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Dr. Zammsy's Chronicles (Part 2 )

- Heroes (heroes)
The main characters that can be transformed into a unit?

- Generator (generator)
Maps that create units of sbires on the battlefield to attack enemy units and buildings.

Maps that allow to create remote attacking units.
* Rivers
Cards that improve unit statistics.
* Sockets
Cards that add empowerment to units.
* Crowns

Cards that add empowerment to units.

Decks and

A Deck corresponds to a set of 10 DOLO cards that can be converted to units.
Players can configure a maximum of 3 Decks that are selected before the game.

VOID and

VOID is the main and official currency of the game. A player can acquire Token VOID by winning a game and they can be used to buy, manufacture and create higher-level cards. (More information 21 / VOID Token)


13 /
Game rules and
This section defines what players can do during the battle, basic in the game.

How to win and

The goal of the game is to destroy the largest number of opposing towers within 3 minutes. If a player loses its main central tower, the game ends immediately and its opponent wins the game.

* Extension period and

2 additional minutes of play if no tower is destroyed during the regulatory time or if the players are equal on the destroyed towers. If at the end of this period the players are always equal, the designated winner will be the one who has made the most damage to the enemy towers.

* Match No and

Occurs if players are equal in the number of towers destroyed even after the extension period and the two rounds of players have the same level of health.


Battle Board and
The game takes place the tray " The Battle Board » . Each player has a portion of the player reserved for him. The active player is down and his opponent at the top of the board. The centre of the plateau is a trench that terrestrial units cannot cross unlike flying creatures. The trench includes two bridges to let the earth units cross. Bridges cannot be targeted or attacked.

At the beginning of the game, players can only place their units on their side of the board, however some effects or the use of more advanced units may ignore this restriction.

Each player has three laps on his side: a leader tower and two companion laps.

If a player's leader tower is destroyed, the game is over. If one or both of the player's companion towers are destroyed, the opponents can place their units on the player's field part.

(The tower is destroyed and units can now deploy in the framed area)

14 / Deroulement of the gameAnd

          1 / Preparation phase

        A- Players prepare their selection composed of 10 cards that will form their battle "Deck" during the game. ( possibilities to have 3 Deck )

B- Before looking for an opponent, the player must select the "Deck" he will use.

          2 / Combat phase

A - Both players start the game with the same amount of Mana, which then fills up to the maximum.

B - Four cards are hand distributed and can be reconstituted when the cards are used on the ground to play.

C- A player selects a map to be sent to the battlefield according to the available Mana. The player can only send his cards in certain playable areas. Some maps have capabilities to enable them to be deployed in any area of the field, others are deployed on the side of the opponent or ready for his laps.

D- Players can choose as many cards as they want from the moment when they have enough Mana to consume.

E- The flow of Mana regenerates from 1 every 5 seconds.

F- Each unit has a corresponding element to attack. Details are not displayed during the game.

G- Units target enemy units based on their own priority. Some will ignore enemy units to focus only on buildings. Some can't attack flying units.

End of game and

Both players will win AND TOKEN depending on the result of the Battle.

THE THE ELO each player will be adjusted at that time.

15 / Elements and logic of play:

Description of the relationship between the elements of the game, the types of cards, the decorations, the creation of the Battle Card and their customization.

The Holicron SplicerAnd
The Holicron Splicer is displayed in the main menu. Its utility is to generate a playable card from a Replicon Nexus using a Battle Satchel. A player places a Replicon Nexus card and a Battle Satchel in the Holicron Splicer to launch the generation of the playable card.
Once generated, the player can change the card's specificities thanks to Decorations, Rivets, Sockets and Crowns. Each type of playable card has a limited number of decorations. The transformation of the card will take from 1 minute to 3 hours depending on the complexity and number of decorations to be burned.

Decoration mechanics and
Between the parties, the player will be able to engrave assets on his playable card to make permanent changes.

The name of the map, the text area and the displayed statistics will be updated with the decoration effects.


                By Rivets
The Rivers are a cheap decoration that boosts the default statistics of the playable card and are available in a rarity scale ranging from " Common" to " Legendary" that provide better statistics the more rare they are.
In configuration mode, each Battle Card has two (or more) areas that accept Rivers. By default, they are located on the right side for updates on the health value and on the left for the attack update.
The Rivers may also be associated with Sockets and Crowns to increase the card power even more.

