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écrans et pièces de remplacement Samsung Galaxy Série J : 2016 2017 2018 2019 ...  There are 34 products.

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1 display - 34 / 34 articles

Samsung Galaxy J smartphone repair

Samsung's Galaxy J series is an entry-level entry-level that's accessible to all. This series arrived in 2015 and is divided under different models like the J1, J2, J3 and J4. Models such as the J5, J6 and J7 are more considered mid-range.

If you've broken your screen and need to replace it with a new one, make sure you have the exact device reference because Samsung releases a new J-series every year between 2015 and 2018, so it can be difficult to differentiate them. A 2015 Galaxy J5 will have the J500F reference while its successor the J5 2016 will carry the reference J5 J510F. One does not go in place of the other of course and you will have to order the right reference. If you have any doubts about your version, our customer service is there to help you and answer your questions.

In 2018, Samsung launched the Galaxy J4 J400F,the Galaxy J6 J600F,the 2018 Galaxy J2,the 2018 Galaxy J7 Prime and the Galaxy J6 Plus. Always presented as the most accessible smartphones of the brand, it is nevertheless very supplied with specificities.

2019 seems to be more of an A-Series-oriented year than the J-Series for Samsung developers because only the 2019 Pure J2 has emerged.

Check out our selection of Samsung Galaxy J screens and repair parts at the best price.

Wide selection of Galaxy J parts

Need a charging or start-up slick for your device? Is the hull all scratched and well worth being replaced? Is your Sim Drawer lost? Network failure or inoperative earpiece?

At Discountmymobile,we'll do everything we can to help you get all the parts and repairs to repair your precious Galaxy Jsmartphone at the best prices.

  • Galaxy J2 Pure J260AZ...

    2019 Galaxy J2 Pure Repair

    It's not nice to have to use a smartphone that is in poor condition. Whether it is a cracked or broken screen, it is best to take the necessary steps to repair it. If you have a Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure, know that you may very well find a replacement screen.

    Buy Discountmymobile's repair kit

    Specializing in the sale of spare parts, Discountmymobile is the site that can answer all your phone problems. It also offers its services by selling Repair Screen Kit for most Samsung Galaxymodels. Its purpose is to give people with smartphones the chance to repair the smartphone themselves, without spending a fortune.

    To do this, the price displayed far exceeds your expectations. Not only will you get the parts you need at a price you can't even imagine, but you also get a warranty on all the products you buy at Discountmymobile.

    A secure and reliable purchase

    When you're on the Discountmymobilewebsite, you'll be able to choose the parts you need to repair your Galaxy J2 Pure 2019 smartphone. All our spare parts are guaranteed 6 months to ensure maximum comfort (excluding breakage or bonding). The guarantees we offer, concerns all the products you sell on our website. In addition, delivery is free anywhere in the world. However, you may well choose to have the package sent to you in recommended or express DHL or EMS OR DPD. Once you've found everything you need, you can also buy extra accessories for your phone, such as cables, VR headsets, headphones, etc.

  • Galaxy J8 (2018) J810F

    Galaxy J8 2018 J810F troubleshooting

  • Galaxy J4 J415F (2018)

    Galaxy J4-J415F 2018 troubleshooting

  • Galaxy J7 Duo 2018 /...

    Galaxy J7 Duo 2018 / J720F Repair


  • Galaxy J4 J400F (2018)

    2018 Galaxy J4 J400F Repair

    Your J4 has been meeting your expectations and needs for several months. But even the best are not immune to an accident. As proof, a few days ago, you dropped it. As a result, nothing appears on the screen. This is a sign that you must either go through a repair or a replacement. Either way, you'll need to buy a J4 repair screen kit. And for your favorite smartphone, high-quality products are the order of the day. To ensure the most advantageous value for money, there is only one address: Discountmymobile.

    What can we do for your J4 ?

