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1 display - 6 / 6 articles

Buy a Vernee smartphone at Discountmymobile

Without overdoing it, smartphones are arguably one of the most beautiful inventions of the 21st century. You can see how modern society uses it, whether for professional purposes, whether for purely personal purposes. But as interesting and advantageous as they are, smartphones are not necessarily accessible to all budgets. They are expensive, so you often have to raise hundreds of euros to buy a smartphone with quite modern features allowing for really satisfactory use. It took the advent of Chinese smartphones for this situation to evolve, to the point where everyone, regardless of income level, can afford a quality smartphone at once. The brand Vernee more than satisfied with this expectation and Discountmymobile offers them on its website.

Vernee, a young but distinguished brand

Once neglected Chinese smartphones are now increasingly at the heart of all attention. They are increasingly improved and performed so as not to have to envy the smartphone models offered by the giants of the sector. So it is with the brand's smartphones Vernee. Vernee is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. Created in 2016, Vernee brings to market smartphones running the Androidoperating system. Known for its very aggressive pricing policy, Vernee does not hesitate to offer mid-range smartphones at prices corresponding to those of the low end. The story began in 2016 with smartphone models such asApollo, Apollo Lite, Mars, Mars Pro, Thor before gradually evolving into more current models like: the T3 pro,the Thor Plus,the Thor E, Apollo X,the M6,the Vernee X,the Vernee Mix 2 ... Etc.

Vernee : powerful and safe smartphones

Having a Vernee brand smartphone is a real privilege. Indeed, the brand's smartphones offer their users a very high level of assurance and serenity. Their strength is impressive and they always have a great deal of autonomy. This is the case for smartphone models such as: the Thor Plus which has a power of 6200mAh; The Thor E, which has a power of 5020mAh, the Vernee X, 6200 mAh; The V2 Pro, known to be a robust model; the Thor,theApollo Lite,theApollo X that are known for their speed, etc. Moreover, the design of the brand's various smartphone models is anything but neglected. Vernee seems to have invested all its engineering to offer users of its smartphones a wonderful experience. And this has its effect, since now the brand has some ancestry in the market.

The latest smartphone models Vernee available on Discountmymobile

Would you be interested in the brand's smartphonesVernee? Discountmymobile offers you to discover the wide variety of smartphones of the brand on its shop. Whether you want to have a V2 Pro,a T3 Pro,an X1 Quad-Core, an M6,an M3, the latest Vernee M8 Pro or any other smartphone model of the brand Vernee, you will definitely have it on the Discountmymobilestore. In case you are looking for a smartphone model of the brand that is not available, you can always let the store team know so that it is available to you.

The smartphones of the brand Vernee you will find in the Discountmymobile store are all adapted to the different French networks. They can easily connect to the 4G of France B20 800mHz. They are unlocked to be used with all operators. They perfectly integrate Google Play into their operation.

Guarantees and delivery

Discountmymobile guarantees all of its new smartphones for one year. They are delivered all over the world by the DHLcarrier. With Discountmymobile,in addition to offering you high-performance smartphones adapted to the latest technologies at discount prices, you benefit from a guarantee that protects you against any loss of your investment in the event of a manufacturing defect found following the conclusion of the purchase. If you want more information about the store's services before ordering your new smartphoneVernee, the store promises to be available to answer any questions or requests.

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