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Réparez pour pas cher vos anciens smartphones Wiko  There are 60 products.

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1 display - 60 / 60 articles

Repair my Wiko smartphone

You found an old smartphone Wiko at the bottom of your drawer and would you like to fix it? He's a Wiko Cink Peax, one Wiko Sunset, Barry, Bloom, Cink Plus, Cink Slim, King, Stairway or an even older reference?

Regardless of the old version Wiko that you have, the latter remain very excellent phone. But in order to make full use of it, it should be still functional. Unfortunately today the many activities in which man has embarked are very dangerous for the physical appearance and components of your Wiko smartphone. A minute of inattention and here is a marvel destroyed. Fortunately for nothing is never really lost with Discountmymobile.

Be reassured with us, you will find in a few clicks the solution to your screen problem and that it is minor or major. Don’t stress yourself anymore because of the age of your phone. With Discountmymobile, you will necessarily find the replacement screen that suits it.

In addition, each of the products we offer has been previously tested by our expert technicians. This means that for each Wiko replacement screen Wax whether you buy from us or others, be sure that quality and authenticity will be at the rendezvous. So why you’re worried about a fall or off-service screen when in a few clicks you can offer another at the price of nothing.

So hurry up on our platform to enjoy the many related products and services you need. Discountmymobile, this is the reference in terms of quality, but also in terms of price. Find your phone even more beautiful than before with our range wiko screens all models and be sure to deny the pearl you need.

Visit the beam Wiko replacement screens Former models proposed by Discountmymobile and enjoy exceptional discounts up to -60% on your repair screen. You will no longer have an excuse to leave your smartphone with the broken screen.

If by the greatest chance, the model ofWiko screen that you are looking for was not available on our site, you can contact our team that will be pleased to find you the desired reference in the limited stock available of course.

Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • Lenny 3 MAX

    Repair Wiko Lenny 3 Max

    A bad move and your phone’s screen to harvest broken pots? Why want to replace the whole smartphone when thanks to Discountmymobile can you just change the screen? Indeed, we deliver you new and original screens from the range of Wiko Lenny 3 Max.

    It is well known that spare parts smartphone is becoming increasingly rare. But we, just for you, have kept on offering you the best. So, your broken screen will no longer be a huge source of expenditure. We assure you fully of products guaranteed 6 months (out of stock) complying with all existing standards. With Discountmymobile, even if you are at the end of a cave, we will serve you. Indeed, our service performs the free deliveries, and this, all over the world (express also available).

    So enjoy the power of your smartphone Wiko Lenny 3 Max without worrying about screen problems. Few are the phones of this range that offers you such physical and technical specificities. Thanks to us, the world of spare parts for smartphone is yours.

  • U-Feel Go

    Repair Wiko U Feel Go

    Your smartphone Wiko U Feel Go just made an olympic fall and you'll find yourself with a screen displaying fancy colors or small glass tips everywhere... Don't worry that happens every day and it's useless to spend a crazy sum to buy a phone...

    We offer you screen Wiko U Feel Go completely new replacement so that you can rehabilitate your phone in the best conditions Wiko U-Feel Go.

    Discountmymobile also offers a tempered glass protection and a dismantling tool set with your new screen.

  • freddie

    Repair my Wiko Freddy smartphone

    Your screen Wiko Freddy is broken, broken, broken? No worries at home Discountmymobile we have the replacement screen that will restore a new life to your smartphone Wiko Freddy.

    We provide after-sales service on all screens that we sell and ensure optimal quality. All our screens are tested and 6 months warranty (out of break).

    Order today your replacement screen Wiko Freddy at the lowest price and enjoy the shipping costs offered all over the planet.

  • U-Feel Prime

    Repair Wiko U Feel Prime

    Your new smartphone Wiko U Feel Prime just fell down and picking it up, you find it with its totally broken screen... it's cocoa, it's cata, it's catastrophe! You're already thinking about the budget to spend on buying a new phone...

    It'll be useless! Because thanks to Discountmymobile you can order a brand new replacement screen for your Wiko U Feel Prime at a small price.

    Delivery is free worldwide. Order today your Wiko U Feel Prime screen.

