Blackview BV5500 Pro that you order is tested thoroughly before shipment. This allows us to ensure the good quality of what you will receive at home. In addition, prices are very low, because we want to help you repair your smartphones having spent as much as possible. This is the choice of our shop Discountmymobile.

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