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Le PiCoin crypto monnaie

Le PiCoin crypto monnaie

The PiCoin
PiCoin is a cryptocurrency, just like bitcoin or ethereum. A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency, which can be sold (we will talk about trade in the middle) at a price that fluctuates according to supply and demand, as in any market. In the future, it is planned to be able to use crypto currencies as the usual means of payment, these being for the great majority anonymous, untraceable and without any financial institution to regulate the prices.
PiCoin history
The PiCoin was released for the first time, in a semi-humorous project, on March 14, 2013, the day of “Pi Day”, the day celebrating the famous mathematical constant Pi. The maximum number of coins was then 31,415,926,535 (like the pi, there is the joke), the transaction time of 314 seconds and the mining reward of the block was 314,159 coins. It was in 2014, after a new ICO on this pi, that the PiCoin really intrigued, and it was given a certain interest and an interesting value, which saw in this crypto a means of developing attractive concepts to popularize the PiCoin for math enthusiasts. Everything revolved around PiCoin as a way to help math projects, but the rest was very different.
PiCoin in its current state
The PiCoin is in a distribution sentence. You install an app on your smartphone, create an account, and go! You receive coins without doing anything, even if your phone is turned off, or without an internet connection: the mining phase will not begin until the end of 2019, so you can get picoins, therefore money, WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING! Just log into the app every 24 hours to show you're active, and you're making money without investing anything. Ultimately, PiCoin will have real financial value, as yet unknown, as the market has not yet been defined and the blockchain has not yet been allocated. A PiCoin can therefore be worth € 0.50 or € 10. But since it costs you nothing to mine it, it has to be a profit. The creator of PiCoin said he wanted to globalize its use and make it commonplace. If this turns out to be true, the PiCoin will have a really interesting interest and therefore will have a really big market and a value which can be high. So this is a very good opportunity for those who want to get cryptocurrency and are interested in it but cannot buy bitcoin given its current price. Getting started with cryptocurrencies like PiCoin which can later be exchanged for bitcoin for free is something very interesting! So install the application for free and enter the world of crypto without any risk!

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