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Repairing my iPhone 11

The year 2019 marks a great coup for the giant Apple. Indeed, this season marks the official release of its famous and powerful iPhone 11. Although the design is not really revolutionary, the technical features and the camera as for them have taken a serious hit in terms of evolution. As always quite expensive compared to its competitors, it is therefore important that in the event of a breakdown of the latter that you can easily repair it. In any case, this is what Discountmymobileoffers you.

Discountmymobile: a platform without limits

The iPhone 11 is a device with simply incredible specificity. Physically, its design hasn't really changed. Always beautiful, sublime and perfectly arranged. So it's normal for you to take care of it like the apple of your eyes. However, some voluntary or non-voluntary situations can create scratches and many other inconveniences that are much more unpleasant for you and your precious laptop. In these cases, Discountmymobile offers replacement cases for iPhone 11 perfect to give a boost to the external structure of the phone.

In the same vein, it is important to note that this laptop has a 6.1" LCD screen with an incredible and pleasant resolution of 1732-828 pixels. So it would be practically crazy to feel compelled to consider the phone as unusable because of cracks on the screen when you can buy a brand new one and has really attractive price. Discountmymobile offers iPhone 11 screen kits that are 100% compatible with your damaged phone. A fall, an out-of-service screen, shock stains, don't panic, just log on to our screen platformand iPhone 11 spare parts.

IP68-certified, Apple's newest jewel is water and dust resistant. But hey, resister doesn't mean immortal. So sometimes things like the front or rear camera pay the price. Indeed, the iPhone 11's camera modules are tripled at the rear, i.e. 12 -12 -12 MPx, in front of a 12MP technology equipped with ID face technology. One of these accessories was damaged? Don't panic. Just take a look at Discountmymobile.fr and order your iPhone 11 rear camera module at discount prices.

Especially with the new iOS 13 user interface that are present on the new iPhones including the 11, you can enjoy all the beauty and brilliance that the different applications offer. So don't leave your flagship to the fore and now find all the happiness of freely manipulating your smarpthone thanks to Discountmymobile.

Apart from these, you can also find on Discountmymobile many other items that could be useful, even unavoidable, in case of a failure of your iPhone 11. Micro module, internal speaker or external speaker, charging circuit and many more are among our sales specialties. So don't let a processor Apple A13 bionic, more than 128GB of sensitive data and hundreds of euros go into the bottom of a drawer due to a lack of sound due to a speaker failure. With a few euros, order the spare part for iPhone 11 and give your phone a new life.

Discountmymobile: you're like home

The most important thing for us is your technical, physical and above all financial satisfaction. That's why we put everything at stake for your complete satisfaction. This means that everything is set up for a fast, accurate and pleasant service. Yes, with the revolutionary platform, you no need to go to technicians who are often unscrupulous and do not hesitate to extort large sums of money.

By ordering your iPhone 11 screen kit in our shop, be sure to benefit from a set OF OFFERT dismantling tools as a gift. The latter will allow you to repair your smartphone yourself. This will save you a great time during both purchase and repair. So don't waste a single second and 24 hours a day, enjoy all the assistance you need for all your needs and questions. Given how important it is to us, you're sure to findthe iPhone 11 screen or spare room you've been looking for for a long time.

Discountmymobile's customer service is available for your questions by email or via online chat.

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