    The Galaxy J4 is a long awaited smartphone among the big fans of the Samsungbrand . In design as in technical features, it is almost a flawless in the category of entry-level. So it's only natural that you don't want to part with it. If you have problems with the components: display problem, load problem, sound problem or screen break, we offer, on our online store, screen repair kits, spare parts of all kinds to allow you to repair your smartphone without degrading its quality and even optimizing it.

    Repairing your smartphone yourself: good or bad idea?

    You don't have to be a high-level handyman to be able to replace your screen with our repair kits. Pre-assembled and ready to be installed, you'll find everything you need for a flawless result, but at a lower cost. Other than the screen, we also offer other parts such as camera lenses, camera modules, headphone slicks, vibrator modules, etc. And if you can't find what you're looking for in our list, feel free to contact us directly, the Discountmymobile team will be happy to meet your expectations.

  • Galaxy J2 J250F (2018)

    Galaxy J2 J250F 2018 Repair

    Since its acquisition your Galaxy J2 2018 (model J250 F) was a real favorite for you. This smartphone has even been your main companion of everyday life for a few months. Except that today, your phone is not working properly. Whether it's because of the screen or other component, you're sorry to see that it can no longer be used as before. But you don't want to part with it. Solution: Repair your 2018 Samsung J2 yourself with special screens and other cheap spare parts that we offer at Discountmymobile.

    Fix your phone at a lower cost

    Thanks to the solutions we offer at Discountmymobile,repairing your phone becomes a breeze. In addition, the cost is cheaper. You will find, in fact, all the spare parts, components and other tools necessary to bring a second youth to your smartphone Samsung Galaxy J2 2018. We provide you with quality products, tested and approved by our experts, with an optimal price ratio to easily, quickly and efficiently repair the problems you encounter on your smartphone. Whether it's on the tablecloth, the hull, the camera or the screen, make sure you find the component you need.

    Extend the life of your smartphone

    And you won't even have to wait for the worst to happen before you switch to replacing your screen or other components like the charging connector, rear hull, ignition slick or camera module. Each product made available to you are original pieces. So you'll find your phone the way it was before and even better. The little extra? Each component has been manufactured so that you can install them at home, without the need for professional help.

  • Galaxy J6 J600F (2018)

    2018 Galaxy J6 J600F Repair

    Your Galaxy J6 - J600F- 2018 landed on the ground and it was your screen that cushioned the fall? Since then, your smartphone doesn't display anything! Or did you accidentally hit a table with your smartphone in your pocket and a nasty crack covers the entire front part of the smartphone? And yet, for your personal and professional life, you can't do without a phone. Despite the small (or big) bobos, you do not want to buy a new one. A simple broken screen is not, for you, a valid reason to abandon your lifelong companion.

    Rule number 1: repair before anything else

    No matter how serious the damage, it's quite possible that your smartphone will only need a simple repair. But in this case, you would need to invest in spare parts and a repair kit. Don't worry, it's much cheaper than other options. In addition, the quality is well at the rendezvous. Provided you opt for quality components. Look no further, at Discountmymobile we offer only quality. For all smartphones from major manufacturers, especially Samsung,all our components are original parts.

    Why fix your J6 screen yourself?

    To make significant savings and to be sure of the quality of the result. Because yes, it is not useful to call on a workforce, because our installation kit is dedicated to individuals like you. In two three-movement steps, you can repair or replace your faulty screen with the kit that comes with your screen. And for those who want to do good to the planet, understand that by doing this, you are also making an ecological gesture: instead of throwing away, you have decided to repair.

  • Galaxy J7 J730F (2017)

    2017 Galaxy J7 J730F Repair

    Equipped with a 5-inch, 5-inch screen and 1920 x 1080 pixel Super AMOLED type screen, this Samsung J7 smartphone is a real gem both physically and visually. So it's quite normal that when its screen comes to break you panic.

    In reality this is not a problem when you know the right place where you get good quality and authentic screens and spare parts. You can all simply change the damaged part by a newer one at the best price. In addition, all products that are available to you are guaranteed six months (excluding scrapyards). As a gift, Discountmymobile adds a WELCOMEd tempered glass window with every screen you buy. This is in order to give you a more superior experience with this extraordinary performance phone. So don't be afraid if your phone falls. Everything is available from us and at more than incredible rates.