The Sockets are medium value decorations that add new capabilities to the combat card. The proposed default number of locations Sockets is 2.

Example of Sockets power and
Freezing / Slowing / DOT Attack ( Gel, Slowing, DOT Attack)
Shield ( Shield )
Area Effect Attack ( Zone effect attack )
The Faster Deploy ( Faster deployment )
Special Movement (Special Movement )
Swarm (m)
On-Death Effects (Exploser, heal allies, show sbires ... )

The Sockets, may have locations for 2 to 4 Rivers, which improves the basic statistics of the Socket.

                * Crown (short)
These are high-value decorations that greatly improve the Battle Card, mainly liabilities and effects based on Aura. There is 1 slot available.

Crown Power Example and
The Aura (To damage Aura )
Healing Aura (Help the Aura )
Taunt enemies (Provoking enemies)
The Minions (Showing sbires )
Some decorations Crowns can have 2 to 6 slot Rivers, which improve the basic statistics of the Crown.

Battle of Satchel : (the combat bag )

The bag transforms the bag The Nexus a playable card. There are in all six types of bags (Battle of Satchel) in the card game Dolo.

Type of Bags


Ground (soil)

Mech, Car, Tank, Infantry, Truck

Ranged (distance)

Canon, reaction injector, archer, catapults, lightning transmitter.

The Airborne (Airborne)

Ornithopteres, Jets, Balloons

Building (building)

Tunnels, Mines, Cabane in trees, Castles, City, Farmhouse, Hospital, Laboratory, Bridge, Observatory.

Instant Effects (instant effects)

Barils, Portals, Mechanical Effect, Virus, Remedy.

Hero (hero)

Wax Waxandrium improved, Palagon sword, Vizdeedra Sceptre.


16 / The cards on the battlefield and

The battlefield is displayed on the screen once a game has started. It is composed of 3 laps placed in front of each player. Four cards are randomly drawn from the player's current game and are displayed with the cost Mana. These cards become units once deposited in the field and cost Mana paid.

1 / Type of unit
2 & 3 / Attack and Health Statistics
4 / Capacity
5/ Living bar
6/ Particle effects

Collections and
The collections are accessible via the main menu, displaying all available maps, types and decorations. Players can add, delete or edit cards from their Deck.

17 / Experience and
Experience and upgrade strategy are determined by:

1 - The total number of games played.
2 - The number of games won.
3 - The number of times or the player shot the opposing tower.
4 - Additional points for the destruction of the opponent's turn.
5 - The number of maps improved or concocted.


18 / Game characters and decorations and

A / The Heroes
The Dr. Theodore Zammsy
The Giant Orgaton
By Morris Minor
Age’ed Youngling
Age’ed Youngling Black Series
By Vizdeera
The Virus
The Farmer Randle Middleton
Spotted Cowl
And Prof. Vagnus Zeal
By Katriese Middleton
Visdeedra Black Series
And Prof. Vagnus Zeal
Sickly Giant
The Orgaton Dead
Combat Medic Zammsy
The Palagon Troll
The Dr. by Zammsy Skiff Worm
Innernautilus Drop Ship
And capt. by Xander Romsdal
The Med Bot 3B-30
The Dr. by Zammsy Spritzer

B / Tours and Buildings
Snookum Beast Surgery
The Middleton Farm
The Dr. Zammsy’s Laboratory
The Dr. Zammsy on the Road
The Bridge of Sabrica

C / Decorations
Sword of Palagon
First Blue Waxundrium Block Crystal
Blue Waxundrium Block Crystal
The Dr. Zammsy Eye Replacement
Panthus Scribical
Theramos Delos Galimentis
Innernaut Replicon Shield
CB-5 Jet Injector with Ibumecton
CB-5 Jet Injector with Yoshiblu


19 / What is WAX?

WAX (Worldwide Asset exchange,) launched in 2017, is a Blockchain specially designed for e-commerce via dapps (decentralised applications) BY NFT, games, virtual worlds and unique collection objects. On the Blockchain WAX, creators and brands can easily create, launch and distribute BY NFT to a global user base.

The brands that launched BY NFT on WAX include Topps (Major League Baseball,) Capcom (Street Fighter,) Atari, Funko, Lionsgate, Hotwheels, Hasbro, SONY, AMC Theater ... and many more. WAX also published collections BY NFT official for films such as Princess Bride, Blade Runner, Spiderman...