  • U-Feel Fab

    Repair Wiko U Feel Fab

    In this radius we offer the lcd touch screen Wiko UFeel Fab so that you can repair your smartphone by yourself. Too often you find yourself with its broken phone screen and you don't know what to do.... Order your new screen Wiko U Feel Fab at the lowest price Discountmymobile and get your cell phone back Wiko U Feel Fab.

    We offer you the gift shipping fee so don't hesitate anymore.

  • jerry

    Repair Wiko Jerry

    You sat on your phone Wiko Jerry and broke the screen? It's embarrassing, but it's not irreversible.

    Order a new one today full LCD screen brand new to repair your smartphone Wiko Jerry. Change the window, replace the screen? It's no longer a problem since Discountmymobile offers you the best screen quality at the lowest price. In addition the delivery will be offered all over the planet so don't hesitate and launch!

  • B-Kool

    Repair Wiko B Kool

    You exploded your lcd screen Wiko smartphone ? Just B-Kool ! We offer in our shop a complete radius with replacement screens for most phones Wiko from the market. Now you will be able to order a new screen Wiko B Kool and make the rehabilitation of your dear and tender smartphone Wiko BKool. Enjoy a personalized service of professionals in the telephony.

    Discountmymobile welcome!

  • S Kool

    Repair Wiko S Kool

    Repair her screen Wiko S Kool damaged has become very easy thanks to our screen kit ready to mount. Since the guarantee Wiko do not support the break, manage yourself and order a brand new replacement screen to change the defective window of your Wiko S-Kool.
    In addition a Toolkit to disassemble your device properly will be provided with free of charge so don't hesitate and order your new screen LCD Wiko S Kool cheap home Discountmymobile.

  • K-Kool

    Repair Wiko K Kool

    The series Kool is a new generation series Wiko marseille. Although having improved the strength of their mobile, the broken screen is still the main cause of smartphone failures at present. Needless to separate from yours Wiko KKool however, opt for a kit touch screen wiko K Kool new and original proposed by Discountmymobile to restore a new life to your smartphone Wiko.

    Product in stock and free shipping worldwide.

  • Robby

    Repair Wiko Robby

    “You must not prepare the pan as long as the fish is in the sea”,

    ...but when your phone Wiko Robby find yourself with the screen or broken touch glass, no choice, you need to get as soon as possible a new replacement screen to save your Wiko Robby isolation at the bottom of a drawer. Come and discover at home Discountmymobile our selection of new and guaranteed screens for Wiko Robby at the lowest price and enjoy free delivery around the world (also available express shipping).

  • U-Feel Lite

    Repair Wiko U Feel Lite

    How many times have you seen around you your disgusted friends or colleague dropping their cell phone Wiko on the ground with a damaged screen? It's increasingly common and today it's your turn to have your phone slipped Wiko U Feel Lite your pocket and fenduating the screen...

    Fortunately Discountmobile is there to offer you repair screens to rehabilitate your by Wiko UFeel Lite for a price well below if you call a repairer. Don't hesitate anymore and order your Wiko U Feel Lite at the best price.

  • U Feel

    Repair Wiko U Feel

    " Mom always said life is like a chocolate box: We never know what we're gonna fall for! "

    For the screens it's the same! Many different quality, many unscrupulous vendors selling screens with default or grade B.... How to get there to change my crane glass Wiko U Feel ? Home Discountmobile, quality is at the centre of our concerns and that is why we only offer tested and certified screens to ensure total satisfaction. All of us Wiko U Feel LCD Displays repairs are of optimal quality.

    Feel free and order your replacement new LCD screen now to repair your phone Wiko U Feel home Discountmobile.

  • Lenny 3

    Repair Wiko Lenny 3

    “In life we must be kind to women; even with his.”

    If your half misguided your phone Wiko Lenny 3 on the bitumen and now you cut your fingers every time you touch the screen because of the small tips of glasses shattered a bit everywhere, no need to hold it tight. The best solution? Order a new screen at home Discountmymobile, insurance to hand over your mobile Wiko Lenny 3 in condition without ruining you at the lowest price.

  • tommy

    Repair my Wiko Tommy smartphone

    " Bullshit is like taxes, we always end up paying them "

    You escaped your smartphone Wiko Tommy And, bad surprise, the screen is completely broken, broken, in a thousand pieces... what to do? Buy a new phone? Looking for a repairer in your area? These solutions remain expensive so why not replace your own lcd touch screen Wiko Tommy ?

