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Réparer l'écran cassé de mon smartphone Wiko Tommy 2 Plus  There are 2 products.

1 display - 2 / 2 articles
1 display - 2 / 2 articles

Repair Wiko Tommy 2 Plus

Has your smartphone just fallen victim to a spectacular fall that has put its screen in a thousand pieces? A quick and simple solution to bring it back to life is to replace the broken screen. Easier said than done, you will say especially when you know that there are a multitude of counterfeit coins sold at gold prices by unscrupulous traders.

However, there are still really responsible structures. Discountmymobile for example for years has been keen to offer its customers new and original screens of Wiko Tommy 2 plus. Thus, the products offered are guaranteed 6 months (excluding scraps) to give you all the time necessary to check the good compliance of what is offered to you. So you can safely continue to enjoy your powerful smartphone by repairing it at a low price. In addition, to prevent another possible fall from breaking the screen again, a protective tempered glass window is OFFERed to you with each screen you have ordered.

So why think too much? Wherever you are on earth, contact us and you will find your happiness.

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