    For us, your needs for screens and spare parts are our priorities. So for repairs to your Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 J730F don't waste any time. Take a look in Discountmymobile's Galaxy J7 repair department and repair without breaking the bank.

  • Galaxy J5 J530F (2017)

    2016 Galaxy J5 J530F Repair

    Samsungs are among the most marketed devices in the world. In every country and city on the planet, thousands of people use them. Like all the others, the Galaxy J5 2017 J530F is also in high demand. The main consequence of this is an invasion of poor quality screens and spare parts.

    For your safety and especially for your financial well-being, Discountmymobile is the appropriate and serious platform to take into account for a purchase. Indeed, it assures you a multitude of products like new and original screens of Galaxy J5 2017. These have been tested and approved by a battery of professional and certified tests. By ordering from us, we guarantee you pure and authentic products that will go perfectly on your Galaxy J5 J530F without any problems. So don't waste a single minute and have your spare parts delivered now at a really discounted price.

    With Discountmymobile,no damage to your phone is very serious. Every damaged part can be easily replaced if you choose our platform. In addition, delivery is free anywhere in the world (express also available). So you know what you have to do.

  • Galaxy J3 J330F (2017)

    2017 Galaxy J3 J330F Repair

    When your phone is new or well maintained, you love to brag about it by showing it to anyone who wants to see it. But when the one suffers an unfortunate damage, it seems to put a fatal blow to your boasting. At Discountmymobile we thought of you and decided to give you a smile and the desire to brag. How?

    It's simple. Offering screens and spare parts perfect for your Galaxy J3 2017 J330F. Indeed, with us, you will find the item you need at discount prices. So take advantage of the six-month guaranteed product package (excluding scraps) that we put within your physical and financial reach. With Discountmymobile,don't spend a fortune on technicians who will take large sums of money from you and install poor quality parts. Visit our page to enjoy the new and original Galaxy J3 330F replacement screens designed and put up for sale in the strictest and most advanced rules.

    With us, no need to think too much we are the perfect solution to all your screen problems. Thanks to our replacement kit, you can get the job done quickly and at home. All this is easily accessible, you just have to order.

    Welcome to the Discountmymobile store!

  • Galaxy J7 J710F (2016)

    2016 Galaxy J7 J710F Repair

    The J7 version 2015 was not marketed in France by Samsung but for this new version the J7 version 2016 finally arrives in our countries. It's the largest in Samsung's J-Series with a 5.5- HD 1280 x 720 pixel Super Almoled screen for a resolution of 267 pixels per inch. It's a very interesting mid-range with almost the same features as the J5.

    During your stay by the sea you have escaped with your hands your Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone (2016) on the rocks and have completely disfigured it, the screen is all damaged and although you can still use it you want to give it back the shine of its first days.

    You're in the right place because at Discountmymobile we offer the Galaxy J7 LCD screen and touch window kit (2016) to bring your mobile back to life.

    Order Samsung Galaxy J710F screen and glass now at the best price.

    Is the rear shell of your Galaxy J7 all damaged? Did the color pass or did it get a shock that broke it? Visit the 2016 J7 spare parts section on Discountmymobile and you can purchase the J710F replacement shell in black, gold or white.

  • Galaxy J5 J510F (2016)

    2016 Galaxy J5 J510F Repair

    Larger than its predecessor with a 5.2-inch screen of 1280 x 720 pixels and a resolution of 282 pixels per inch, the J5 version 2016 or J5 J510F is much improved. Its Cortex-A53 processor, clocked at 1.2GHz, gives it great fluidity and its 3100mAh battery significantly increases its range in communication with ultra-energy savings. So you are delighted to have acquired this new smartphone that meets your expectation, except that you have just broken the screen and suddenly nothing appears because the image is all pixelated and it no longer responds to the touch either ...