    Thanks to Discountmymobile, you have the possibility to order today a brand new replacement screen for your mobile Wiko Tommy at discount prices.

  • PulpFab 4G

    Repair my Wiko Pulp Fab 4G smartphone

    A paella without shells, it's a lee without garlic, a swindle without rosette.”

    Just like a phone with a broken screen.... Your poster doesn't work anymore after a fall? is he fendu in several places? One solution, replace your defective LCD screen with a new one. We offer you new screens and warranty to repair in favorable conditions your smartphone Wiko Pulp Fab 4G. Promotions and discounts at home Discountmymobile. Replace your mobile in an impeccable condition Wiko Pulp Fab 4G and enjoy our dedicated customer service to answer your questions.

  • Pulp 4G

    Repair Wiko Pulp 4G

    The best time to repair its roof is when the sun shines.”

    However for smartphones it is a little different because we never know when bad luck will hit us and make our pretty phone Wiko Pulp 4G unusable. No worries because we have the solution! One LCD touch screen Wiko Pulp 4G new replacement torch to repair your Wiko Pulp 4G easy.

    As a bonus you will receive a 7 piece tool set to easily disassemble/remount your Wiko smartphone.

    Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • Fever 4G

    Repair my Wiko Fever 4G smartphone

    You misguidedly escaped your smartphone Wiko Fever 4G and you picked it up with a bad surprise... the screen is completely scrambled, the crystals are broken, it is unreadable and doesn't respond properly?

    Don't worry, it's a classic evil. Home Discountmymobile we offer you a new screen and guaranteed to repair your phone at any cost Wiko Fever 4G.

    Do not let a small incident ruin your life, order your new screen and enjoy free delivery at your home.

  • Rainbow Jam 4G

    Repair my Wiko Rainbow Jam 4G smartphone

    Your screen Wiko Rainbow Jam 4G smartphone start showing signs of weaknesses? The colors are pale and bit and the touch glass reacts less and less to your finger? Do you know that it is not necessary to replace your smartphone, visit our screens and spare parts radius and order our Wiko Rainbow Jam 4G Display Kit new and original replacement.

    Discountmymobile offers you a set tools 7 dismantling pieces and a tempered glass of protection to protect the new screen from future bursts.

  • Rainbow Lite

    Wiko Rainbow Lite smartphone repair

    Change wiko rainbow window ? Yes it is possible and easy thanks to the kit lcd screen Wiko Rainbow Lite proposed alternative Discountmymobile. Change Screen Wiko rainbow then becomes a real child game. Refill your phone Wiko Rainbow Lite and his broken glass for cheap.

    We offer delivery on all metropolitan France, Corsica and Monaco. Repair yourself and now your Wiko Rainbow Lite with your small, agile fingers. And if no arm... no chocolate!

  • Rainbow Up 4G

    Repair my Wiko Rainbow Up 4G smartphone

    " When I'm wrong, I have my reasons that I don't give. It would be my fault!"

    However the result is there, namely your phone screen Wiko Rainbow Up 4G completely broken following an accidental 2-story fall. What? Ordering a new smartphone? You're ruining a repairman?

    It'll be useless because at home Discountmymobile, change of glass Wiko Rainbow becomes a child game thanks to our Repair Kit Wiko Rainbow Up screen 4G new and cheap.

    Tools Kit 7 dismantling parts provides

  • Ridge Fab 4G

    Repair Wiko Ridge Fab 4G

    It just happens to others, it's your turn to drop yours Wiko Ridge Fab 4G smartphone in full on the front face what usually has to crack, break or demolish the screen. Either your screen is totally useless with a touch glass partially see totally inoperative or then it displays a black screen or strange colors...

    The solution? A new and shiny replacement screen to repair your phone at any cost Wiko Ridge Fab 4G.

    Or get it? Home Discountmymobile of course. The leader of the repair screen Wiko cheap.

