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Virtual reality headset

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality.

With this technology, we can live an experience where both our view and our position in space are solicited. The device deceives the brain and plunges us into a world apart where it is possible to experiment with many things, games or applications for example, it all depends on the program launched.

There are many different models of VR headsets, although the principle remains the same. On the technical side, we observe the screen through lenses and, depending on the model, the calculation is carried out either by a machine dedicated to this task or by the machine we are wearing (and therefore heavier depending on the helmet, which is important at the time of purchase).

What's the point of a reality headset?

The real usefulness of virtual reality seems for now... pretty virtual. Of course, there is the video game that establishes itself as the leader with high-pros and field games, shooting games, explorations or multiplayer games to play with other players and chat with them.

But virtual reality isn't just about that. Other applications appear. For example, in the medical field training rescuers or soldiers. Most aviation enthusiasts use a virtual reality headset that acts as a flight simulator.

In fact, the arrival of consumer virtual reality masks, relatively cheap, allows to democratize this tool that until now existed only in specialized centers.

One question remains: will all this make us happier? "Yes," according to Palmer Luckey, creator of the Oculus Rift mask who thinks VR will bring "happiness to people". He believes that this will allow everyone to access things that are normally inaccessible.

A big virtual reality project called "Oasis" wants to allow people to live in an alternative dimension brought by their virtual reality headsets, and thus flee their daily lives and worries and interfere in this new world where anything is possible, without restrictions.

This kind of headset is also great for watching a movie and watching it 360 degrees or visiting cities. No need to move from his couch, the outside world comes directly to us! A must have in the years to come, therefore, given the performance and the exceptional appearance.

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