Games The Play-2-earn are also honoured WAX with already poster heads in the field with games like ALIEN WORLD, BCBRAWLERS, FARMERS WORLD, HODL GOD, SPINTERLANDS, AFTERMATH ISLAND ....BY DR ZAMMSY.

WAX is a carbon neutral blockchain and uses a sustainable mining method: Pos (Proof of Stake.) The evidence of participation limits the mining power according to the number of available parts you have. If you have a wallet with 1% of the available parts, you can only extract 1% of the blocks. The Pos is also much faster than the Pow (Proof of Work.).

The advantage of WAX is above all its simplicity of use and its weak coincidence. Buy, Sell, Update, Search, Sort and Sort Nfts are simple and almost instant actions in their place of market THE ATOMIC HUB.

20 / $WAXP and
The chips $WAXP feed the entire ecosystem WAX. All transactions, Purchases and Sales BY NFT on The Atomic Hub they are made in $WAXP. It is possible to obtain it through the large exchange platforms such as Binance or Kucoin but also directly on the platform THE WAX WALLET.
21 / Buy NFT Dr Zammsy on ATOMIC HUB and
To do this, you must first create a free Wallet on the platform WAX at this address:

You can create an account directly via your email address or by logging in to your Facebook account, Twitter, Gmail, VK ....

Once your account is created, you need to feed your account into it $WAXP before you can buy them By Dr Zammsy.

Click on the button " Buy Waxp » in the menu on the right of the screen.


You will then have a choice between using your credit card via the Moonpay or Simplex service. Other options are available to you if you prefer to use your Cryptomonnaie directly. The latest Changenow option is the most convenient if you want to power your account WAX via your main wallet. The most common cryptos are accepted including stablecoins (USDT, BUSD, .... ) and multichain.

Then go to the WAX Marketplace, in the Dr Zammsy collection, directly to this address:


The BY NFT are classified in different categories, such as SEASON 1, SEASON 2, SEASON 3, BOXES, PROMO, BATTLE CARD... and you can also select the rarity of the map from the "Rarity Filter" drop-down menu.
The price is currently still very accessible on the majority of cards but the enthusiasm created by the release of the season 3 on 29/04/22 and the game Play to Earn The Battle Card Game planned for the summer of 2022, will certainly climb the coast of this project very quickly.




21 / VTHE TOKEN and

VOID is the native utilitarian token for the whole range of Onessus products. VOID is at the heart of their gaming ecosystem, NFT and all future Onesus products.

Name of the Jeton
Transmitter Onessus Blockchain Systems LLC
Total Jeton VOID : 62.5 Billions (pre-minted)
Total cresting 34,375,000,000 VOID TOKEN
Network WAX, EOS ... soon ETH

is at the head of the famous PvP/PvE Hodlgod game or warriors compete for supremacy and or players are rewarded in The Token or BY NFT. But also Niftyville who is the first multiplayer online game BY NFT based on the real world (style GTA.) The world of Niftyville will allow players to create their own reality in the Metaverse knowing that they will really have the assets they use in the game. The main currency used in Niftyville will obviously be AND TOKEN. Expected release Q2 2022.

Dr. Zammsy
is partner with the Onessus team and will use them AND TOKEN for their THE BATTLE CARD GAME. So the players will be rewarded in VOID when they win Battles, improve their level in the game or Stake their BY NFT.

With so many utilities and growing and faster adoption, the AND TOKEN to very beautiful days in front of him to settle in the reference Cryptomonnaie in the middle of the games The Play-2-Earn.

22 / STAKING : (Whentaking?)

Whenstaking is the yellowing protocol BY NFT ofOnessus, a dedicated and organized platform BY NFT their own projects (Hodlgold, Neftyville, Yield Universe. ) and their collaborations with partners offering a high-quality digital project such as Dr. Zammsy. . Whenstaking ?allows holders to improve the usefulness and potentially the value of their collection BY NFT by immobilizing them in a smart contract over a given period and at a defined and paid rate The Token to generate a passive return. Staking is similar to mining because they reward users who are involved in securing a centralized network.

The BY DR ZAMMSY can all be "Staker" on the platform Whenstaking ? At a rate of up to 80%!!!!


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