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Réparez l'écran de votre smartphone Blue à petit prix chez Discountmymobile  There are 15 products.

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1 display - 15 / 15 articles

How do I fix your phone's screen BLU?

Has the screen on your branded smartphone just broken BLU ? Do you want to change it as quickly as possible? Discountmymobile offers screens for smartphone parts and screens in its dedicated shop, suitable for all the different smartphone models of the brand BLU . Search, find, order and have the screen you need to get your smartphone back up and running for free to get your smartphone back on track BLU.

Do you have a BLU -branded smartphone that has fallen dramatically? As a result of this fall, has the smartphone screen stopped working? It is clear that your smartphone requires a screen change to get back to normal operation. If you need a smartphone screen BLU that fits the model you have, on the Discountmymobile store, you'll find different types of screens that meet the brand's smartphone models BLU.

The brand's smartphone models BLU

BLU is an American brand specializing in the manufacture of low-cost mobile phones running Android. The newest models of BLU's mobile phones are: Vivo Go, Vivo XL, Vivo XL4,Pure View, Vivo X andVivo 8L; all released between 2018 and 2019. Further on, we will be able to put to the brand's assets, models such as R1 HD, C5 LTE, Grand XL, Mega Studio, Grand X, Grand M, Life One X2 ... Etc. The various smartphone models of the brandBLU are characterized by a positioning that makes them accessible to all on the market. But they remain susceptible to falls and shocks. Their screen may break or simply stop working. In this case, quickly finding a replacement screen will quickly repair your device.

Have all types of smartphone screens BLU on Discountmymobile

Specializing in the sale of repair parts and screens for smartphones especially Chinese, Discountmymobile offers a wide variety of screens suitable for the different smartphone models of the brand BLU. : BLU Screen Neo X Plus,BLU Large 5.5 HD screen, BLU life One X 2016 screen, BLU Life One X2 screen, BLU Life One X2 Miniscreen, new BLU Life XL screen, BLU Life One XL screen, R1 Plus BLU screen, studio BLU Studio Energy D810L D810U,Studio View X L screen,etc. In case you don't find the one that matches your search in the store, you can request it from the team so that the screen adapted to your smartphone model is made available to you.

Why you should buy from Discountmymobile

Discountmymobile offers high-quality screens for BLUbranded smartphones. The screens are certified. Each model was tested using a test case designed for this purpose. Each screen purchased comes free of charge with a repair kit that allows the customer to repair his smartphone himself and save accordingly what he should have paid to a professional repairman. The customer has a six-month warranty for each screen purchased.

Talk to the team

Discountmymobile allows you to contact its team directly for all your concerns. Need a particular product or service? By email or chat, let the team know your needs so that you can get the right answers.

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