    Do you know that it is possible to repair your broken Galaxy J5 screen (2016) for cheap? At Discountmymobile we offer a new Galaxy J510F window replacement kit identical to your original screen. Give your laptop a new boost with a 2016 Galaxy J5 display at the lowest price.

    Other spare parts are also available in the Samsung J5 repair department on Discountmymobile. You will find various replacement tablecloths, the various buttons outside the device, the front and rear camera tablecloths, the helmet or ignition slick... Etc.

    In short you will be able to repair the majority of the evils of your Galaxy J5 smartphone, and at the best price!

  • Galaxy J3 J320F (2016)

    2016 Galaxy J3 J320F Repair

    Samsung offers us this Galaxy J3 2016 J320F mid-range of its Jseries , placing itself between the J1 and the J5, this is the iteration of the improved J3 2015. Its finish is plastic unlike the metal of the A-series, it sports a 5-inch screen of 1280 x 720 pixels and there are many features that have made the success of the J5 version 2015.

    You unfortunately dropped your Galaxy J3 during your bike ride last weekend and now the screen is all broken... What to do?

    Spend a crazy amount of money at a repairman? No thank you!

    And it won't be necessary because Discountmymobile offers you a Samsung Galaxy J3 J3 J320F screen at a price defying all competition to repair your precious in the best possible conditions.

    Other outages can happen and that's why Discountmymobile offers a whole series of spare parts to repair your Samsung J3 in peace.

    Need the charging connector? The front or rear camera module? Your headset is no longer responding and you need to replace the headphone jack? All these parts and more are available in our J3repair department.

    Discountmymobile offers delivery anywhere in the world!

  • Galaxy J1 J120F (2016)

    2016 Galaxy J1 J120F Repair

    Here is The entry level of Samsung in 2016, the Galaxy J1 J120F, a compact format with its screen of 4.5'' and a definition of 880 x 480 pixels, this is the most affordable Samsung of the J Series. Its battery increases to 2050mAh which gives it a 12-hour battery life in communication. Unfortunately due to a small error of inattention, you crashed your Galaxy J1 phone on the ground and you can no longer use it because of the screen in crumbs ...

    No worries, since Discountmymobile offers new repair screens for all Samsungsmartphone models.

    Order your Galaxy J1 J120F screen now at discount prices and refurbish your cute 2016 Galaxy J1laptop.

    Need another spare part or J1 replacement rear hull? Visit the Samsung J1 repair parts department on Discountmymobile and find what you need to repair your precious Galaxysmartphone.

  • Galaxy J7 J700F (2015)

    2015 Galaxy J7 J700F Repair

    Welcome to our Samsung Galaxy J7 repair screen department (2015). You'll find new and original screens to refurbish your broken Galaxy J7glass. Whether it's black, white or gold, we have the replacement screen you need in stock ready to be shipped at the best price. All of our full J7 J700F LCD screens are tested as described in our Quality Charter and they are also guaranteed.

    Order your new Galaxy J7 J700F screen now in the best possible conditions on Discountmymobile.

    Looking for other parts to help your Samsung J7 that you can't find in our store? Contact our team who will be happy to find you the desired piece quickly. It's CA, The Discountmymobile Service!

  • Galaxy J5 J500FN (2015)

    2015 Galaxy J5 J500FN Repair

    The Galaxy J5 J500FN enters the mid-range of the Korean brand's J-Series. Clearly superior to the J1,it runs with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 four-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and an Adreno 306 GPU for the graphics part with 1.5GB of ram. Its design is very neat and you are very happy but it slipped from your pocket and hit the edge of the sidewalk ... What condition is he in? The screen is completely cracked from top to bottom and several small pieces of glass come out... What can I do?

    Order a brand new J5 J500F screen at Discountmymobile to easily and cheaply refurbish your 2015 Galaxy J5 smartphone.

    Discountmymobile also offers you all a series of spare parts for your Samsung J5 such as the charging connector, the front or rear camera module, the on-off ignition slick or volume ... Etc... as well as exterior elements such as buttons, chassis or rear shell.

    Find everything you need to fix your Galaxy smartphone on our website.

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