  • Ridge 4G

    Repair Wiko Ridge 4G

    Difficult waking after a much too hot evening and no luck you dropped your phone Wiko Ridge 4G on the parking lot by returning and did not notice that it is now completely fendu. Always functional but for how long ? more, small glass tips that come out of it take you fingers to every use. No worries, you can order from today a Touch screen Wiko Ridge 4G new and sparkling at home Discountmobile and refurbish your smartphone Wiko Ridge 4G.

    Discountmobile is Specialist repair screen Wiko at the best price.

  • highway signs

    Repair Wiko Highway Signs

    The LCD screen of your smartphone Wiko Highway Signs just made the soul... no sign of life and no image is displayed on the screen. What? Investing in a new mobile? Contact the repairers in my area to make a quote? There's probably a less expensive solution...

    We offer you at home Discountmymobile to visit our ray Wiko Highway Signs and discover our Screen Repair Kit to rehabilitate your Wiko Highway Signs at the lowest price of the market.

    The necessary dismantling will be provided graciously.

  • Getaway

    Wiko Getaway smartphone repair

    I just broke my screen! My smartphone screen by Wiko Gateway is now all green and i can no longer access the phone menu. What?

    Many choices are offered to you like renewing your mobile or taking it directly to a repairer... but how much will it cost you?

    Too expensive! The best solution is that proposed by Discountmobile who proposes a Touch Screen Wiko Gateway brand new to make yourself the replacement of your defective screen Wiko.

    Repair now by Wiko Getaway for cheap. Discountmobile offers you the delivery!

  • Wax 4G

    Repair Wiko Wax 4G

    A little too hot evening, a lack of attention, an unhappy fall...? Your phone Wiko Wax 4G is no longer the same, it is disfigured, with small pieces of glass covering the surface of the screen, what to do? Change the phone? It was really not planned in the budget of the month....

    Surprise! It will be useless to rush you into the acquisition of a new phone because thanks to Discountmymobile this situation will soon be a bad memory.

    Order your Touch screen Wiko Wax 4G and make yourself the replacement of your defective screen! This is the most economical solution to offer a new life to your mobile Wiko Wax 4G.

  • Highway 4G

    Wiko Highway 4G smartphone repair

    Wiko launches the series Highway, which declines in: Highway 4G, Highway Signs, Highway Star and Highway 4G.... not easy to locate the right replacement screen to repair your Wiko Highway 4G.

    If you have any doubts, you can contact our sales team who will be happy to guide you and need you as much as possible to choose the model you need. Order your Full Screen lcd tactile glass Wiko Highway 4G home Discountmobile it is to ensure that you purchase a quality screen safely.

  • Darkfull

    Repair Wiko Darkfull

    A smartphone Wiko Darfull is a very good device, still it must be functional. What do you do when you misguidedly broke your cell phone's window or its screen is totally black? Visit the beam Wiko Darkfull Repair Screen home Discountmymobile to order a new and scratch-free screen to make its replacement on your phone in the best possible conditions.

    We offer you as a gift a tool kit to make it replacement and a tempered glass protection to protect the new screen, Thank you Discountmymobile !

  • Darkmoon

    Repair Wiko Darkmoon

    Your Wiko Darkmoon smartphone just made a dizzying fall on the stairs... result of the races, your LCD screen is completely broken. Really no luck. But thanks Discountmymobile it will soon only be a bad memory because we offer you complete replacement screens so that you are able to repair in the most economical way your precious phone Wiko Darkmoon be it white or black.

    We offer you as a bonus a toolkit to easily disassemble your device and a tempered glass protection.

  • dark night

    Repair Wiko Darknight

    Your phone loved by Wiko Darknight displays strange colors since your little sister dropped it from the kitchen table? No worries at home Discountmobile we offer you the possibility to repair your smartphone by Wiko Darknight for a little budget.

    Take advantage of low-priced offers for quality screens, new and guaranteed 6 months (out of break). Order from this day Touchscreen screen Wiko Darknight at the best price.

    Discountmobile offers you with your screen the necessary to dismantle / wind up your Wiko smartphone.

  • dark side

    Repair Wiko Darkside

    Welcome to our repair section Wiko Darkside. You will find new screens to bring life to your mobile phone Wiko Darkside. Whatever the color, it can be black or white, we have the spare part available immediately in our stock at the best price.

    is your discount partner in
    replacement screen Wiko. Free delivery everywhere! ( express mode also available).

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