Automatic shoe cover dispenser

Automatic shoe cover dispenser

Automatic shoe cover at discount prices

Our offer includes:

x 1 Disposable shoe cover dispenser

Discountmymobile offers you this automatic shoe cover dispenser in order to preserve your interior and thus ensure a hygiene against germs, dust, bacteria that come from outside.

In these times of pandemic, viruses are more than ever at the doors of our offices, premises or dwellings, especially when we have a lot of passage. The solution is therefore in this device that will allow you to slow down the entry ofcontaminants and thus avoid cross-contamination.

Matter: ABS
Color: Gold, Blue, Pink, Green or Silver
Size: 40x21x12cm
Poid: 1.8KG

Its use is very simple !!! Position it at the desired location (usually door entrance) and recharge it with disposable shoe covers.

Simply place your foot inside and it will be covered with the shoe cover that will fit perfectly into the shape of your shoe.

You must use shoe covers (with T-shaped plastic notches) specifically intended to be used with this device.

Shoe covers are available in this ad by batch of x100 x200 or x300 pcs.

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What is an automatic shoe cover dispenser?

This ingenious machine allows to cover the foot, presented in the location provided for this purpose, by a disposable plastic protection. It is neither necessary to bow or bend, just place your foot in the machine and bring it out as if it would say "packed". This prevents infection or contamination from the outside from the shoes. The automatic shoe cover dispenser works on a mechanical spring, making the use of electricity useless.

What are the interests of an automatic shoe cover distributor?

The main advantage is to preserve in your closet, office, apartment .... a healthy, non-contaminating climate. Ideal when you have a lot of time in your premises or your interior.

Your patients, customers or friends will not have to bend down to put on their shoe cover,the machine will do it for them, thus avoiding any contact in order to respect even more the gestures barriers.

Or position my automatic shoe cover dispenser?

The ideal is to position it right next to your front door so you can use it as soon as you walk through your door. Its weight and non-slip skates allow for good stability and avoid slipping when you position your foot in the device.

Who is the automatic shoe cover dispenser for?

This device can be used by professionals as well as by individuals and in all types of places. The most common are: dental or medical practices, waiting rooms, offices, tattoo artists, apartments.... but also hospitals, food or pharmaceutical factories....

The automatic shoe cover dispenser is above all intended for people who are very concerned about cleanliness in their interior and environment.

Grade AAA
Brand Générique
Color Colour of your choice
Product type Accessories
Condition new
Accessory type Disposable shoe covers
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